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on the ground in their season opener Youth Paul Richardson Jersey , most of any team in the NFL last week.Missed gap assignments, missed tackles, insufficient physical play, poor hand work at the line of scrimmage. There were plenty of reasons listed for the downfall by defensive coordinator Al Holcomb.Now the Cardinals have to face Todd Gurley and the Rams Sunday in Los Angeles, and that doesn't bode well for an Arizona team looking to find itself in a new defensive scheme with a new coaching staff."It's a big-time challenge this week again," Holcomb said after Thursday's practice. "We've got to address the mistakes, take the things that we didn't do so well last week and correct those things. We've got to accentuate the positives, the good things that we did and we've got to continue to grow and build on that as a defense."Gurley carried 20 times for 108 yards and caught three for 39 yards, including a 19-yard touchdown reception in Sunday's 33-13 win at Oakland.And the Cardinals know Gurley all too well.Last season Arizona had the sixth-ranked defense overall in the NFL and was sixth against the run, yet Gurley was outstanding as the Rams swept the two-game series with the Cardinals for the first time since 2012."We got our behinds kicked twice by this team," cornerback Patrick Peterson said.The first meeting was in Twickenham Stadium in London, where the Rams routed the Cardinals 33-0. In that game, Gurley carried 22 times for 106 yards and caught four for 48. The Rams rushed for 197 yards that day. Six weeks later in Arizona, Los Angeles won 32-15 as Gurley rushed for 74 yards in 19 attempts and caught six for 84 yards.Combine those experiences with the team's poor play in last week's 24-6 loss to the Redskins and the Arizona defense is in an ornery mood."We're a little salty right now so we have to come out prepared to play," Holcomb said. "It's a tremendous challenge in front of us but a great opportunity at the same time. We have to come out and play our brand of football like we're capable of playing."First-year coach Steve Wilks wants to build a team centered on tough, physical play Youth Quinton Dunbar Jersey , especially up front. That aspect of the opener was what bothered Holcomb most."Just not play, as Steve talks about, according to our DNA, the physicality," Holcomb said. "The effort was there. The physicality, playing with our hands and then obviously minimizing the run game and also the tackling aspect of it. It's early in the season but we have to do a better job of tackling."The Cardinals know they have to avoid one-on-one situations with Gurley."Todd Gurley is a great back, one of the best backs in the league," said nickel cornerback/safety Budda Baker. "So we know we're all going to have to swarm to the ball to get him down."Peterson, a Pro Bowl player in all seven of his NFL seasons has seen a lot of Gurley throughout his career, agrees."The biggest point of emphasis for us on defense to contain Todd is just be like flying missiles," Peterson said, "always hitting him and getting 11 hats on the ball."Of course they also have to contend with the potent passing game of Jared Goff and his group of talented wide receivers."We know with this team everything' starts with the run," Peterson said. ' 'You've got thee play-action boot game and they try to take the top off of the defense. We have to make sure we're gap sound this week and don't give up the deep ball.'It would be a great help to have defensive end Markus Golden, but he could be a week away from returning from major knee surgery. Golden practiced on a limited basis Wednesday and Thursday."It's definitely going to give us a boost," Holcomb said. "He brings a lot of energy, a lot of juice. He has the ability to hold up and set the edge and also rush the passer Youth Preston Smith Jersey , so I can't wait to get him back."Golden led the Cardinals in sacks two seasons ago with 12 1-2. The other defense end, All-Pro Chandler Jones, led the NFL in sacks last year with a franchise-record 17 and had one in the season opener.NOTES: Johnson was limited in practice Wednesday and Thursday with a sore back. TE Jermaine Gresham also was limited as he returns from surgery to repair an Achilles tendon. Gresham, like Golden, has yet to play this season. I have enjoyed these last 3 or 4 seasons of a relatively drama-free locker room. It has been refreshing. My entire adult life the Redskins have always had some sort of nagging issue with a player, coach, or front office official being in some sort of petty feud, being disgruntled, or otherwise. Recently it appeared the team has been on a path that largely avoids such malcontent from making its way onto the field or even getting very far in the locker room. The team is starting to see the emergence of a new leader in Jonathan Allen who will chew into a teammate before he let’s them off the hook for playing poorly. The team actually is trying to adhere to a ‘code of conduct’ if you will. Generally it is the veterans that set this standard for the younger players to follow. That’s is why I find this latest PFT report disturbing.I work in an environment where myself and my colleagues constantly wear headphones. Music, Youtube, podcasts help get us through the day as be build things on our computers. If our Senior comes into our space and demands our attention to address us the headphones come out without question. I can’t see any reason why Josh Norman, a 7-year veteran, would not pay attention to what the Head Coach has to say during halftime unless he simply didn’t care. We all have our opinions about Jay Gruden but I don’t think any of us would condone a player being so cavalier and disrespectful toward him during a game. This behavior is apparently what got Norman benched during the Saints game according to PFT. The word comes from Kevin Sheehan whose source says that Jay asked Josh to take out his headphones and when he didn’t, he came up to him and removed them himself. Let’s have an exercise in optimism for one moment. We have all spaced out before and not heard something that was said to us, much less if he had something obstructing our hearing. Maybe Norman was just that into his tunes at half time? The problem I see with that is Norman is not a rookie. Norman has been in many a halftime locker room. All of which feature some sort of address from the Head Coach, assistant coaches Womens Jordan Reed Jersey , or teammates. Furthermore he has been with the Redskins for 3 seasons now so it is not like he doesn’t have a sense of the environment during this moment in a game. There is no sense beating around the bush. Norman was signed to a big contract after having a career year in Carolina. The signing was completely fine with me then and I have no hindsight quarrel with it. Norman played very well his first season with the Redskins. He played all 16 games in 2016 and registered 3 picks, 19 passes defended, and 2 FFs to highlight some of his stats. Since 2016 his play has fallen off a cliff. He was injured in 2017 and didn’t come close to the numbers he posted before in coverage and takeaways. This year he looks even worse. He has lost his edge, he is playing softer, and he is not nearly as effective in reading a QB or sticking with a WR. We saw this in the preseason. We see it now. This does not mean that Norman ought to pack his bags and get out of the NFL. It simply means he is not a shutdown coverage corner like he used to be. I don’t know how many of you listen to Cris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, or any other former pro football player of choice on talk shows and podcasts but it is well known according to those guys that once a player realizes he is in decline it can have a profound impact on him. I don’t doubt if Josh Norman has lost confidence these past couple of seasons it is manifesting itself on the field. I don’t know if he watches the game broadcast as well but when a broadcaster says you are no long a number 1 corner and that your colleague - a converted WR - is the best cornerback on the team that must make you feel a certain type of way. It would sting if I were in his shoes. This brings us back to the issue at hand. If the above is in the realm of possibility and is leaning towards reality does that mean Josh is starting to checkout from his Head Coach, his coaches, and his teammates? I think he may be. The report also hints that Norman may be starting to rub his coaches the wrong way and that their may be animosity building. This is not good. This is how we get to the problems we saw so publicly in the early 2010’s. Some may be of the opinion that if all of this bad blood is brewing there is still a chance that it can be rectified by Norman, Jay Gruden, and whoever else is involved. Maybe. I have worked professionally in my field for 6 whole years now (almost 7!) and what has become obvious to me is that when a boss has a problem with an employee or vice versa one of them is going to leave and its only a matter of time and a question of who. If this thing is not going to workout I believe Norman and Jay already know that. If you know that start making plans for the benefit of the team. Propose a trade, make an exit plan for next year, etc. This team has been on the precipice for so long and a positive influence like Jon Allen can easily be dwarfed by negative energy between player and coach that can spread to the locker room. We have enough case studies in the NFL to see how that can derail a team. If that is the case and if I had any power I would not be willing to risk the locker room. If you think the relationship stands a chance work though I suppose but is the effort worth it? Also think about who you would rather be here beyond the season Jay Gruden or Josh Norman? This may surprise some but if I were choosing I’d choose Gruden. 炉\_(銉?_/炉. If this issue is what Sheehan says it is the team needs to do something about it quickly. Wholesale NFL Jerseys

von liny195 19.03.2019 07:19

national TV audience and losing 34-13 to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6 the New York Giants get the national spotlight again Monday night. Will they redeem themselves in a road game against the Atlanta Falcons?Your Big Blue View contributors are split on this one Youth Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , which sees the Giants enter the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium as 4.5-point underdogs.The Giants will be bolstered by the returns of tight ends Evan Engram and Rhett Ellison, and will feature a once-again reconfigured offensive line.The Giants’ inactives will be as follows:G Patrick OmamehWR Jawill DavisQB Kyle LaulettaS Kamrin MooreWR Russell ShepardCB Mike JordanDT John JenkinsLineup Changes:John Greco for Omameh at RGSpencer Pulley for Greco at CUse this as your first-half open thread. Chris will be along with a thread for the second half, as usual.[E-mail Ed at or via the Big Blue View Contact Page | Follow Big Blue View on Twitter | ‘Like’ Big Blue View on Facebook | Follow Big Blue View on Instagram]Pat Shurmur: Eli Manning “stays the course,” and other takeaways The day after his first victory as coach of the New York Giants, Pat Shurmur said he hopes the win was a game the Giants are able to build on.“I told our team if we just keep focusing on being a team and being tough and being gritty and caring, which means you work to get better, then I think we can build on this,” Shurmur said.Here are more takeaways from Shurmur’s Monday conference call.Eli Manning can take a punchShurmur once again expressed his belief in Manning, and explained why.“I believe in him, and our quarterback needs to know that we believe in him. We know that he’s got that in him Color Rush Patrick Omameh Jersey ,” Shurmur said. “The thing I like about Eli is, and I appreciate this about anybody, at some point in this game you don’t win all the time and at some point you take a punch. Eli can take ‘em and keep playing and I think that’s the thing that even before I knew Eli as much winning as he was involved with all those years I always admired the fact that he just stays the course and just keeps playing with the idea that tomorrow’s going to be a better day if today isn’t such a good one.”Toughness and gritShurmur was still talking about Manning when he said “toughness and grit” were the characteristics he thought were most important. It applies, though, to the entire team.“You can be smart, you can be well-dressed, you can be well-spoken but at the end of the day and it’s absolutely demanded in our sport is your ability to be tough and gritty,” Shurmur said. “Those are the attributes in people, especially in football players, that’s an absolute necessity in our business.”Chad WheelerShurmur said Wheeler “did a really good job in the run game” and took responsibility for leaving him 1-on-1 vs. J.J. Watt too often in pass protection. “He battled and in my opinion even though he got beat on a couple of snaps I thought he had a winning performance Color Rush Nate Solder Jersey ,” Shurmur said.Shutting out the noiseThat has been a consistent Shurmur message.“It’s an organizational message of just shutting out the noise. It’s equally important this week. I don’t read it, I don’t listen to it, and if I have to hear it or answer the questions to it it’s not something we concern ourselves with.The 0-2 and what 0-3 mean ... to their credit they (the players) shut all that out and they went out and played hard. That needs to be the approach every week. You’ve gotta turn your back on the pats on the back, too.”Saquon Barkley “Everything we thought he would be”Shurmur continued to be impressed by rookie running back Saquon Barkley.“He’s everything we thought he would be to this point,” Shurmur said. “He shows up on game day. When you see it up close and personal you see the way he’s into it and how competitive his spirit is and how he wants to compete and get the ball in his hands.“There’s a reason why he’s got a chance to be a really good player for a very long time.”The play of John GrecoVeteran offensive lineman John Greco, in his 11th NFL season and playing for Shurmur for the third team, did a quality job at center Sunday as he replaced the injured Jon Halapio. Shurmur said he thought Greco’s experience helped the offensive line.“I think there’s no substitute for experience, especially as an offensive lineman” Shurmur said. “The been there, done that idea is hugely important. That’s why veteran players, especially in the offensive line Youth Evan Engram Jersey , can have an impact. Especially if they come in in a backup role or filling in for an injured player.”Kerry Wynn was “outstanding”Shurmur was as impressed by the veteran defensive end as everyone else seems to be.“He’s kind of a relentless player. He’s tough. He’s all the things you’re looking for — he’s tough, he cares, he works and he finds a way to make plays,” Shurmur said. “That was an outstanding performance on his part.”Injury updatesAside from Evan Engram’s knee injury, Shurmur said the Giants have “the normal kind of post-game stuff ... normal wear and tear.”Shurmur said he thinks the MCL sprain report on Engram is accurate, but adds “we’re waiting to see how extensive it might be.”Shurmur said Olivier Vernon, who has yet to play because of a high ankle sprain is “making progress. Vernon and Eli Apple (groin) are both day-to-day.

von liny195 19.03.2019 07:07

There are sloppy games Color Rush Jon Halapio Jersey , there are bad games, then there is whatever hybrid of the two the New York Giants unveiled against the Tennessee Titans at MetLife Stadium. It was mostly ugly in aa 17-0 loss to Tennessee and it should not come as a surprise that many of the most meaningful plays in the game featured negative Expected Points Added.These are some of the most important plays of the game by Win Probability Added (WPA) and Expected Points Added (EPA), per data provided by nflscrapR. Explainers here (WPA) and here (EPA).Both WPA and EPA presented from the perspective of the offense.11:30 remaining, first quarter - Succup misses a long oneEPA: minus-3.65 | WPA: minus-8.2 percent (NYG 46.6 percent 鈫?54.8 percent)This game started off pretty ugly. The weather was gross from kickoff and only got worse. Tennessee got the ball to start and put together a nine-play drive for 44 yards. But it stalled at the Giants’ 30-yard line after three straight incomplete passes. The Titans had to settle for a long field goal attempt, but it went wide. That set a tone for the game that while three points would probably be successful for a drive, settling for long field goals wasn’t going to work.2:47 remaining, first quarter - Henry gets inEPA: 3.32 | WPA: 11.5 percent (NYG 41.6 percent 鈫?30.1 percent)After a Giants three-and-out that lost three yards, Tennessee took the next drive to the extreme — 15 plays, 75 yards over 7:45. The Titans got down to the Giants’ 1-yard line and got stopped on a Marcus Mariota sneak attempt. But with the ball just a yard away, Tennessee kept the offense on the field and handed the ball to Derrick Henry, who scored easily through the attempted arm tackles of Janoris Jenkins and Michael Thomas at the goal line. The 7-0 lead gave the Titans a near 70 percent chance to win before the first quarter was over.1:28 remaining, first quarter - The other ShepardEPA: 3.15 | WPA: 10.2 percent (NYG 25.1 鈫?35.3 percent)The Giants briefly showed life on the next drive, if only for one play. On a third-and-5 from their own 23, the Giants came out in 11 personnel with Evan Engram and Bennie Fowler in a tight split to the right Color Rush Curtis Riley Jersey , Russell Shepard out to the left, and Sterling Shepard faked motioned to the right before running back out to the left. At the snap, Eli Manning had the threat of interior pressure closing in from Jurrell Casey and fired a pass to Russell Shepard uncovered on a corner route down the left sideline. Manning had a mixed day throwing deep — 5-of-14 for 125 yards and an interception on passes 10 yards or more past the line of scrimmage — but this was his best throw of the day. It did not help the Giants’ offense, though, five plays — including a 10-yard loss on a Saquon Barkley run — and a false start later, the Giants had to punt.13:39 remaining, second quarter - Flipping with play-actionEPA: 3.16 | WPA: 11.2 percent (NYG 32.3 鈫?21.1 percent)Tennessee is one of the league’s better play-action teams. Entering the week, the Titans ran it on the seventh-highest rate of their pass plays and average 8.1 yards per play-action pass, almost two full yards better than the average on straight drop back passes, per Sports Info Solutions charting from Football Outsiders. The Giants have been one of the league’s worst defenses against play-action with six teams getting play-action run on them more often and only six teams allowing worse yards per play.The Titans used that in their favor to start to flip the field early in the second quarter. With the ball inside their own 10-yard line, Tennessee ran play-action with just one receiver out wide. Luke Stocker lined up inline to the right of the formation and started the play as if he would block. As the run fake and Marcus Mariota’s rollout turned the defense around, Stocker snuck out across the field for a gain of 15 for a first down and more room for the Titans’ offense to work.Tennessee eventually had to punt but did so close to midfield and the Titans pinned the Giants at their own 6-yard line. 14:22 remaining, third quarter - Shepard gets deepEPA: 4.02 | WPA: 13.4 percent (NYG 24.1 percent 鈫?37.5 percent)The Giants got the ball to start the second half down only 7-0 and the drive had a promising start. After a 4-yard loss on a Saquon Barkley first down run, the Giants had a second-and-14 from their own 21. The Giants used some play-action of their own and ran a Yankee concept (two deep crossing routes) with max protect. The run fake was enough for Sterling Shepard to get behind the defense on his crosser from the right to left side of the field. Manning had plenty of time and hit the open Shepard for a gain of 38 to get across midfield.9:07 remaining Youth Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , third quarter - Eli floats oneEPA: minus-2.52 | WPA: minus-6.1 percent (NYG 33.1 percent 鈫?27.3 percent)That drive would not end well for the Giants. Eight plays and a few penalties later, they had a third-and-20 from the Tennessee 29. Russell Shepard ran a deep out from the right slot and with no pressure, Eli Manning floated a pass in front of the receiver. The problem was Manning did not see safety Kevin Byard, who was able to charge in, jump the route, and intercept the pass. This could have been a more likely completion with a little more zip on the pass to give Byard less time to break on the ball.Per Next Gen Stats, Manning had an expected completion percentage of 70.3 percent but completed just 47.7 percent of his passes. That negative-22.6 percent gap is the worst in the league since Week 1 when two quarterbacks (Nathan Peterman and Blaine Gabbert) beat that mark. Only two other quarterbacks (Tyrod Taylor, also in Week 1, and Josh McCown in Week 10) have eclipsed a negative-20 percent difference in a game this season.5:15 remaining, third quarter - Stunt, sack, fumbleEPA: minus-3.09 | WPA: minus-5.6 percent (NYG 20.2 percent 鈫?14.6 percent)Manning’s woes did not end with the interception. The Giants forced a Titans punt, but the next offensive drive lasted just three plays. On a third-and-10, the Titans ran a stunt along the defensive line that got the best — or worst— of center Spencer Pulley and right guard Jamon Brown. Manning stepped up to avoid Harold Landry (58) working Nate Solder around the edge Color Rush Patrick Omameh Jersey , which would have been fine if the interior line did not break down. Derrick Morgan (91) broke through, but Kalami Correa (44) was able to wrap the quarterback up. Manning attempted to get the ball away, but instead of a pass attempt, the ball slipped out of his hands for a fumble and a Tennessee recovery.It was a rough day for Manning, who finished with a QBR of 16.7, which basically means a quarterback who played like Manning should expect his team to win just 16.7 percent of the time.1:51 remaining, fourth quarter - Empty to EngramEPA: minus-2.73 | WPA: minus-0.3 percent (NYG 0.7 percent 鈫?0.4 percent)Despite the overall sloppiness, the Giants had a chance to end the game on a positive note and avoid a shutout. That did not happen. During the course of the game, the Giants tried to get Evan Engram involved in the passing game. He led the team with 12 targets, eight receptions, and 75 yards, but those plays were worth a combined minus-1.83 EPA. Just four of his 12 targets had positive EPA, but that is less on Engram than it is the routes and passes thrown his way.The worst of which was the Giants’ final offensive play of the game. With a fourth-and-goal from the 4, Engram was the middle receiver in a trips bunch to the right. He worked right past Kevin Byard at the snap and had plenty of separation in the back of the end zone Color Rush Nate Solder Jersey , but Manning’s pass had little air under it and hit a pursuing Byard in the back. It was a fitting way to end the game.In conclusion: The New York Giants have a decision to make at right guard. Jamon Brown was an upgrade over Patrick Omameh, but that bar wasn’t set particularly high. Brown was still penalty-prone and gave up far more pressure than the Giants should be comfortable with. However, if they make the decision to let him test (and possibly leave via) free agency, they will have uncertainty at center, right guard, and right tackle. But the possibility exists that the Giants could be looking to fill a trio of offensive line holes this year, so we have to pay attention to the guard class as well as the tackles and centers. Oklahoma’s Dru Samia is one of the most experienced guards in the draft, starting four years for the Sooners. He isn’t the biggest guard, but he has a lot of positive traits to get the job done.MeasurablesHeight: 6-foot-5Weight: 304 poundsProsExcellent feet. Easily able to mirror athletic rushers, as well as reposition for better angles or reanchor if initially beaten. Very good play strength. Consistently plays with a solid base, maximizing leverage and is rarely beaten by power. Athletic. Moves well at the line of scrimmage, as a puller, and at the second level. Good situational awareness. Rarely surprised by stunts, twists Youth Evan Engram Jersey , or blitzes. Constantly looks for work. Plays with a nasty streak.Good blocker in a zone scheme.ConsMight be too light for some teams. Doesn’t have much experience in power or man-gap running schemes. Can get into trouble if his base narrows or hips rise. Might not be a fit for some teams based on his weight.Prospect VideoWhat They’re Saying - Ben Solak (TheDraftNetwork - Senior Bowl interior offensive line preview) Does He Fit The Giants?Whether or not Samia fits the Giants comes down to two factors. First is whether or not the Giants opt to re-sign Jamon Brown and hope that improved play at center and right tackle will bring improvement from Brown. If so, the Giants’ two guard positions will likely be set for the 2019 season. There will be some who look at Samia’s weight and movements skills and project him to center. Personally, I would just leave him at the guard position at which he has excelled since the second game of 2016. The second question is how the Giants envision their blocking scheme evolving over this off-season and into 2019. They ran a variety of schemes, including both man-gap and zone blocking schemes. Most of the tape on Samia is in zone runs, so his ability in man schemes is a bit of projection. However, he is a very good puller, which would give the Giants a pair of talented pullers along with Will Hernandez. He also generally plays with good leverage to maximize his functional strength, and can have a higher level of play strength than some much bigger guards who don’t have his technique and leverage.

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Youth Brock Coyle Jersey , so this is new territory for me. Sure I hear all the time, “oh he had a good Senior Bowl,” But I’ve never sat down to watch it. The 49ers are not getting another chance like this again; coaching the Senior Bowl and having the No. 2 selection in the draft. So they need to make this count. On a lighter note, I’m curious what Kyle Shanahan’s “offense” if you call it that will look like at the Senior Bowl. Curious because of the rules running offense and curious because his offense is one of the hardest to learn at full strength. It’s obviously going to be a loose shadow of what he runs, but I’m just curious what he goes with. Things get started today and we’ll have content throughout the day of how practices are going and what’s going on with any possible press conferences so stay tuned. 2019 Senior Bowl: 49ers will see six running backs, but it’s not a need (Chan)49ers not part of NFL international games in 2019 (Madson)Where will Antonio Brown play in 2019? 49ers, Broncos among possibilities (Sporting News)With disgruntled, recovering Earl Thomas, 49ers may want to explore options (Branch)2019 Senior Bowl: 49ers, Raiders preferences met with teams’ rosters (Maiocco)Case-by-case look at 49ers’ free-agent starters and likelihood of returning (Madson)2019 Senior Bowl: Can 49ers find tight end to pair with George Kittle? (Maiocco)49ers have behind-the-scenes advantage at Senior Bowl (Madson)What a horrible night to have a curse... The Kansas City Chiefs are on an upward trajectory, their blistering start spearheaded by a young White Mike McGlinchey Jersey , transcendent quarterback in Patrick Mahomes who is already setting NFL records.The San Francisco 49ers are the opposite in every way.Not only were they soundly beaten in a 38-27 loss at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, trailing at one point by four touchdowns, they also lost their own franchise quarterback when Jimmy Garoppolo was carted off in the closing minutes with what appears to be a season-ending knee injury.49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said the team will know more Monday, when Garoppolo has another round of tests in San Francisco. But he acknowledged late Sunday that the injury appears to be an ACL."Any time you lose your starting quarterback," Shanahan said, "that's a big deal."The 49ers (1-2) signed Garoppolo to a five-year, $137.5 million contract earlier this year after he led them to five consecutive wins to cap last season. And despite some turnover problems the first two weeks he had been pretty good, throwing a pair of touchdown passes against Kansas City.Everything turned in the fourth quarter, though, when Garoppolo scrambled toward the sideline. His left knee buckled as he cut back, rather than step safely out of bounds Youth DeForest Buckner Jersey , and Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson delivered a wicked shoulder-to-shoulder shot for good measure.C.J. Beathard wound up entering the game, threw a touchdown pass that was wiped out by offensive pass interference, and never got to take another snap as the Chiefs put the game away.His next snap will probably be the first one next week against the Chargers."It' definitely a blow. He's a great quarterback and obviously a great leader," said Beathard, who started five games last season before Garoppolo arrived in a trade with New England."Just keep these guys together. Keep leading them," he said. "We had a lot of injuries today, not just Jimmy. A lot of guys went down today. Just a matter of keeping everybody healthy next week."Meanwhile, the Chiefs (3-0) couldn't be happier with the performance of their young quarterback.Mahomes threw for 314 yards and three touchdowns against San Francisco, giving him 13 on the year without an interception. That broke Peyton Manning's NFL record for the first three weeks of a season.Perhaps most impressive, though, was the way Mahomes spread the wealth. He targeted 11 different receivers Jimmy Garoppolo jersey , connected with eight and found three with touchdown throws."Pat lives for these moments," said Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley, who had one of the TDs. "I think he excels when the lights are on, and in front of big crowds. I think he's right at home. I think he's in his element. I think he's still growing into his role as the starting quarterback here, and we've just got to keep working with him and growing as well."As the 49ers and Chiefs roll into next week, here are five takeaways from Sunday:PENALTY PROBLEMS: The 49ers were whistled for 14 penalties for 147 yards, and that doesn't count a couple instances of off-setting flags and where they were penalized twice on the same play. That yardage total is substantial chunk of the 408 yards of total offense managed by San Francisco.SACK ATTACK: The Chiefs only had two sacks through the first two weeks, but Justin Houston had two by himself on Sunday. Dee Ford also had a sack before leaving with a groin injury, and Allen Bailey had another to help stop San Francisco's final drive of the game.RUN, RUN, RUN: San Francisco rallied on the legs of Matt Breida Authentic Mike McGlinchey jersey , who led the NFL in rushing coming into the game and had 90 yards on 10 carries, and Alfred Morris, who had 14 carries for 67 yards and a touchdown. With uncertainty at quarterback, the 49ers' ground game will be even more important.SPEAKING OF RUN: Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt, last year's rushing champ, had his first two TD runs this season. He only gained 44 yards on 18 carries against San Francisco, but many of them came in the closing minutes, when he picked up two first downs to put the game away.MORE INJURY NEWS: The 49ers lost cornerback Richard Sherman to a calf injury, safety Adrian Colbert to an ankle injury, linebacker Reuben Foster on a tackle and backup defensive back Tarvarius Moore to a wrist injury. Throw in a shoulder injury to safety Jaquiski Tartt that kept him on the inactive list and San Francisco has plenty of injury problems on defense.

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In a move that surprises no one San Francisco 49ers Womens T-Shirt , the 49ers’ game against the Rams that was scheduled for Sunday Night Football on October 21st has been moved up to the afternoon. The NFL moved a more likely enjoyable game in its place. The Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals will now face off on Sunday night in place of the 49ers game. The NFL was hoping to have the 49ers competing in the NFC West with Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan against Jared Goff and Sean McVay. But after Jimmy went down for the season, it was only a matter of time that the decision was made to move their game. An undefeated team versus a one win team was not what the NFL was looking for when they made the schedule.The 49ers still have 4 more primetime games, but they are likely to lose the December 2nd Sunday Night game against the Seattle Seahawks unless they have a quick turnaround in their play. They still have their other 3 primetime games that they can’t lose because Monday and Thursday night games cannot be changed. The nation will be able to see the injury depleted 49ers at least 3 times whether they want to or not.On Tuesday, the 49ers made a few roster moves. They released DB Dexter McCoil and WR Frank Stephens from the practice squad. They signed RB Matthew Dayes, OL Najee Toran San Francisco 49ers Hats , and DB Tyvis Powell to the practice squad. 49ers linksLooking for players at all positions | Looking for backups (Inman)Trade Sherman? (Inman)Makes sense for SNF | Moving the Rams-49ers game out of SNF (Florio)Will probably lose one more | Losing the primetime slot (Inman)QBs are staying away from him. But they are torching the others | Sherman having a good season so far (Gayle)Out of Sunday Night Football (49ers staff)TOs and sacks | Some eye-opening stats (Madson)Practice squad moves (49ers staff)Time to look at who the 49ers should eye for the draft | Draft season (Call)He’s allowed only 1 reception all year | Richard Sherman still has it (Linsey)Added 3 players to practice squad (Madson)Rams - 49ers moved to 1:25 pm PT kickoff (Madson)He has not been an issue for the defense | Sherman’s numbers (Madson)Bottom of the power rankings (Madson)Will they get it?| In position to get #1 pick (Madson)Big lose for the 49ers and SNF | Losing Jimmy G helped 49ers lose SNF (Biderman)They will likely lose one more | Lost one of their primetime games (Branch)6 TOs so far | CJ’s turnovers (Madson)Down QB1, RB1, RB2, and so many others | Injuries piling up (Almquist)Addressing the pass rush (Biderman)Time for the future to play a bigger role (Cohn)49ers audioInsider podcast (Maiocco) The decision of the Panthers to sign safety Eric Reid constitutes a stunner, because many had presumed that the NFL’s owners would never relent or retreat in the face of the collusion grievances filed by Reid and former 49ers teammate Colin Kaepernick. So now that Reid has been signed San Francisco 49ers Womens Hoodie , is Kaepernick next?It’s a fair question, since it’s possible that Carolina’s decision to proceed — and the public reaction to it — could give a team that needs help at the quarterback position confidence that, if Kaepernick is signed, the fans won’t rush for the exits, the sponsors won’t abandon the team en masse Womens Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , and the TV ratings won’t plummet.If anything, adding Kaepernick could help a team. Especially if that team currently is facing, for example, the balance of a season without a franchise question like Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers have four prime-time games from Week Six to Week 10, and the ratings for those games instantly would be dramatically higher if Kaepernick were back playing quarterback for the team that drafted him in 2011.While the league should want that increased interest , the league may not want it on those terms.For the 49ers, who like every team are in an entertainment business, the increased interest could be welcome. And justified. Sure, it would be a challenge to get Kaepernick up to speed quickly, but just as the Broncos dramatically retooled their offense in 2011 for Tim Tebow San Francisco 49ers T-Shirt , the 49ers could do the same for Kaepernick.Whether it’s the 49ers or someone else, it’s beyond argument that he’s talented enough to have one of the top two spots on plenty of depth charts. It will be interesting to see whether the willingness of the Panthers to sign Reid will make a team that needs an upgrade at quarterback to sign Kaepernick.

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ATLANTA (AP) — Kyle Freeland commanded all four of his pitches and had his slider working especially well.It’s been a smooth ride for the left-hander since mid-June.“I’ve been trying to hold that feeling and keep on going with that Bud Norris Jersey ,” Freeland said. “See how long I can ride it out.”Ian Desmond tripled and drove in five runs, Freeland pitched six strong innings and the Colorado Rockies coasted to an 11-5 win over the Atlanta Braves on Friday night.The Rockies have won six of seven, and they’re 28-14 since June 28, tops in the NL over that span. And they’ve done it without the benefit of many blowouts: Friday’s game snapped a franchise-long, 25-game streak in which the Rockies scored six runs or fewer.“I think at this time of year you want to be playing good baseball, and we are ,” Desmond said. “We believe in what we can do, and it’s a good feeling to have at this point.”Sean Newcomb struggled for his second straight start as Atlanta’s NL East lead dropped to one-half game over Philadelphia. Colorado began the night 1½ games out of the West lead.Ronald Acuna Jr. reached on an infield single in the first against Freeland and scored on a sacrifice fly, but that was all Atlanta could muster against him.Freeland (11-7) gave up three hits and four walks and struck out four, improving to 5-1 with a 2.20 ERA over 12 starts since June 16. Freeland’s 2.96 season ERA leads all NL left-handers with enough qualifying innings.“We’re seeing a pitcher grow up before our eyes, which is great,” Colorado manager Bud Black said.Newcomb (10-6) struck out Freeland to escape a bases-loaded jam in the second Yadier Molina Jersey , but he wasn’t as fortunate with bases full in the third as Desmond tripled into left-center to make it 3-1.Desmond helped get the Rockies on the board again in the four-run sixth. He singled, stole second and scored on Chris Iannetta’s single. Charlie Blackmon’s two-run triple chased Newcomb, who gave up nine hits, seven runs and three walks in 5 1/3 innings.Newcomb had gone 8-1 with a 2.27 ERA in 14 starts following an Atlanta loss, but he was coming off a no-decision last Sunday against Milwaukee in which he gave up five runs and a single-game career-high 12 hits in four innings.“It just seemed like it was a struggle for him from the get-go,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. “He’s going to have games like that. He’s not perfect. He’ll have to get through it , regroup and get ready for the next one.”The Braves have lost 21 of their last 28 games against the Rockies, including eight of the last 10 in Atlanta.Dansby Swanson had an RBI double for Atlanta in the seventh. DJ LeMahieu added an RBI single and Desmond had a two-run single in the eighth.LeMahieu drove in a run off Charlie Culberson, a utility man making his first career pitching appearance, in the ninth. The Braves added three runs in the bottom half of the inning.STREAK INTACTAcuna was credited with a hit in his first at-bat even though shortstop Trevor Story fielded the hard grounder and threw wildly to first. Acuna has reached safely in eight straight plate appearances leading off a game, with three homers, two singles Adam Wainwright Jersey , one walk and a hit by pitch over that span.STRUGGLINGAdam Duvall went 1 for 4 and stranded two runners in eighth. He’s hitting .120 in 25 at-bats since Atlanta acquired him in a trade with Cincinnati last month.TRAINER’S ROOMRockies: Manager Bud Black said LHP Mike Dunn, on the disabled list with a shoulder inflammation, looked good in a simulated game and will begin a rehab assignment in the next couple of days. … RHP Scott Oberg was reinstated from the paternity list. LHP Harrison Musgrave was optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque.Braves: LHP Max Fried began a rehab assignment Friday for Triple-A Gwinnett, allowing three earned runs in 4 1/3 innings. He’s been out 11 games with a left groin strain.UP NEXTRockies: RHP Antonio Senzatela (4-3, 4.56 ERA) will be reinstated from the disabled list and make his seventh start. He is 1-3 with a 5.81 ERA in three starts and six relief appearances on the road.Braves: RHP Mike Foltynewicz (10-7, 2.86 ERA) will make his 24th start. The first-time All-Star is 3-0 with a 1.83 ERA in three starts this month. CHICAGO (AP) — Ben Zobrist figured plate umpire Phil Cuzzi was going to give him the boot regardless Michael Wacha Jersey , so the Chicago Cubs veteran didn’t hold back during his first career ejection.Zobrist told Cuzzi he would prefer an “electronic strike zone” before being ejected in the eighth inning of Chicago’s 7-0 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday night. That came two innings after Cubs manager Joe Maddon was tossed for the second time in four games after Cuzzi called Zobrist out on strikes.Zobrist was waiting on deck in the eighth when Javier Baez struck out to end the inning. Zobrist approached Cuzzi to say he didn’t appreciate being told to “be quiet” after getting called out in the sixth on a pitch he thought was a ball. He wanted assurances that the umpire would look over the play and “make an adjustment.”“He didn’t want me to tell him that,” Zobrist said. “I just basically said, ‘Well, that’s why we want an electronic strike zone.’ And that’s what obviously got me tossed.”The slider that Zobrist took for strike three from starter Jhoulys Chacin has been called a strike 44.7 percent of the time, according to ESPN Stats & Info.Maddon’s ejection was his third this season. He also was thrown out Friday against Washington for arguing an interference call against Willson Contreras running out a ground ball.

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Joseph: ‘It’s going to take three or four guys’ at running back The Denver Broncos went young at running back when they let C.J. Anderson go , but one rookie has stood above the rest this preseason in Royce Freeman. However, Head Coach Vance Joseph isn’t ready to let go of their running back by committee approach heading into the season.“I’m not overly concerned about who is the lead guy,” Joseph said on Friday. “It’s going to take three or four guys and all three or four guys can make great plays on the ball and get some nice gains.”Frankly, I think the Broncos could do a majority of it with just two guys. Both of them are rookies. Here’s how each running back has fared this preseason.Royce Freeman: 15 carries for 84 yards, 5.6 yards per attempt with 3 touchdowns. 1 reception for six yards.Devontae Booker: 9 carries for 33 yards, 3.7 yards per attempt. 1 reception for 10 yards.Phillip Lindsay: 13 carries for 70 yards, 5.4 yards per attempt. 4 receptions for 58 yards and 1 touchdown.De’Angelo Henderson: 14 carries for 50 yards Womens Jake Butt Jersey , 3.6 yards per attempt. 5 receptions for 44 yards.David Williams: 14 carries for 36 yards, 2.6 yards per attempt. 4 receptions for 54 yards.It just seemed to me that both Freeman and Lindsay are making the plays so far. Booker is still starting the games, but at what point do you give that ‘veteran preference’ for actual production? Demaryius Thomas will begin his career in Houston tomorrow when he practices with his new teammates. DeAndre Hopkins can’t wait.“I think it was awesome, man,” Hopkins said, via Mark Berman of KRIV. “I think Demaryius brings a lot of skill to this team. Experience in the NFL. He’s a great guy off the field. I’ve trained with him before. So I think it’s a good move.”The Texans lost Will Fuller to a season-ending knee injury last week, so they gave up fourth-round and seventh-round picks in return for Thomas and a seventh-round choice.“I was excited Womens Justin Simmons Jersey , of course,” Hopkins said. “I’ve known Demaryius, the kind of person he is. Not just the player, but what he brings to this locker room.”Hopkins has made 53 catches for 789 yards and six touchdowns. Thomas has 36 catches for 402 yards and three touchdowns.

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Sometimes it feels like we are on a never-ending cycle here in Broncos Country. Here on MHR , on every website, the conversation invariably turns to the QB position. Rightfully so, and this article will be no exception. On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I discussed the Broncos’ QB search, Elway and company heading to the Senior Bowl, and the fact that Denver clearly has a thing for Drew Lock of Missouri. I’m not going to compare Lock to 2018’s crop of QBs, and I won’t be evaluating his talent. That’s a job that is better suited for some of the other staffers here on MHR. Rather, let me offer up a QB plan for John Elway and his new coaching staff — go all in.If Elway et al. decide that Lock is the future, they need to do everything in their power to get him on the team. Then they have to commit to him 100 percent. What does that look like? Well Authentic Jeff Heuerman Jersey , there are several schools of thought on that.There is the “Baptism by Fire route.” Throw him in Day One as a rookie starter, get his lumps in early. Don’t be squeamish about the record, and understand that the team is going to go through a few seasons of growing pains. Put a solid team around the kid, and allow him to become the leader of the franchise.There is the “Patrick Mahomes Principle.” Draft the QB you love, sit him for a year behind a veteran QB, a la Case Keenum or Alex Smith, but move on from the veteran the next year, handing the job to the first-round draft pick.There is the “Baker Mayfield Transformation.” Start the season off with a veteran QB under center, and then transition to the rookie. This is kind of like an accelerated Mahomes Principle combined with a Baptism by fire.Finally Youth Darian Stewart Jersey , there is the Competition Conundrum. As Ian said on the podcast, put Keenum and Lock (if it is Lock), and perhaps another signed vet out there in an open competition. May the best man win. Maybe this is the best option for a “win now” approach, but I’m not sure that’s what is best for the future of the franchise.If it were me, I would go with Baptism by Fire, or the Mahomes Principle. However, it doesn’t matter what route the Broncos go if they refuse to go all in on their first-round pick. If it is a QB like Lock, there is no question that half measures and partial support from the coaches and management will only serve to stunt the growth of the player. As I have stated on the podcast, Elway is making some of his final decisions as the Broncos GM. Fangio will likely be his final hire as head coach , and whoever he drafts at QB will probably be his last QB drafted. If it works out, Elway won’t need to find any replacements. If it doesn’t work out, Elway will be the one getting replaced. Sounds the alarms Broncos fans, All-Pro pass rusher Von Miller is on the teams injury report. Von put in a limited practice today and is apparently dealing with a thigh injury.Von didn’t seem hampered by this injury during the Monday Night game and is likely just receiving a maintenance day by the Broncos. However, anytime Von is on the injury report, you have to keep an eye on his status throughout the week.The other key injury to keep an eye on here is the one to right tackle, Jared Veldheer. He suffered a bone bruise during the game Monday Night and was unable to practice today. After practice, Head Coach Vance Joseph said that Veldheer is progressing slowly and praised his backup, lineman Brandon Marshall Jersey , Billy Turner.Punter Marquette King, inside linebacker Todd Davis, and defensive end Adam Gotsis were also DNP’s for today’s practice. King is dealing with a thigh injury, Davis is dealing with a shoulder injury, and Gotsis is dealing with a “very minor” knee injury. Corner Adam Jones was also a DNP but he was absent and dealing with a family issue. Tight end Jeff Heuerman and guard/tackle Billy Turner also put in limited practices today as both players are dealing with sore knees. Neither injury seems serious and they should be fine going forward. As for the Jets, reserve wide receiver Charone Peake and tight end Neal Sterling were the only two players to sit out practice for them.Here is your full Wednesday injury report for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. Denver Broncos injury report PlayerPos.InjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame StatusPlayerPos.InjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame StatusBOLD - Indicates change in status; NIR颅- Indicates not injury relatedSTATUS DEFINITIONS: Did not participate (DNP); Limited: means less than 100 percent of a player’s normal repetitions; Full: 100 percent of player’s normal repetitions; Out: will not play; Doubtful: Unlikely to play; Questionable: Uncertain to playNew York Jets injury reportPlayerPos.InjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame StatusPlayerPos.InjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame StatusBOLD - Indicates change in status; NIR颅- Indicates not injury relatedSTATUS DEFINITIONS: Did not participate (DNP); Limited: means less than 100 percent of a player’s normal repetitions; Full: 100 percent of player’s normal repetitions; Out: will not play; Doubtful: Unlikely to play; Questionable: Uncertain to play

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Seahawks Offensive Line “Continues To Improve” As Big Test Awaits vs RamsThe Seahawks offensive line has looked much improved in the past two games , an encouraging sign heading into a matchup with a talented Los Angeles Rams defensive line.Fantasy Insider: Players To Start In Week 5Scott Engel at offers fantasy football advice on which running backs, receivers, quarterbacks, and tight ends to start in Week 5 of NFL action.Thursday Practice Report: Chris Carson Returns For SeahawksAs expected, running back Chris Carson (hip) returned to practice on Thursday.Thursday Round-Up: Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner Earn First-Quarter All-Pro Mention From tabs Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas and linebacker Bobby Wagner as part of its first-quarter All-Pro squad.Seahawks know Thompson to get targeted with Thomas out | king5.comThere's no more uncertainty about the Seattle Seahawks' situation at free safety. No more debate about whether Earl Thomas will practice or not, or whether a trade is coming.Seahawks turn to multiple players to step in for Earl ThomasThe injury to All-World Earl Thomas leaves a huge void in the Seahawks defensive backfield. Can even three players replace him?2018 Week 5: Crucial Catch at Seahawks Thursday PracticeDuring practice on Thursday, October 4 Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt , 2018, the Seahawks hosted cancer survivors and physicians from Virginia Mason and CHI Franciscan Health to meet and interact with players. The visit was part of the team's cancer awareness prevention efforts for theSeattle Seahawks secret offensive line problem is Russell Wilson - New stat shows proof - 2018 NFLThe Seahawks having a terrible O-line is a myth, and we have proof. Our new pass-blocking metric shows it's on the quarterback.Gronkowski praises Michel for giving Pats balance - NFL.comRunning back Sony Michel continues to rise and improve the Patriots' rushing attack, which is, in turn, opening up the passing game for tight end Rob Gronkowski and others.Patriots finally complete in prime-time win over Colts - NFL.comTom Brady and the New England Patriots (3-2) held off a fourth-quarter comeback and made history in the process on Thursday evening, defeating the Indianapolis Colts, 38-24 Seattle Seahawks Hats , to kick off Week 5.Tom Brady throws 500th career touchdown pass in win - NFL.comTom Brady became only the third quarterback in NFL history to throw 500 career touchdown passes when he connected on a 34-yard throw to recently acquired wide receiver Josh Gordon.Vikings' Dalvin Cook set to be questionable for Sunday - NFL.comMinnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says Dalvin Cook is set to be questionable for Sunday's showdown versus the Philadelphia Eagles because of a hamstring injury.Ramsey on Tyreek Hill: It's not WR vs. CB matchup - NFL.comSunday's Week 5 tilt between the Jaguars and Chiefs has some additional spicy to an already fascinating game. Jalen Ramsey didn't mince words when discussing Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill.QB Index, Week 5: Mahomes sizzles, Big Ben fizzles - NFL.comWith one quarter of the season complete, Gregg Rosenthal reveals his ranking of the 32 quarterbacks who have played the bulk of the snaps for their respective teams.Steelers coordinator wants to get James Conner heated up – ProFootballTalkThe Steelers have heard that Le'Veon Bell's coming back after the bye. But it would certainly help their search for some degree of offensive balance if they could run the ball regularly until he returns.Malcolm Butler unhappy with start to season, vows to get better – ProFootballTalkMalcolm Butler didn't get a chance to face the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, but the cornerback was on the field against them in Tennessee last Sunday. The day didn't go as well for him as it did for the Titans as a whole. The Seattle Seahawks improved to 4-3 on the year with an impressive 28-14 road win over the Detroit Lions, giving them three straight road victories after dropping the first two. It was a rocky start and somewhat rocky ending, but everything else at Ford Field was damn near flawless and beautiful to watch.You know what else happens when the Seahawks win? Enemy Reaction. And we’ve got a lot to get through. Game thread comments from Lions fans are courtesy of Pride of Detroit. If you have problems viewing the images in the post Seattle Seahawks Hoodie , I suggest right-clicking on the specific image and going to “view image” or “open image in new tab” depending on your browser.Matthew Stafford escapes, finds Marvin Jones for a touchdown (7-0 DET)Russell Wilson strikes back, finding Tyler Lockett for a 24-yard touchdown (7-7)Ameer Abdullah fumbles kickoff, Barkevious Mingo recovers (7-7)David Moore grabs his fourth touchdown in three weeks (14-7 SEA)David Moore can’t make the catch on 3rd down, Pete Carroll challenges and this obviously won’t work... (14-7 SEA)...but then it’s overturned! It’s a catch!Ed Dickson makes his presence felt with a 12-yard touchdown (21-7 SEA)Seahawks turn it over on downs after Nick Vannett touchdown is called back due to illegal touching (21-7 SEA)David Moore gets open for a 45-yard gain (21-7 SEA)Chris Carson plows his way into the end zone (28-7 SEA)Marvin Jones gets his second touchdown of the game (28-14 SEA)Matthew Stafford fumbles, Frank Clark recovers (28-14 SEA)Absurd pass interference call on Bradley McDougald sets Detroit up deep in Seattle territory (28-14 SEA)Ball don’t lie, as Justin Coleman picks off Matthew Stafford at the 1 (28-14 SEA)Michael Dickson casually Aussie Sweeps the Lions out of the building, hopefully Lions fans know who Michael Dickson is now (28-14 SEA FINAL)Post-Game: Lions loss to Seahawks was downright shameful (Carlos Monarrez Customized Seattle Seahawks Jerseys , Detroit Free Press)Post-Game: Seahawks didn’t necessarily prove themselves to be the better team (Steven Mullenax, Sidelion Report)Post-Game Video: Sports radio call-ins remain a brain-melting experience (97.1 The Ticket)Bonus Enemy Reaction: 49ers blow it against the Cardinals (or did the Cardinals blow it by winning?)The Seahawks have six of their final nine games at home, and I’d be stunned if they had a second season in a row with middling results at CenturyLink Field. A win over the Los Angeles Chargers would bring them to 5-3 at the halfway stage, and instill more belief that this team is headed back to the playoffs. They’ve played great football over the last three games, but they’ll have to maintain it giving the daunting November schedule they face.Also, November 5th is my birthday and I don’t want a second straight year of the Seahawks losing at home on my birthday/birthday weekend. That’s the only gift I want for 2018.Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!

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NFL Power Rankings Youth Rashaad Penny Jersey , Week 5: Seahawks gotta rank at least, like 20th, I think What’s the number one thing people complain about in a power rankings comments section? Not just where their team is ranked, but where they are ranked in relation to other teams. “My team does not belong below that team.” “Your an idiot if you think THAT team is better than THAT OTHER TEAM.” (intentional sic)But you can’t complain about a team’s ranking in comparison to some other team’s ranking if you don’t have the full list. Or even 90% of it. In fact, I’m only gonna give you one ranking at all: the Seattle Seahawks.The Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, evening their record to 2-2. Though many fans are despondent after the win because of season-ending injuries to Earl Thomas and Will Dissly, plus a please-end-your-season offensive playcalling performance by Brian Schottenheimer, the fact is that 14 teams currently have losing records and Seattle isn’t one of them. That most likely changes after this week’s game against the LA Rams, but the Seahawks can’t pack away their 2018 things this early with the NFC being as wide open as it is once you look past the Rams and New Orleans Saints.Those are the two teams that I think are playing in the NFC Championship in January, assuming normal wear and tear without losing your quarterbacks.But how mighty are the 3-1 Chicago Bears? Maybe they really are legitimate Super Bowl contender, I just can’t ignore how much their offensive prowess has been skewed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense; a team that almost doubled Mitch Trubisky’s career scoring total in like one half of football. How much would he shrink in the playoffs against the Carolina Panthers defense? Or even having to face the Seahawks again? Even with Matt Nagy as his head coach he was only at 5.7 Y/A prior to Sunday.So how bad does that make the 2-2 Buccaneers? Tampa has allowed 139 points this season, tied for the 24th-most through four games in NFL history. Despite a 2-0 start and all that crazy-efficient passing to open the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick — with wins over the Saints and Philadelphia Eagles — the Bucs look completely lost and a little hopeless after their loss to the Bears. I know that I’m telling Seattle folks to not be hopeless at 2-2 and Tampa Bay has the same record (with better wins), but two things:Getting blown out has been proven to be a higher indication of a bad team than many other highly-talked about reasons. They lost 48-10 to Chicago, a team that had scored just 40 points over their previous two games combined. The Seahawks have only been blown out twice under Pete Carroll since the middle of 2011. That still means something to me, even if I’m also prepared for it to happen again this week.The Bucs could have the worst pass defense in the NFL. You can have the worst rushing offense in the NFL and still get by YouthEarl Thomas III Jersey , but not the worst pass defense. It’s far too important. Oh, and Tampa Bay does rank 32nd in yards per carry, so they might hold both titles anyway. It doesn’t matter what Jameis Winston does, the Bucs’ pass defense is far too atrocious. I think other 2-2 teams also have issues. I still believe the New England Patriots could buckle at some point. This is not the same level of talent that Bill Belichick has had in the past. The LA Chargers are closer to being 0-4 than they are to being 4-0. The Eagles are overrated. That’s all I have to say about that.With that being said, where do I think the Seattle Seahawks rank among all 32 NFL teams? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Seahawks gotta rank at least, like 20th, i think.You gotta see these teams ranked ahead of and behind them though.Chargers 24 Seahawks 14 - Winners and Losers from Seattle’s defeat vs. Los Angeles The Seattle Seahawks are 0-2 in preseason play for 2018, having lost 24-14 to the Los Angeles Chargers. This is obviously upsetting, disturbing, and makes you wonder if Seattle should tank meaningless. That doesn’t mean we can’t evaluate individual performances from starters, rookies, and roster hopefulsHere’s a quick rundown of my winners and losers from Saturday night in Southern California.WinnersRussell WilsonI didn’t really want to see Russ out there for a full half, but obviously Pete Carroll did, and Wilson finished 13/21 for 193 yards, with 150 of those coming on his first five completions. His deep ball was on point Womens Tyler Lockett Jersey , which was a pleasant sight. He had a couple of high throws but nothing too glaringly bad, and overall he was ... well, Russell Wilson. And that was without Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett.Jaron BrownWas that not encouraging to see? Brown is Seattle’s presumptive #3 wide receiver, and he hauled in both passes for 74 yards. I have no idea why his second catch was called defensive pass interference when it should’ve been a no-call, but nevertheless, he showed off his capabilities as a deep threat, and in limited preseason action has been a good target for Wilson.David MooreI don’t want to declare Moore as a certainty to make the team considering Kasen Williams tore it up last preseason, but they’ve raved about him in camp, and he had two catches for 71 yards, with the first one a spectacular grab in double coverage when I swear it was going to be picked off. Of course... that DB he beat was the same one Kasen styled on. I’m a little more confident Moore makes the team than when Williams failed to do so in 2017.Rasheem GreenGreen didn’t stand out as much early on as he did last week against the Colts, but he finished the game with 1.5 sacks and a nice tackle for loss on a shotgun run by Detrez Newsome. I’m excited about Rasheem Green, and so should you. Michael DicksonDickson had three punts and averaged 53.7 yards, including a 57-yard bomb that pinned the Chargers at their own 10-yard line. He absolutely looks the part of a future All-Pro punter, and I do not think I’m being hyperbolic. Seattle’s special teams has been more mediocre than good dating back to 2014, and punting has been part of the problem. I’m convinced he’s at least part of the solution.Alex McGoughThe QB competition got a bit more interesting , as McGough appeared much more comfortable this week than he did in his debut, going 9/12 for 97 yards, as well as his first touchdown pass, a nice lob to Malik Turner that pulled Seattle within 7 points in the 4th quarter.C.J. ProsiseThis is going to look somewhat silly considering Prosise had just 47 yards on 9 touches... but he didn’t get injured, and that’s genuinely a win right there given his history. “Ineffective but finished the game” is better than “Splash play and then he turns his ankle.”LosersGermain IfediI understand Seattle doesn’t have better options at right tackle at this point, but I struggle to see how Ifedi can seriously start a full season again. He was getting ripped apart in pass protection numerous times, including one that led to a sack on Russell Wilson. Melvin Ingram is a great pass rusher but Ifedi essentially turned him into Reggie White. The frustration is mounting, and Germain is obviously aware. I don’t see how Ifedi is getting better, but what can you do? Turn to George Fant? Willie Beavers hardly impressed in backup duty. It’s gonna be rough.Austin DavisA paltry 1-of-3 for 6 yards and a sack. He had zero first-downs. That was painful to watch.Jon RyanMichael Dickson’s first punt went for 55 yards and no gain thanks to an impressive hangtime and great play by Shaquem Griffin. Jon Ryan’s first punt went 57 yards, didn’t have Dickson’s hangtime, and JJ Jones raced past both Jacob Martin and Delano Hill for a really easy touchdown. Martin and Hill have to be better, but Ryan is the one whose job is really under threat, and that was rough to see.Delano HillThis is two weeks in a row that Hill has been at the center of a failure to make a critical 3rd down stop in late-game situations. Field Gulls’ own Matty F. Brown has the quick analysis on his failure to stop Detrez Newsome on his 31-yard scamper.Hill was also partially at fault on the punt return touchdown as mentioned before, and seems to be a liability in pass coverage. At this point, it is absolutely possible that the second-year man out of Michigan is in danger of not making the 53-man roster. Nothing he does stands out.Mike TysonHe looked lost in pass coverage and frankly doesn’t have the speed or awareness to be a cornerback. I would be surprised if he made the team. Will DisslyChris Carson had a touchdown taken away because of a block in the back penalty by the rookie TE. On the surface , it’s an incredible lame penalty call as it’s more of a light two-handed shove on Jatavis Brown. That said, the intent was obvious and not really smart football, and you’d like to see those mistakes cleaned up, especially since it cost the Seahawks an additional four points.Interior defensive lineSeattle’s run defense gave up 176 yards on 37 attempts. The interior of the Seahawks’ front four got pushed around at times, and also opened up huge holes for quarterbacks Geno Smith and Cardale Jones to escape pressure to gain some yards. It wasn’t an all-around bad day or anything, but definitely not a dominant night in the trenches for the Seahawks defense.San DiegoPoor San Diego. Curt Menefee and Brock Huard called the LA Chargers “San Diego” multiple times, then referee Tony Corrente did the same thing. I understand. It still feels weird saying Los Angeles Chargers.Winner and Loser at the same timeChris CarsonWow did Carson look powerful, determined, and showed great vision on his cuts and following his blockers. He had 9 carries for 34 yards, and had several impressive moments on Seattle’s first two drives, but he also had a touchdown taken away (through no fault of his own) and fumbled right at the goal line, so what could’ve been a great evening turned into a mixed evening for Carson.

von huangjian123 19.03.2019 02:58

Good morning , and Merry Christmas GGN! Hope everyone’s been having a happy holiday season as said holidays start to wrap up. Week 16 is officially in the books, and the Jets will end their season in Foxboro against the Patriots. Darnold may be without two starting receivers this week, so surpassing last years’ win total doesn’t seem to be in the numbers. There’s plenty of links to get through, so if you need a getaway today we’ll have it here. With that said, here are your links to the Jets this Tuesday..Matt Stypulkoski - Jets' position-by-position report card after historically bad day for defense vs. PackersAnthony Talarico - Jets Report Card: Overtime collapse just what the doctor orderedSam Nuemann - Sam Darnold, Andre Roberts deliver some strange stats in Jets lossDan Graca - Snap Count Analysis: Which Jets Defenders Played All 91 Snaps vs. Green Bay?Ralph Vacchiano - To break cycle of mediocrity, Jets must surround Sam Darnold with starsDarryl Slater - After Sam Darnold’s best game yet, Jets pour on the praise: ‘This kid is going to be a star’Brian Costello - Sam Darnold can change Jets' offseason mindsetMark Cannizzaro - Sam Darnold delivered the Jets an invigorating glimpse of futureEthan Greenberg - Jets QB Sam Darnold: Wins and Losses Are Only Things That - Jets Head Coach Speaks with Reporters During a Conference Call Following the Packers GameRich Cimini - New York Jets' coach Todd Bowles says he won't worry about futureBrian Costello - Jets' Todd Bowles has no regrets about his referee bashingJohn Healy - Jets say 'no truth' to report of pursuing Jim Harbaugh as head coachDarryl Slater - Jets not interested in Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh Cheap Darron Lee Jersey , says Christopher Johnson | So who will replace Todd Bowles?Brian Costello - Jets’ Jim Harbaugh denial could mean three thingsRalph Vacchiano - Why Jets should be wary of pursuing Jim Harbaugh as next head coachGary Phillips - Maccagnan on board with Jim Harbaugh as Jets CEO vets Michigan coachSteve Serby - Lincoln Riley is the other college coach Jets need to pursueSpencer Aber - Jets injury report: Enunwa likely done, Kearse hurt AchillesMatt Stypulkoski - WATCH: Jets’ Trumaine Johnson’s performance should make Mike Maccagnan nervousTyler Calvaruso - Trumaine Johnson shows Jets’ culture hasn’t changed by ditching mediaRandy Lange - Jets KR Andre Roberts Isn't Too Old to Provide a Special SparkLorena Mongelli and Bruce Golding - Ex-Jets players visit family of National Guard vet who mysteriously died in - Holiday 40-Yard Stroll with Josh McCownSNY - New York sports: Rudolph or Grinch?Here are your missed connections from yesterday.Here’s the thread about nothing, take a glance if you have the chance.Hope you all have a great and fantastic day! Week 8 of the NFL season has the New York Jets coming off a lopsided home loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Losers of four of their last six games, the Jets look to claw their way back to .500 and on the periphery of the AFC playoffs race. Today the Jets face a tough Chicago Bears team on the road in adverse weather conditions, not the ideal way to search for a much needed win. The Bears come into the game tied for last place in the NFC North with a 3-3 record. On offense the Bears are led by second year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. After some struggles early on, Trubisky has been heating up, passing for 300+ yards in each of the last three games. On the season Trubisky has a good 13 to 6 touchdowns to interceptions ratio and a 97+ passer rating. Trubisky is supported by the backfield duo of Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard.On defense the Bears revolve around All World pass rusher Khalil Mack. Mack has an ankle injury which might, if the Jets are fortunate James Carpenter Jersey , keep him out, or ineffective,for today’s game.The Jets come into the game hurting. Starting wide receivers Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson are out with injuries, as is starting running back Bilal Powell. The Jets will be forced to rely on a motley crew of offensive weapons which includes a pair of rookies in Trenton Cannon and Chris Herndon, along with disappointing wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and another wide receiver, Rishard Matthews, who was just signed off the street this week. It is not a promising group for Sam Darnold to lead on offense. On defense the Jets are also banged up, with starting safety Marcus Maye a game time decision Cheap Nathan Shepherd Jersey , #1 cornerback Trumaine Johnson likely out for the game and #2 cornerback Morris Claiborne a game time decision. This is no way to go into a tough road game, but such is life in the NFL.It’s the Jets and the Bears going at it on a wet, raw, blustery, windy day in Chicago. Leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.

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Thursday Night Football Youth Nathan Shepherd Jersey , Week 5. Tonight the Indianapolis Colts travel to Foxboro, Massachusetts to take on the New England Patriots.The Colts are led by quarterback Andrew Luck, still trying to find his form after a long absence due to injury. The Colts come into the game struggling at 1-3 Youth Leonard Williams Jersey , with a long list of injured players. The Colts have already placed 10 players on injured reserve, and have another seven players out for this game with various injuries. This could make for a difficult night against the New England Patriots, who are getting a key weapon back from the suspended list in Julian Edelman.The Patriots are led by ageless wonder Tom Brady at quarterback Color Rush Isaiah Crowell Jersey , and feature the nearly unstoppable tight end Rob Gronkowski and slippery slot receiver Julian Edelman in an attack that gives opponents nightmares when it is fully healthy. Newly acquired Josh Gordon, if his head is on straight, could make the Patriots attack lethal once again after the Patriots struggled over the first four weeks of the season with a 2-2 record.It’s a matchup of AFC teams that vied for Super Bowl berths not too long ago. It’s the Colts and the Patriots in tonight’s Thursday Night Football action. Enjoy the game everybody.Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 44 Lawrence Thomas Lawrence Thomas is next up in our Jets roster countdown.Name: Lawrence ThomasNumber: 44Year with Jets: 3rdProjected Role: Starting fullbackHis 2017: Thomas had an eventful 2017. He started the season as a defensive lineman and then started getting some action as a fullback. Before long Color Rush Kelvin Beachum Jersey , the Jets converted him to fullback. Although his first game featured a memorable 15 yard catch against the Dolphins, the rest of Thomas’ season in the backfield was uneven.2018 will be a success if: Thomas grows into a quality fullback. The fullback position is being phased out of today’s NFL, but Jeremy Bates will likely feature utilize it more than your typical offensive coordinator. There will be opportunities for Thomas if he makes the team.Odds of making the roster: Thomas is in a competition with Dimitri Flowers. He is the rare player who is as likely to start as he is to be cut. He is 50/50.

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Bay area battle! Gruden growling for all to see! All the history of two great...Once again I’m fighting to care. That said Black Donte Moncrief Jersey , you shouldhave some quality options from tonight’s game especially with the likes of Barkley, Wentz, Luck, and Dalton on a bye.Biggest margin of victory from tonight’s game?START QB Derek Carr, RaidersHe only threw for multiple passing touchdowns twice this season, but I feel he is in line for a nice productive game against a a very soft defense. San Francisco ranks 27th in the league against opposing quarterbacks, and this match up looks like Carr’s efficiency will show on the fantasy stat sheet. I’m adding an additional touchdown to Matt’s projection.Projection: 265 yards passing, 3 touchdowns Youth Telvin Smith Jersey , and 1 interceptionRB, Jalen Richard, RaidersThis man catches balls!I was right about him last week and I will start him again this week. He is the pass catching back of this offense and arguably the number 2 receiver behind Cooks. He caught 8 balls for 50 yards and his by some chance the 49ers get ahead he should catch more. He’s not a strong start but if you need a flex fill he’s a nice option.Projection: 7 catches for 54 yards and 3 carries for 10 yardsRB Doug Martin, RaidersYes...I’m giving you both Raiders as potential options.Martin kinda broke out last week racking up 89 total yards. While Richard is the pass catching back, Martin is the back they use between the tackles. Gruden also said he is ready to be the feature back so this could be he game he explodes. We may be low balling Martin’s production so if you have to pick between Richard and Martin I’d go with Martin.Projection: 95 total yards and 1 rushing touchdownRB Matt Breida, 49ersTonight they ride Breida.The Oakland Raiders gave up 200 rushing yards and a touchdown last week to the Colts. So it is safe to say the are very bad against the run. Matt is the better running back on the 49ers as he out touched the rest 16-10. I think he goes off this week. Over one hundred total yards and a touchdown for sure. Projection: 91 rushing yards with 1 touchdown and 3 receptions for 12 yards on 18 touches WR Jordy Nelson, RaidersI was seriously considering sitting every wide receiver this game, but I couldn’t do that. I’m going out on a limb here and starting Jordy Nelson. He is a WR1 one with Amari Cooper gone and should see plenty of targets. I am concerned with Cook and Richard taking targets away but I’m thinking he scores this week. Projection: 5 receptions for 61 yards and 1 touchdownTE Jared Cook Logan Cooke Jersey , RaidersHe has been Carr’s number one guy. I was right on him last week and I am going to be right again this week. He is the go to guy and I expect another touchdown here. Projection: 7 receptions for 85 yards and 1 touchdownTE Goerge Kittle, 49ersYour best receiving options are both tight ends.He is been the lone bright spot on this passing offense. If they are going to move the ball they have to go through Kittle. He has been averaging 5 receptions over the last 6 games and I believe he gets that and then some. Unfortunately with C. J. not starting you may not see a touchdown.Projection:8 receptions for 75 yardsRaiders Defense The 49ers are starting Nick Mullens at QB. Projection: 10 points allowed, 3 turnovers, and 6 sacks K Daniel Carlson, RaidersI believe the Raiders will move the ball quite often giving Carlson plenty of chances to kick. The downer is there may not be many field goal attempts so consider him a borderline start.Projection: 1 for 1 on field goals and 4 for 4 on extra pointsSITWell, I was going to tell you to sit C. J. Beathard, but with the 49ers going with Nick Mullens (and the world said “who”) everything is obvious.RB Alfred Morris, 49ersHear me clearly. San Francisco will not rotate their backfield.Morris has practically vanished from this backfield. He lost the number two running back job to Mostert and only logged 6 carries for 28 yards last week. Despite having only seven fewer touches than Morris Authentic Keelan Cole Jersey , he is not worth even a bench stash let alone staring himProjection: 21 yards rushing on 5 attemptsWR Marquise Goodwin, 49ersI drafted Goodwin late with the hope that he would pair will with Jimmy G. So that worked out well.He has been boom and bust. I don’t like that risk with my receivers. I don’t want to have to resort to long touchdown receptions to get points. He is also going cup against a Raiders defense who haven’t allowed a single wide receiver to go over 100 yards. I’ll fade on him this week. Projection:4 receptions for 65 yardsWR Dante Pettis, 49ersI love his upside for the future, but he’s just coming off injury and he’s been a non-factor in the offense I firmly believe this offense is going to be all about running the ball and throwing to the tight end. Projection: 3 receptions for 35 yardsWR Seth Roberts, Raiders You would think his role would expand with Cooper heading to Dallas? Well that was wrong. He did get into the end zone last week but I’m not trusting him. Fade him this week until proven otherwise. Projection: 2 receptions for 19 yardsK Robbie Gould, 49ersInitially this was going to be a start, but with the mess at quarterback I really don’t see the 49ers doing much scoring.Projection: 1 for 1 on field goals and 1 for 1 extra pointsSan Francisco Defense You almost don’t know what to expect from the Raiders. They can score points, and then just vanish. I expect Carr and company to score some points tonight Womens Andrew Norwell Jersey , leaving the 49ers defense being a dud. Projection: 31 points allowed, 1 turnover, 2 sacksJacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Live blog regular season Week 3 The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Tennessee Titans today and it shouldn’t be close — which means it inevitably will be.In the past three years, the Titans have won four of six, including a home-and-away sweep last year. Marcus Mariota is still designated as “questionable” on the injury report and Blaine Gabbert will likely get the start and the Titans roster is half of what the Jaguars’ is, but... well, old wounds die hard and until the Jaguars can handle their business against the Titans they can’t.For those not attending, feel free to follow along and leave your comments below.How to watchNeed to find out how to watch Authentic Myles Jack Jersey , stream, or listen to today’s game? We got you covered here.Live blog3:57 PM: Defense plays lights out and we end up with this result. Go Jaguars.3:35 PM: Another Titans field goal. Jaguars down 9-6.3:20 PM: Josh Lambo is good from 38 yards out. Tie game at 6-6.2:49 PM: Ryan Succop is good for his second field goal. Jaguars are down 6-3.2:48 PM: The second sack of the game for Calais Campbell. The highlights are... few and far between, folks.1:54 PM: Josh Lambo is good from 46 yards out. Jaguars and Titans tied 3-3 in the second quarter.1:31 PM: Titans drive for a field goal. Jaguars down 3-0.1:27 PM: ANOTHER ONE! Thanks, Telvin.1:16 PM: First sack of the game — Calais Campbell!1:01 PM: We receive the kickoff and will start on offense. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!12:59 PM: It’s hot, but not last week kind of hot. Should still be an advantage for the Jaguars, especially on offense.11:34 AM: It’s official — Leonard Fournette is out.8:35 AM: Welp. Looks like Leonard Fournette is out again. It shouldn’t matter and the Jaguars should still win which means it will definitely matter. Sigh.

von huangjian123 19.03.2019 02:12

The Jacksonville Jaguars just lost one of the ugliest games I’ve seen in recent memory Cheap Ronnie Harrison Jersey , falling 9-6 to the Tennessee Titans at home. The defense was stifling — bending but not breaking and allowing just three field goals (and four attempts) in the entire game.Who stood out in the Week 3 matchup? In honor of the six points we scored, here are six players who did good (or bad) enough to make the list.1. Calais CampbellThe Jaguars got three sacks against Titans quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Marcus Mariota and Calais Campbell was responsible for two of them. The first one set the tone early in the first quarter that Campbell was going to play angry, bypassing the center completely and driving Gabbert into the dirt. The second came near the goal line in the third quarter as the Titans got one of their best chances to score a touchdown. Campbell just bulls his way through on third down, forcing the Titans to kick another field goal.2. Blake BortlesWe’ll start with the good and go next to the bad — Blake Bortles had a bad day. After dismantling the New England Patriots last week, Bortles looked hesitant to throw the ball, with his longest completion of the day being a pass that traveled just 10 yards in the air.The game plan — by all accounts including Bortles himself, the offensive coordinator, the film, and more — was very similar to last week against the Patriots. And that’s true. Much of Bortles’ yardage in games is yards after the catch, which is a fine game plan Cheap Telvin Smith Jersey , especially considering our roster, our quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses, and our lack of a true No. 1 receiver.But Bortles looked like he didn’t want to take any shots downfield even when the play called for it and receivers were in position.3. Logan CookeThis was a game that was going to be won in large part due to field position and the seventh round rookie did his part, with just one touchback in six punts. He finished with a 45.5 yard average on punts and had two downed inside the 20-yard line.4. Corey GrantIt’s apparent that Grant is a good player when you scheme him in the right situations, but he is not a true bell cow back. That’s not an indictment of him as a player — Grant is a great addition to this team and a player who is hard to stop if used correctly. But the Jaguars are gambling with their running back position and it worked in Week 2 and didn’t work in Week 3.5. Telvin SmithHis first quarter sack showed speed off the edge, awareness to get in the air to stop Gabbert’s attempt, and strength to get him down with just an arm tackle.He (again) led the team in tackles and he was everywhere on a banner day for the defense.6. Tashaun GipsonAfter shutting down Rob Gronkowski, the Jaguars secondary shut down the Titans quarterbacks for just 13 completions and 108 yards and Gipson was a big part of that, taking away a lot of the intermediate throws and only allowing a 5.1-yard average per attempt.7. Wiggle Man[TWEET NOT FOUND]I’m not going to overreact, but the Jaguars losing is 100 percent because Wiggle didn’t go to church before the game and tweet about it. The 2019 Senior Bowl really gets going on Tuesday with weigh-ins and then afternoon practices. The Jacksonville Jaguars are not coaching the South Team after what seemed like an eternity a few short seasons ago under Gus Bradley.The North Team will be coached by the Oakland Raiders and the South Team will be coached by the San Francisco 49ers.We’ll be doing live blogs to capture all the relevant Jaguars news Youth Leonard Fournette Jersey , meetings with players, and rumors throughout the week.Everything you need to knowNorth Team - Coached by the Oakland RaidersSouth Team - Coached by the San Francisco 49ersPlayers that the Jaguars could be interested in.TV time, how to watch, and more.Live blog9:59 PM: As Zach said, meeting with an Ohio State wide receiver is about more than looking for another receiver — this is where you get to speak with teammates of a highly touted quarterback and learn more about him without him actually being here.7:55 PM: LSU tight end Lester Moreau is big and he can catch — would love to see the Jaguars increase their options in the red zone and on short yardage situations.5:53 PM: Hello,,,5:37 PM: Daniel Jones has been up and down from all reports out of practice, but this is a beauty of a throw.5:22 PM: Another interior offensive lineman is meeting with the Jaguars, this time Wisconsin right guard Beau Benzschawel. I would think A.J. Cann is going to be looking for a job come this offseason.2:55 PM: Come on down Cheap Leonard Fournette Jersey , Will Grier!1:52 PM: WE HAVE A JAGUARS INTERVIEW! Kansas State offensive lineman Dalton Risner can play all three positions along the offensive line. I don’t doubt that Jacksonville has interest.1:36 PM: The Jaguars have features on Daniel Jones and Drew Lock up from Day 1. It begins.1:21 PM: Interior offensive lineman from Boston College? Watch for Chris Lindstrom to be linked to the Jaguars as the NFL Draft approaches.10:12 AM: Football guy.10:05 AM: An experienced offensive lineman who can play center, guard, and tackle? Dalton Risner is on the Jaguars’ radar, I’d bet.9:18 AM: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph... Tyree Jackson is a #large individual and I would not be mad at all with the Jaguars taking him at the top of the third round.9:17 AM: Oli Udoh earned an invite to the Senior Bowl after a good week of practice last week at the East-West Shrine game. He’s a third/fourth round prospect who could get a little bump this week.

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Pascale Gueracagues career is a study in how one turns their passion into purpose. Air Max 270 Clearance . Most of her childhood was spent discovering and extricating the beauty in the mundane: cereal boxes, baby powder and plastic bags. She didnt know it then, but she was already crafting and curating her vision -- one that would lead her to head up the design departments for some of the biggest lifestyle brands on the planet. The 32-year-old, who grew up in?Southern California and Miami, always had very specific goals in mind. Her public, magnet arts high school led to a scholarship at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where Gueracague majored in textile design. After some internships and apprenticing, she landed her first job designing dorm bedding for Target, specifically for students that werent much older than she was at the time.A foray into fashion was the next step, where she took on design roles at Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, and Hood By Air.However, her time as the Concept and Textile Lead at Under Armour?primed her for her biggest role yet -- and the position she currently holds -- Concept Director for lululemon lab. With the New York City Marathon this Sunday and the recent launch of lululemons new reflective technology, which is targeted to runners, we thought it was the perfect time to talk with Gueracague about working with some of the worlds coolest brands, finding inspiration everywhere, and more. Here, she provides insight on her journey to the top of her game.Creativity grows where its plantedI attended a public, magnet art high school that cultivated a creative and academic approach to drawing, painting, color theory, art and design history. When I arrived at RISD, I was quickly drawn to the textile department with its long fabric silk screening tables, big rooms filled with students threading warps on hand looms, knitting machines and beautiful dye labs. From that point on, I was psyched and ready to start exploring the world of textiles.Working with the best, makes you the best Helmut Lang was a critically formative period in my career and a unique situation where textile design was a strong form of expression and an important component to the creative language of the brand. Over the course of seven years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity and room to grow under Creative Directors Michael and Nicole Colovos, who tremendously valued the possibilities of textile design.When vision meets innovation, a brand becomes unstoppable Working at Alexander Wang was quite inspiring. It was amazing to experiment with so many new techniques and garment treatments. Wang has an amazing ability to create an all-encompassing vision, which I loved being a part of. Working with these brands gave me the creative freedom and space to experiment with so many new textiles, fabric techniques, print designs, wash and dye treatments, and garment concepts in a manner that materially supported a larger creative expression and vision season after season.Choose to work brands that care about the future, if you hope to change it I am attracted to brands that are forward thinking. From a fabric, craft and materials standpoint, there is so much uncharted territory within the space of textile design for an active contemporary lifestyle. This position opened up a unique opportunity to work with an inspiring and specialized team during a new chapter for the brand.Reflectivity is turned on its head in lululemons latest collection Get hands on with your passion My best advice would be to identify where your passion is pulling you and explore it in a hands-on way. Put in the time and work to learn and grow. Allow yourself to roll with the punches and keep moving forward.Visibility is lululemons next endeavor lululemon lab is an incubator for creating innovative functional product. We have some exciting new products coming to the NYC lab this winter, and that includes new discoveries with functional flocking techniques, new solutions around visibility, as well as new prints inspired by the city. And theres much more to come in 2017 and beyond.Fuel your creative force with kindness?Keep perspective to what truly matters and treat people with respect and kindness. As much as that may not feel like design, it fuels your creative force and ability to pull people together to achieve greater things. And lastly, try to appreciate this cosmic miracle and enjoy the ride. Nike Air Max 270 Australia . With his new coach and six-time Grand Slam singles champion Boris Becker watching him during an official match for the first time, Djokovic appeared tentative early against the Slovakian player, who often appeared content to keep the ball in play. Wholesale Air Max 270 Australia . -- PGA TOUR Canada member Steve Saunders took a three-stroke lead Saturday in the Web. . The Barrie Colts defenceman, who impressed many with his play for Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championship, is the top-ranked skater in the February rankings. He has 19 goals and 24 assists for 43 points in 45 games with the Colts this season. The College Football Playoff is considering moving future semifinals off New Years Eve after television ratings for last seasons games plunged.Executive director Bill Hancock told reporters at Southeastern Conference Media Days in Hoover, Alabama, that the conference commissioners who make up the playoff management committee are open to changing future schedules, starting in 2019 when the semifinals are scheduled for New Years Eve, and are exploring options.Our goal is to find the best day when the most people can watch the games, Hancock said Wednesday.It was a very different message from Hancock than the one he initially delivered after ESPNs rating for this past seasons College Football Playoff semifinals fell 36 percent from the year before, when the games were played on New Years Day. Hancock said in January that several factors could have contributed to the ratings drop and gave no indication the commissioners were ready to change course.The first College Football Playoff after the 2014 season drew record television ratings for ESPN. The first game, the Rose Bowl, kicked off around 5:30 p.m. ET. Last year was the first of a scheduled eight times during a 12-year contract with ESPN that the semifinals were to be played on New Years Eve, which fell on a Thursday.The Orange Bowl between Clemson and Oklahoma started around 4:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. Central in Oklahoma), when many people are still at work on what is not a federal holiday.The playoff semifinals are on New Years Eve again this season, but Dec. 31, 2016, falls on a Saturday. The semifinals return to New Years Day after the 2017 season (Jan. 1, 2018).We are in constant communication with our partners at the College Football Playoff. We are both inveested in making this event as fan-friendly as possible, Ilan Ben-Hanan, ESPN vice president of college sports programming, said in a statement to The AP. Air Max 270 Sale Australia. .After last seasons games, Hancock said when the semifinals were played was one of several possible factors that caused TV ratings to fall. Neither the Clemson-Oklahoma game nor Michigan State-Alabama matchup in the Cotton Bowl were close in the fourth quarter. Plus, the matchups for the first semifinals, which included two Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks (Marcus Mariota of Oregon and Jameis Winston of Florida State), along with Ohio State and Alabama, were particularly appealing and set an almost impossible standard for the second playoff to match. Also, ESPNs digital platforms drew more viewers in year two.Hancock said all the factors would be studied, but never hinted the College Football Playoff would give serious consideration to moving off New Years Eve semifinals. Hancock had said playoff officials were hoping to start a new tradition on New Years Eve.But the drop in TV viewership was more drastic than expected, and now there is a real possibility for change.The first sign came a few months back when the College Football Playoff announced it was moving up the kickoff for this years first semifinal to 3 p.m. ET and that the Orange Bowl, originally scheduled to be played before the semifinals on Dec. 31, would instead be held on Friday night Dec. 30.This years semifinals will be played at the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, and the Peach Bowl in Atlanta.---Follow Ralph D. Russo at ' ' '

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