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von huangjian123 13.03.2019 04:38

It’s no secret the Broncos run defense has struggled the last few weeks. Naturally White Chris Harris Jr Jersey , when you give up two back-to-back 200 yard rushers, something is going terribly wrong. I have discussed some of the things that have gone wrong in my game recap from week 6, and we will get more in-depth over the next week on what was going on, but Thursday night’s game was a step in the right direction. The Broncos held David Johnson, a very talented and dynamic back, to 39 yards on 14 carries, and held the Cardinals backfield as a whole to 2.5 YPC on 19 carries. Now, the Cardinals don’t exactly have an incredible rushing attack, but neither did the Jets. Isaiah Crowell entered his contest with Denver with a couple of 30 yard, 3 YPC games under his belt. So this was definitely a positive for the Denver defense.So what was it that Denver did?First, let’s look at where Denver was getting beat on the ground. As I pointed out in my recap of the Jets game, and saw after watching the Rams film, the biggest problem Denver had over the last few weeks in run defense was with adjusting their run fits to shifts and motions, poor tackling, and their nickel defense being exploited.Well, they shored up their tackling, which, as I have said, is a completely fixable problem and isn’t typical of this Denver defense who led the league in YPC given up on the ground last year. The bigger issue against the Jets and Rams was Denver’s nickel defense being exploited. The biggest plays of the Jets game happened against nickel personnel, and nearly every Rams play did, as they stay in 11 personnel (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB) for 95% of their plays.Those two teams would spread out with 11 personnel, which forced Denver to counter with 3 corners, putting them in nickel and taking away a defensive lineman from their front. This, by design, gives the offense light boxes to run against and makes stopping the run that much harder for the defense.Vance Joseph mentioned this when asked about the run defense last week leading up to Thursday’s game: So, we recognize this is a problem, but what can be done about it? There are a couple of things that Denver has done in the past that have worked well. They both involve playing your base defensive front 7 even against 11 personnel. In 2015, Wade Phillips orchestrated the destruction of the Packers in a game that saw them gain 140 total yards by running a base front against Green Bay’s 11 personnel, but swapping Bradley Roby out for one of the safeties. So you are still able to matchup man to man with the WRs, but have a better front to stop the run.The other option is one that Joe Woods used last year, and what Denver used on Thursday. For the entire game, Denver stayed in their base defense on non-3rd and longs against any 11 personnel look the Cardinals showed.How they covered it Youth Ronald Leary Jersey , was by shifting Justin Simmons into the slot over Larry Fitzgerald. Woods used this last year against Miami as well, and Simmons fared pretty well against Jarvis Landry in the slot most of the game.Here’s the first play from 11 personnel of the game. Simmons starts out in a two-high look, then slowly walks down into the slot, and Denver switches to a cover-1 look.This is a great move by Joe Woods, in my opinion, and something I had been calling for in the MHR chat room after the Rams game. Tim mentioned this in a piece last week as one of the options for helping the run defense.This allowed Denver to play with favorable fronts against the run, while also defending the pass pretty well. Simmons allowed only 2 catches for 18 yards to Fitzgerald when matched up against him.Here’s what happens as a result. You get plays like this.Here’s another one.And Denver didn’t just run cover-1 out of this look and have Simmons man to man on the slot. At times, they would drop into a cover-4 shell, so it wouldn’t get predictable for Arizona.Now, will this work against every team? I don’t think so. However, I think it is something Denver should utilize more, as Simmons has shown good cover skills from the slot, and it has proven to be an effective strategy.We’ll take a deeper dive later this week into the run defense, so consider this part 1, but it is nice to see adjustments being made to fix glaring weaknesses, and those adjustments working.Another thing I would love to see is swapping out Brandon Marshall with Su’a Cravens once he is healthy. This would give a little bit more of a dynamic cover element, while still maintaining the extra defensive lineman for the run. Hopefully there’s more to come on this package over the next few games. It was a somber day in Dove Valley after news broke that John Elway had made the decision to fire Head Coach Vance Joseph after two very disappointing seasons. Joseph was well liked by the players, which only made the move more difficult to swallow for those within the organization. After the reaction, attention shifted rapidly to where the Denver Broncos organization goes from here. The veteran leaders on the team all had differing opinions on what kind of guy the team should hire to take over the head coaching role in Denver.Todd Davis noted that, “As a defensive player you always want a defensive coach to come in, that’s just how it is, but I trust the staff upstairs and John Elway that they’re going to bring in the right guy. I trust whatever their decision is.”You only have to look at the list of five head coaching candidates the Broncos have requested interviews with to see that Davis might get his wish of a defensive-minded coach as three of the five are or were defensive coordinators. Then you ask an offensive player what they want and its all about scoring points. As much as Joe Woods may or may not have struggled, you get the sense his defenses did enough for the Broncos to win more games. It’s been the offense that has failed to produce where it mattered the most - scoring points.“Hopefully the ball rolls in our favor next year,” Emmanuel Sanders said. “And we can bring somebody in here that can score points, and a defensive coordinator that can help us shut down these offenses. These high propane offenses, that’s the goal. We’re definitely going in the right direction in terms of players. I think they did really good with the draft last year.”If you remove the flukey 45-10 blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals this season, the Broncos offense was able to muster a measly 18.9 points per game. That’s not going to win many games in today’s NFL no matter how you slice it. For Sanders, it’s all about the nucleus of guys both young and veteran that a new leader can come in and turn into a winning squad. And hopefully one that is full of pass-happy tendencies.“We definitely have a nucleus of guys that can win games,” Sanders said. “It’s all about executing and bringing the right guy in here that can be a leader to these young guys and an offensive coordinator that can dial up plays, that we can get explosive plays, and a defensive coordinator that understands his personnel and that can stop offenses.“I’m ready to be in a pass-happy offense (laughter). That’s the direction that the league is going. I say that because I play wide receiver, but at the same time, we won the Super Bowl with a play action type of offense as well. It really doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s somebody who can score points. Score touchdowns , right. Passing touchdowns, run touchdowns, the goal is touchdowns and explosive plays. We’ll see who that is.”The task won’t be easy. After two consecutive 10-loss seasons, the franchise is definitely at a crossroads as the number of players on the roster who remain from their Super Bowl winning team dwindles to single digits. “The last three years we didn’t make the playoffs,” Brandon Marshall said of the task ahead. “Even though we won the Super Bowl a couple years ago, it just hasn’t been right the last couple years. I wouldn’t say it’s like a huge challenge because we have the people, the roster, the culture and the organization from the top down. But there’s going to be some stuff that needs to be done here.”That begged the question: is this job even attractive to potential head coaches?The answer is 100% yes. The Denver Broncos have struggled and still need a quarterback long-term, but a head coaching candidate would be foolish to ignore the franchises commitment to winning and competing. Any incoming head coach will know he has the full support of the franchise to go out and win games. Not every franchise operates like that.The players see it the same way.“Who wouldn’t want to coach the Denver Broncos,” Davis said. “We’re a hard-working organization and we’ve been a great organization for years. I don’t think there’s anywhere better in the NFL to coach. I feel like it’s a big position that a lot of people want to fill.”Unsatisfied with that answer, Davis was asked a follow-up on what exactly makes this position attractive to potential head coaches. “Everything about it,” Davis added. “The winning culture that we have here, the success that we’ve had in the past, the players that we have here, the city of Denver, the fans—all around I think this is the best place to coach in the NFL.”And he’s right. A potential candidate would be foolish to look at the last two seasons and assume that’s the way it will always be. The franchise has just had their first back-to-back losing season in 47 years. Up until a few weeks ago, that was the longest such mark in NFL history. Now the current record belongs to the New England Patriots who started their run in 1993 - well short of the 47 year mark.John Elway reinforced that culture with a long statement on the health of the franchise and its commitment to getting back to contention with the next regime. “Yes. I don’t think a whole lot has changed,” John Elway said “If you look at what’s going on in ownership—I will tell you this, I have full confidence that that ownership situation is going to get straightened away. I really do. That’s an easy sell for me for the next candidate as head coach. I still believe that we have great fans here. Our football team has to get better, there’s no question, but we’ve got a lot of good parts on our football team. Therefore, we can sell that. We’ve got nine picks coming up in the draft and as Joe said, we’ve got the ownership, the resources and the support from the ownership group to be able to make the moves that hopefully we need to make us a better football team. Everything’s there, plus the fan base here, what Colorado’s about and it’s a good place to live. You look at our facility and the work that’s been put into this facility over the last five years, it’s a great opportunity for a head coach. I think the right kind of guy wants to come into a situation like this because he knows what the expectations are and what our expectations have been for a long period of time. Therefore, I think guys want that opportunity. They want to come into a spot where they know it’s about football and about winning games. Giving that opportunity, the resources behind him that we can give him, I think it’s a great job.”The job is attractive enough. It may not be the most attractive of all of the vacancies due to the quarterback situation, but no one should doubt Elway’s resolve to find a franchise quarterback. Let’s just hope he doesn’t swing and miss again...

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 04:30

Simon Fletcher thinks Denver will respond to this loss ‘the way Denver Broncos do’ Broncos’ all-time sack leader and Ring of Famer Simon Fletcher joined the guys over at 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 to talk about the Broncos tough loss on Monday night.While they discussed areas for improvement , Fletcher was optimistic overall about the team and said he felt that the team would respond to this loss by getting better. When asked how he felt the team would respond to this loss (starting around the 2:30 mark), he said: Fletcher said he expects Denver to come out next week, take it out on the Jets, and bring home a win. We have talked a lot about the Broncos putting an emphasis on leadership , a strong locker room, and intangibles on the roster this year, both in the draft and at quarterback. This is where that comes to life. John Elway said last year that the team didn’t respond well to adversity and were never able to overcome it. They have to change that this year.It’s good to hear that a player with a reputation like Simon Fletcher believes in this team’s ability to bounce back. Now they have to go out and prove it, and respond the way Denver Broncos respond when they are down , by getting right back up.Joseph: ‘It’s going to take three or four guys’ at running back The Denver Broncos went young at running back when they let C.J. Anderson go, but one rookie has stood above the rest this preseason in Royce Freeman. However, Head Coach Vance Joseph isn’t ready to let go of their running back by committee approach heading into the season.“I’m not overly concerned about who is the lead guy,” Joseph said on Friday. “It’s going to take three or four guys and all three or four guys can make great plays on the ball and get some nice gains.”Frankly Denver Broncos T-Shirt , I think the Broncos could do a majority of it with just two guys. Both of them are rookies. Here’s how each running back has fared this preseason.Royce Freeman: 15 carries for 84 yards, 5.6 yards per attempt with 3 touchdowns. 1 reception for six yards.Devontae Booker: 9 carries for 33 yards, 3.7 yards per attempt. 1 reception for 10 yards.Phillip Lindsay: 13 carries for 70 yards, 5.4 yards per attempt. 4 receptions for 58 yards and 1 touchdown.De’Angelo Henderson: 14 carries for 50 yards Denver Broncos Hats , 3.6 yards per attempt. 5 receptions for 44 yards.David Williams: 14 carries for 36 yards, 2.6 yards per attempt. 4 receptions for 54 yards.It just seemed to me that both Freeman and Lindsay are making the plays so far. Booker is still starting the games, but at what point do you give that ‘veteran preference’ for actual production?

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 03:42

The Seattle Seahawks (9-6) , they will be playing a wild card road game to start 2019, but they first have to finish off 2018 NFL regular season play against the Arizona Cardinals (3-12), who are clearly the worst team in the league. A win for the Seahawks would clinch them the #5 seed and a trip to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. If they somehow lose, which they nearly did the first time these teams met in September down in Glendale, then a Minnesota Vikings win over the Chicago Bears would put the Seahawks at Chicago. So there is still something to play for if you’re Pete Carroll’s group, and I think we’d all love to see them finish with double-digit wins when many predicted double-digit losses.Here are all the details you need on Sunday’s regular season finale, including broadcast information, live streaming options Cheap Will Dissly Jersey , radio commentary, and more:TV ScheduleDate: Sunday, December 30th, 2018Time: 4:25 PM ET/1:25 PM PTChannel: FOX (check NFL coverage map)Announcers: Sam Rosen and Brady Quinn (sideline reporter: Lisa Byington)Location: CenturyLink Field | Seattle, WashingtonRadio: 710 ESPN Seattle/97.3 KIRO FM (click here for additional TV and radio affiliates outside of the Seattle area)Radio Announcers: Steve Raible, Dave Wyman (Reporters: Jen Mueller and John Clayton)Online Streaming: NFL Game Pass (Free 7-Day Trial) | Sling TV | PlayStation Vue | Fox Sports GO | YoutubeTVCurrent 53-man roster: Click hereOpponent Blog: Revenge of the BirdsFollow Field Gulls on social media!Twitter - @FieldGullsFacebook - Field Gulls: For Seattle Seahawks News and AnalysisSeahawks regular season schedule 2018September9/9: L 27-24 at Denver Broncos 9/17 (Mon): L 24-17 at Chicago Bears 9/23: W 24-13 vs. Dallas Cowboys9/30: W 20-17 at Arizona CardinalsOctober10/7: L 33-31 Los Angeles Rams 10/14: W 27-3 “at” Oakland Raiders in London 10/21: BYE10/28: W 28-14 at Detroit LionsNovember11/4: L 25-17 vs. Los Angeles Chargers 11/11: L 36-31 at Los Angeles Rams 11/15 (Thu): W 27-24 vs. Green Bay Packers 11/25: W 30-27 at Carolina PanthersDecember12/2: W 43-16 vs. San Francisco 49ers12/10 (Mon): W 21-7 vs. Minnesota Vikings 12/16: L 26-23 at San Francisco 49ers 12/23: W 38-31 vs. Kansas City Chiefs 12/30: vs. Arizona Cardinals (1:25 PM PT, FOX) With six days, including today Cheap Earl Thomas III Jersey , until the showdown in Seattle that could decide a lot about both the Seattle Seahawks’ and the Los Angeles Rams’ seasons, another happy moment in the rivalry deserves to be recounted. Especially today, we could use some good vibes, after a brutal weekend.Moment 10 (Fumble Psych)Moment 9 (Farwell Tackle)Moment 8 (Whitehurst’s Finest)Moment 7 (Tate wave)Today, the countdown recounts a touchdown, a tie-breaking touchdown, that the Seahawks scored twice, just to be safe. It sent them to the 2012 playoffs. It avenged an earlier loss. It dispatched the Rams back to Saint Louis in sadness. It was a moment when all was right with the rivalry. Number 6: Tie-Breaking Sebastian Janikowski Jersey , Almost-Record-Breaking TDWhen: December 30, 2012. Week 17.Game state: Seahawks 13, Rams 13. 2nd and goal from inside the STL 1, 1:45 Q4.What happens: Mere seconds after Marshawn Lynch’s apparent touchdown run is reversed on replay, Russell Wilson gets the ball into the end zone himself, as he tends to do sometimes.The film:Wilson, a mobile quarterback, finds an escape route out of a precarious pocket. This could be a lot of plays from 2012-2015 Barkevious Mingo Jersey , except for the cool circumstances.If Wilson completes the flick to Zach Miller, he breaks Peyton Manning’s rookie record for most passing touchdowns. He’d already tied it in the third quarter with a toss to Michael Robinson. If Wilson keeps, he almost certainly puts his team ahead, with under two minutes to play, in a game they need.He kept it. Peyton’s record was safe. But in doing so, he also helped secure the Seahawks’ ticket to the postseason, where a satisfying win and a bitter loss awaited. The Rams? They took care of the bitter loss portion last postseason. Maybe they’ll be fortunate enough to check off the other column these playoffs. But they’ll have to get past the Seahawks. Which, contrary to the impression of Cheap 12th Fan Jersey , oh, everyone, isn’t a formality. Not as long as Wilson’s on the field.

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 03:34

Seahawks video: Jarran Reed hoping that third time really is a charm Third time’s the charm for Jarran Reed? Yes Seattle Seahawks Womens T-Shirt , indeed. Yes, indeed.You can book it and take it to Vegas. Reed is coming off his first full season of starting every game that he’s played in for the Seahawks and he finished the season with 45 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and one forced fumble. Almost Identical to his rookie season statistics, with the exception of 11 fewer tackles and nine fewer starts. Reed is a stout 2i: two-gapper defensive tackle who clogs up space and does it well. Reed hardly ever gets moved from his gap responsibility, which was a key reason he was drafted with the 49th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has extremely long arms that helps him create separation for a bigger lineman, which also happens to be rare. Typically bigger bodies have shorter and compact arms. One of the main reasons why defensive lineman are usually the strongest on the team. Reed on the other hand uses his length to his advantage in pivotal match ups very often. His breakdown above has almost 11 plays of him doing so. In 2017, Reed didn’t have a lot of pressure on him to perform constantly with last years acquisition of Sheldon Richardson, who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings. With Richardson no longer in the mix in Seattle, most if not all offensive line coaches will draw up multiple combo blocking schemes to double team Reed, in hopes of taking him out of the A gap to free up running lanes completely. I know the Seahawks didn’t require Reed to be much of a pass rush force, but I’m excited to see how Reed has progressed in that area come preseason Week 1. Although I doubt Reed plays much until Week 3 of the preseason, in hindsight it’s still an area Seahawk hopefuls should keep an eye out on. With almost every team in the NFC West getting better at the quarterback or wide receiver position, Reed will be asked to improve on his consecutive 1.5 sack seasons. Not to beat a dead horse but just to be blunt on how important it is for Reed to improve his sack total here’s a fun fact:Dwight Freeney, Michael Bennett, and Sheldon Richardson accounted for 12.5 sacks. That’s a third of the 2017 defensive sacks gone in one offseason. Reed was never really much of a sack artist Seattle Seahawks Hats , even dating back to his days at East Mississippi Community College or at Alabama. Hence why I titled the article third time’s the charm: this is his third most recent team and also his third year in the NFL.To be fair, it’s not like Reed was ever required to do so either because he’s always had phenomenal players around him. This season I’m not so sure that will be the case. So hopefully this is the year things change.Overall I love the guy. Love is a strong word, but I do. Enjoy the breakdown and comment below what you like about Reeds game based on his film breakdown above. Until next time. Peace and light#StayDangerous. In the Monday piece I authored regarding former Seahawks still in the playoffs, I noted that I have rooted for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for quite some time, dating all the way back to his college days as a member of the Purdue Boilermakers. Multiple commenters noted that they’d love to hear the story behind that, and while many likely think it may have to do with actually meeting Brees in person or something of that nature, it is far less interesting. My Brees fanhood is extremely simple, and the story is extremely uninteresting. In any case, as I pointed out Monday, this dates back to the 1998 college bowl season. I am not much of a college football fan, but back in the 1990s I would regularly plant myself in front of the television to enjoy multiple games. I knew who Drew Brees was, simply because at that time ESPN regularly showed Big Ten matchups in the early time slot, and I had watched him lead Joe Tiller’s offense on multiple occasions. However, as many of you already know, I grew up in Big 8 country before the Big 8 swallowed up half of the Southwest Athletic Conference and became the Big 12. Specifically, I grew up the son of an alum of the University of Kansas Seattle Seahawks Womens Hoodie , and from an early age we would regularly attend football games each fall. The first game I ever attended was on Halloween of 1987 when my beloved Jayhawks put up a great fight, but eventually lost to the number 1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners 71-10. For those who are too young to remember the state of college football in the state of Kansas in the 1980s, it wasn’t always like it was now. While the Kansas State Wildcats have established themselves as a program of note over the last three decades, at that time things were much different. Well, they were different for the Wildcats at least. The week after the Jayhawks let Oklahoma off the hook with a 61 point victory, the Hawks and Wildcats faced off in what was jokingly dubbed the Toilet Bowl, a game that would determine who finished in last place in the Big 8 and who would finish in next to last place in the Big 8. Kansas State entered the game 0-8 with an average margin of defeat of more than 30 points a game. Kansas entered at 1-7, losing by an average of 27 points per game, with their lone victory coming in a 16-15 defeat of Southern Illinois, an FCS (then Div I-AA) opponent brought in to pad the record. The two teams were so bad that the Wichita Eagle-Beacon ran a story in the lead up to the game that the way to solve the football woes at the both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University was to abolish the football programs. Wichita State University had discontinued the football program for budgetary reasons after the 1986 season, and for a very brief period of time this became a very real possibility. The much anticipated matchup between the two programs went about how one would expect such a game to go, and as the game took place before college football adopted overtime for the 1996 season, it ended in a 17-17 tie. That led to the final standings for the 1987 Big 8 season looking like this (screengrab taken from WikiPedia). However, the futures of both football programs would improve over the coming years, with the Jayhawks hiring Glen Mason prior to the 1988 season and the Wildcats bringing Bill Snyder in for 1989. Mason managed a decent turnaround, taking the team to a couple of bowl games in the early 90s Womens Customized Seattle Seahawks Jerseys , while Snyder pulled off one of the greatest turnarounds in NCAA football history. While the Wildcats never finished in the top five in either the AP or Coaches poll, they were on the brink of playing for a national championship towards the end of the 1998 season. After starting 11-0 behind a suffocating defense and a nearly unstoppable offense led by senior quarterback Michael Bishop and freshman wide receiver Aaron Lockett, K-State went into the Big 12 Championship Game simply needing to knock off the Texas A&M Aggies to likely earn a shot at the national title. For those who don’t know how that game went down, take the six minutes to watch this video, and you’ll understand why Michael Dickson has a lot of work to do to supplant Shane Lechler as my all time favorite punter. That loss by the Wildcats proved costly, as they not only fell out of national championship contention, but also dropped from the BCS picture to playing in the Alamo Bowl, a huge step down. Living in Kansas at that time, I heard all the complaints from Kansas State fans and supporters that they had been jobbed out of a BCS bowl, and that it was only the timing of their loss that led to the Mildcats missing out on a New Year’s Day bowl game. Personally, I had hoped that the Cats would play in a BCS bowl so that they would get destroyed, but I had to pin my hopes on the Boilermakers and their plucky young sophomore quarterback who played in a gimicky “spread” offense. I won’t bore all of you with the details of how myself and two of my best friends watched that game at Luke Air Force Base on a road trip out to San Diego (where we would stay at MCAS Miramar during our annual road trip out that way) to watch the Holiday Bowl the following day. Here’s the final drive of the game for the Boilermakers. And that is why I have a soft spot in my heart for Drew Brees against any opponent not named the Seattle Seahawks.

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 03:26

Jets vs. Jaguars: Game Time , TV, Announcers, Media Markets Showing the Game, New York NFL TV Listings, and More Today CBS will have a doubleheader, while FOX will show one game to each region.If you live in the New York area Authentic Bilal Powell Jersey , you will see:Jets at Jaguars early on FOXDolphins at Patriots early on CBSSaints at Giants late on CBS....................................................Even though the Jets and the Jaguars are both AFC teams, please note that this game has been flexed from CBS to FOX.Kickoff time is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Dan Hellie and Jeff Fisher will be calling the game. I fully expect Fisher to have 7 good points for every 9 bad points he makes in the booth.The game has a limited broadcast window. It will be seen in Hartford, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Burlington , Jacksonville, and Savannah. The league’s package to view out of market games, Sunday Ticket, is provided exclusively through DirecTV. There are streaming versions of Sunday Ticket, but those are sold with limited availability for students and people whose residence is unable to get DirecTV.The entire nation will see Ravens at Steelers tonight on NBC and Chiefs at Broncos tomorrow on ESPN.Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 40 Brandon Bryant Brandon Bryant is the next player up in our Jets roster countdown.Name: Brandon BryantNumber: 40Year with Jets: 1stProjected Role: Safety depth and special teamer; practice squad candidateHis 2017: Bryant had a relatively quiet statistical season at Mississippi State, registering 32 tackles and 1 interception. It was his offseason that was eventful. Bryant was initially set to return to school for another year but was declared academically ineligible in the spring. It was too late for him to enter the 2018 NFL Draft Authentic Brian Winters Jersey , but he was able to enter the Supplemental Draft. Bryant generated enough interest for over a dozen teams to take a look but he was undrafted. The Jets signed him.2018 will be a success if: Bryant can either make the practice squad or contribute on special teams and grow as a player. His game needs some development, but the Jets are settled at safety right now. He has the luxury of time to hone his game.Odds of making the roster: The Jets being set at safety is a bit of a double edged sword. It also means there aren’t many roster spots available at the position. This leads me to believe he is Unlikely (25-50%).

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 03:15

Jets vs. Dolphins Game Thread The Jets look to get their 2018 off to a 2-0 start today as they take on the division rival Miami Dolphins in their home opener.The Sam Darnold Era got off to a fantastic start on Monday night in Detroit. Darnold was solid after an early interception. The defense also played an excellent game Womens Trumaine Johnson Jersey , intercepting five Detroit passes. Was this the start of something big, or will the team fall back to earth? The opponent is a familiar AFC East foe. The Dolphins began their season with a victory over Tennessee in a bizarre game that featured two long delays caused by weather conditions in South Florida.Enjoy the game, and leave your thoughts below in the comments. As always Youth Lac Edwards Jersey , we ask that you neither request nor provide links to illegal broadcasts on the internet showing this game or any other NFL game. Thanks as always for complying with this kind request. Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! Hope everyone’s been having a great weekend so far. Today’s the last day in the weekend, so that means that there’s Jets football! Week 17 will be in the wraps after this game for the Jets , and coming into the game they have put a plethora of players on IR to end the season. With a loss the Jets could possibly find themselves with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, and with a win they could make post-season life harder for the Patriots. With that being said, here are your links for the Jets on this football Sunday.Sam Nuemann - Jets vs. Patriots: 4 causes for concern in New EnglandAndy Vasquez - Patriots have owned NY Jets Youth Bilal Powell Jersey , but is AFC East balance changing?Brian Costello - The Jets will fire Todd Bowles after facing PatriotsRalph Vacchiano - The Todd Bowles era with the Jets will end on SundayDarryl Slater - Jets plan to fire Todd Bowles after season finale | What it means for future of franchiseSpencer Aber - Todd Bowles not ready to reflect on another miserable Jets seasonGeorge Willis - Jets talking upbeat while Todd Bowles knows 'record says it all'Brian Costello - Jets' Todd Bowles fined by NFL for criticizing refereesManish Mehta - Meet the guy who would be the smart, bold choice as the new Jets head coachRick Laughland - Report: Jets to interview Jim Caldwell for head coach vacancySteve Serby - The Patriots blueprint the next Jets coach needs to followRandy Lange - Inside the numbers: 3 Ways Sam Darnold has amazedEric Allen & Ethan Greenberg - Jets Place CB Morris Claiborne, WR Quincy Enunwa and LB Kevin Pierre-Louis on Injured ReserveTyler Greenawalt - Jets smart to sign Quincy Enunwa before he could enter weak WR marketAlan Schechter - New York Jets: Breaking down the Quincy Enunwa signingDarryl Slater - NFL free agents 2019: With Quincy Enunwa signed Youth Steve McLendon Jersey , which players should Jets re-sign? Analysis of all in-house free agentsBrian Costello - The scenario that lands Jets the No. 1 pick in the NFL DraftMatt Stypulkoski - Henry Anderson Q&ASNY - Bent - Just how much better was Jets' MVP Jamal Adams in 2018?Steve Serby - Mr. Adversity: Elijah McGuire journey from 'the bad side' to JetsSam Nuemann - Shorthanded Jets promote WR J.J. Jones to active rosterSNY - Jets slammed with fines after Week 16 loss to PackersSNY - Jets' Jamal Adams reacts to NFL admitting bad pass interference call vs. PackersJoseph Staszewski - Sam Darnold's linemen weren't impressed by his Christmas giftHere are your missed connections from yesterday.Here’s the thread about nothing, Number 207!

von huangjian123 13.03.2019 02:22

Jalen Ramsey said if Tyreek Hill “wants smoke it’ll get there” The Jacksonville Jaguars number one pass defense goes up against the Kansas City Chiefs number one pass offense this weekend for the NFL’s marquee match up of the weekend. One of the matches that has been talked up is cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill Jacksonville Jaguars Hoodie , but Ramsey doesn’t really seem to see that as a match up that will happen much, if at all.Ramsey made it clear that he made the Pro Bowl and All-Pro as a corner, not a specialist like Hill. Hill has been an explosive weapon for the Chiefs through his first three seasons in the NFL, cracking the 1,000 yard receiving mark last season, and he is eager to face Ramsey who is considered by most as the best corner in the NFL.“He think high of himself,” Hill told ESPN’s Adam Teicher. “He’s all right, I guess. I can’t wait to line up against him. I hope he presses me.”Of course those comments got around to Jalen, who in turn said that if you watch film he presses every week and “if he wants smoke, it’ll get there” during his press conference.Go ahead and start the popcorn Youth Customized Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys , folks. The Jacksonville Jaguars want to be London's team, at least on a part-time basis.Playing an annual home game across the pond is imperative to the long-term viability of the franchise in Jacksonville. It boosts local revenue. It increases sponsorships. It masks some of the financial challenges associated with being in one of the league's smallest markets.It's what the Jaguars (3-4) have done each of the last five years and what they will do for the sixth consecutive season Sunday against defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia (3-4). It's also a game they hope to keep on the schedule well into the future.It has nothing to do with the advantage Jacksonville believes it has against opponents unaccustomed to making the lengthy trip that tends to screw with internal body clocks. It's about the all-important bottom line."We're going to do everything we possibly can to make sure we don't lose London as a key contributor to what we're doing here in Jacksonville," Jaguars team president Mark Lamping said last week.Owner Shad Khan tried to strengthen the franchise's foothold in London by bidding $790 million (拢600 million) on Wembley Stadium in April. He withdrew his offer for the English Football Association's main asset last week after recognizing the extent of opposition to the sale.Khan and the Jaguars insist the move was never intended to create a potential relocation spot for the NFL team but rather a way to gain more control over American football in the burgeoning British market. It also would have funneled more money back to Jacksonville."Owning Wembley was never the silver bullet to financial stability for the Jaguars," Lamping said. "It was one plank in a very long bridge that we're trying to build, so we have to find a replacement plank."Down-the-road solutions are clear, yet complicated.Khan has partnered with a real estate developer on a proposed $2.5 billion revitalization/entertainment district outside Jacksonville's TIAA Bank Field and stretching along the St. Johns River. The project would require significant financial support from the city, including a massive cleanup of a parking lot built on petroleum-contaminated soil.If it breaks ground, it would eventually give Khan another revenue source to go along with the 5,500-seat amphitheater the city and the Jaguars constructed outside the south end zone.Khan already has spent $76 million on Jacksonville's public-owned stadium, improvements that include renovations to premium seating areas , an indoor practice facility, the amphitheater, the installation of the world's largest scoreboards, two pools and a revamped locker room and weight room.The entertainment district could be years away, which is part of what made buying Wembley so appealing."The fact that it's not going to happen, that puts pressure on us to find other ways to generate the revenue that would have come from there," Lamping said. "I'm confident that we'll do that. But from a financial standpoint, it's not necessarily a positive; it's certainly a negative. It's a negative that through creativity we should be able to overcome."The Jaguars are under contract to play one home game at Wembley every year through 2020. The deal Khan struck with the NFL for those games grants the Jaguars extended territorial rights in the United Kingdom, as well as all the ticket revenue at the 90,000-seat stadium.That gate accounted for 11 percent of Jacksonville's local revenue in 2017.Owning Wembley would have allowed the Jaguars to play there indefinitely and provided them additional revenue from food and beverage sales and suite rentals for any non-NFL events held there.Other NFL teams have figured out the financial windfall of playing overseas Jacksonville Jaguars Womens T-Shirt , which is why there's no longer a shortage of hosts willing to move home games abroad. After Sunday's game, only three teams 鈥?Carolina, Green Bay and Houston 鈥?will have never played in London.Jacksonville would be amicable to having back-to-back games over there, too, but only if one is as a visitor. It could happen next season since Oakland, which is without a home for 2019, hosts the Jaguars."The Jags have built exceptional relationships locally 鈥?with fans, with Wembley and the FA, with local boroughs, with the Mayor of London and the national government Jacksonville Jaguars Hats ," said Mark Waller, the NFL's executive vice president of international and events. "We are thrilled with how their presence reinforces the NFL's commitment to grow the sport here."Jacksonville has several full-time employees in London to handle year-round marketing, including a number of events designed to grow American football abroad, and has seen a 300-percent increase in the team's London-based fan club over the last five years.Still, there are no guarantees the team will be able to extend its deal with the NFL after 2020, which is the final season before the league's collective bargaining agreement expires, or be able to maintain territorial marketing rights."Suffice to say their commitment is long-term and they are passionate about it, and we see that reflected in everything they do," Waller said.Relocation rumors and reports have been as much a part of the Jacksonville franchise as inaugural coach and current top executive Tom Coughlin.It was Los Angeles for years and London of late. Since agreeing to buy the team for $770 million in 2011, Khan has maintained his commitment to keeping it in Jacksonville and finding creative ways to make it work in a market that ranked 29th in the NFL in population Jacksonville Jaguars Womens Hoodie , 30th in per capita income and 30th in gross domestic product.He took pride in Jacksonville not being mentioned in the conversations about L.A. before the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers landed there and took exception to speculation that buying Wembley would prompt the team to move to logistically challenged London."I know it frustrates Shad," Lamping said. "You don't do the type of stuff of that's he's doing, you don't invest the type of money that he's investing, if you're planning to leave."Hopefully, at some point in time, we'll be judged fully by our actions and not what speculators choose to say."

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Report: Josh Gordon ‘strongly interested’ in playing for Jaguars While the NFL world has been taken aback by yesterday’s announcement by the Cleveland Browns that they’d be releasing Authentic Ronnie Harrison Jersey , and now likely to trade, former Pro Bowl wide receiver Josh Gordon, many Jaguars fans on Twitter have begun opining if the team should make a move to acquire the receiver, his past troubles be damned.While I still believe it’s highly unlikely given Gordon’s past, and what appears to be a solid market for him via trade, according to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, one of the teams Gordon would love to play for is the Jaguars.When available, Gordon is a premier weapon in the passing game and rarely does someone of his talent level come available. The huge question is if he’ll remain available and why the Browns would release that caliber of player if he was going to be able to play a full season.Stay tuned, as this will be a continuing story the next couple of days.Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons preseason primer: Key matchups, storylines, predictions, and more for Week 3 The Jacksonville Jaguars return to TIAA Bank Field this Saturday to take on the Atlanta Falcons at 7pm EST. After playing it conservative on the injury front the first two weeks Authentic Jalen Ramsey Jersey , the Jaguars should have a majority of their players available, including most of the starting offensive line. So what can we look forward in this week’s dress rehearsal?OpponentSimilar to the Minnesota Vikings, the Falcons are an NFC squad who should be vying for a Super Bowl berth and will be the main competitors to the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC South this season. A terrific opponent to provide a true litmus test for the Jaguars offense, the Falcons’ scorching defense will be a tremendous test for Nathaniel Hackett and we could see the starting unit stay on the field well into the third quarter.On the defensive side, Jaguars fans who are eager to see a titanic battle between Jalen Ramsey and Julio Jones this week may need to temper expectations, as Jones isn’t likely to suit up on Saturday. Ramsey (and A.J. Bouye) will still have their hands full with good-looking rookie Calvin Ridley and veteran Mohamed Sanu, and we should get more clarity on the battle between DJ Hayden and Tyler Patmon for that starting nickel spot. The Falcons are still trying to figure out the puzzle of their return game, and rookie running back Ito Smith has shown good explosiveness despite being hindered by ball security issues as a kick returner. This very well could be Calvin Ridley’s job to lose. Once the Falcons starters tap out, keep an eye on rookie free agent from Virginia Kurt Benkert. Benkert has flashed so far in the first two games and I was told the Jaguars were doing their homework on Benkert when I was in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. I would say don’t be surprised if the Jags poach Benkert as a developmental project if the Falcons only keep two quarterbacks, but at the same time, if they really wanted Benkert, they could have drafted him in the sixth round ahead of Tanner Lee.For more information on the Falcons Authentic Telvin Smith Jersey , check out Ryan O’Bleness’ crossover piece with Jeanna Thomas of the Falcoholic.StorylinesOffensive line. Offensive line. Offensive line. The Jaguars were down two of their five starters on the line last week and it showed. We should get our first look at marquee free agent signing and 2017 all-pro guard Andrew Norwell, but will Brandon Linder be next to him? We may not get to see the unit at full strength until week one, and that’s a bummer.Outside of the hogs, this will be a big week for the wide receiver picture and that vaunted sixth spot. Will it be Rashad Greene Sr. or Jaydon Mickens? While everyone will be watching to see who plays and contributes more on offense, I urge you to dig deeper. Based on whichever player takes the majority of special teams snaps this week should give you the answer. I also fully expect the offense to try some deep shots this week, something they have refrained from doing thus far, so expect a heavy dose of DJ Chark and Dede Westbrook.Another storyline that caught my attention last week was running back Brandon Wilds getting snaps ahead of Corey Grant. Tony Boselli shared on Monday’s Jaguars Happy Hour that this spells trouble for Grant and that his roster spot could be in jeopardy, but I find that comical. For me, the team is trying to discern if Wilds can hack at as the fourth horse in the stable or if they will need to glean the waiver wire to fill that role, so don’t be surprised if Wilds takes every snap next week against the Bucs.Key matchupsJalen Ramsey vs. Matt RyanFresh off a week-long suspension, Ramsey will need to back up the shade he threw at Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in his recent GQ interview. Ryan isn’t the type of petty personality who would take such comments to heart and try to test Ramsey as an act of vengeance, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’ll be doing his best to a move an offense that has been pretty pedestrian over the first two weeks of preseason (14 points in two games). AJ Bouye/DJ Hayden vs. Calvin RidleyThis could be a “welcome to the NFL” week for Ridley , who performed well against the Chiefs last week on his way to three catches for 49 yards and a touchdown. Kudos to Calvin for burning Steven Nelson and Tremon Smith, but those guys aren’t exactly the Jaguars cornerbacks. We’ll see if offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian tries to move Ridley into the slot to test DJ Hayden, because I certainly wouldn’t want that smoke on the outside. If the bigger, more physical Sanu goes into the slot, we’ll see if the Jaguars continue to experiment with Ronnie Harrison as the “brute back.”Cam Robinson vs. Takk McKinleyRobinson needs to have a bounce back game after a lackluster performance in last week’s match up against Danielle Hunter. Although talented, McKinley is only in the second year of his development and is still figuring out technique and rush plans. If Robinson struggles again this week,especially with Norwell next to him, we got a problem. Taven Bryan vs. Matthew GonoI propped up Bryan’s debut in last week’s primer and he ended up sitting out. Bryan needs to return to the field on Saturday because, quite frankly, he’s falling behind. The Falcons have some of the worst offensive tackle depth in the league beyond their starters, and Bryan will likely be squaring off against Wesley College rookie free agent Matthew Gono. If Bryan doesn’t show some good rushes against Gono, it will certainly extinguish a lot of the early enthusiasm he’s earned.Leon Jacobs vs. Austin Hooper/Eric SaubertHooper has looked really good so far in preseason , and same goes for Saubert. We’ve seen Jacobs do some good things setting the edge and blitzing, but I’m sure the team would like to see more snaps from Jacobs in coverage to see if he can hang.Final predictionBortles bounces back and has some nice drives this week to assuage the haters and losers in the national media. Additionally, the offense starts out by throwing to open up the run and takes some shots deep early in the game to loosen up the box. I also expect more third down reps for Leonard Fournette to see if he can be utilized more in that role during the season. Conversely, Steve Sarkisian’s offense has difficulty moving the ball on this Jaguars offense, and the “Sark Sucks” grumbles from Falcons fans start to get louder. After back-to-back years of panic-inducing dress rehearsals in week three of the preseason, the Jags coast through looking solid. No long-term injuries and consider it a win, regardless of the score.Jaguars win 24-10.

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Speculation is mounting that Formula One is about to be revamped by a U. Timothe Luwawu Jersey .S. takeover that could bring new life and a higher profile for a sport that is struggling to attract new fans.Media reports suggest that F1s largest and controlling shareholder, the hedge fund CVC Capital Partners, is preparing to sell the business to U.S. media conglomerate Liberty Media for around $8.5 billion; more than four times CVCs original outlay in 2006.At last weekends Italian Grand Prix, Formula Ones commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone met with CVC co-chairman Donald Mackenzie, whose rare appearance in the paddock fueled speculation of an imminent deal. When speaking at Monza, however, the 85-year-old Ecclestone would not confirm whether or not a sale is going ahead.Liberty, a multi-billion dollar, mass-media company is run by 75-year-old John Malone. He is ranked 184th on the Forbes list of billionaires -- 69th in the U.S. -- with a net worth of $7.1 billion, and Forbes credits him as being the nations biggest individual landowner, with over two million acres across seven states.Malone would not be a newcomer to the high-end world of sport, since Liberty owns Major League Baseball side Atlanta Braves.Reportedly, with Malone in charge, F1s new chairman would become Chase Carey, the executive vice-chairman of 21st Century Fox.Despite its American base, Ecclestone was skeptical as to whether a takeover by Liberty would increase F1s success in the United States, which currently hosts only one of 21 races on the calendar and has no drivers competing in the championship. The only U.S. representative on the grid is the U.S.-backed Haas team, which arrived in F1 this season and has done reasonably well thanks to experienced French driver Romain Grosjean.To open the American market you need to have 10 races in America, sell tickets cheap and have a huge number of hamburger stands -- but then it would not be F1 any longer, Ecclestone told, the sports official website. But if all that scenario of the takeover is happening, then they can do what they want.CVC is F1s biggest shareholder with a 35.5 percent stake, followed by U.S. fund manager Waddell & Reed with just over 20 percent. Ecclestone has 5.3 percent stake in F1 but his family Bambino Trust has a further 8.5 percent, rounding up his involvement up to about 14 percent.Ecclestones own position in the event of a Liberty buyout is another subject of interest in the F1 paddock.When asked about it, the British billionaire replied in his trademark enigmatic style: I havent got a clue.Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, who welcomed Libertys interest, could not foresee a near-term exit for Ecclestone even under new management.It could be a really exciting deal for Formula One if it happens, Horner told reporters at Monza.But for a new group to come in without him being there would be very difficult, so Id assume hell be around for some time.Like Horner, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes head of motorsport, is enthusiastic about the prospect of a change of ownership -- despite being a close ally of Ecclestone.Wolff, who was interviewed alongside Ecclestone by, highlighted that the sports longstanding business boss has built an empire and we are benefiting from it.However, Wolff is also aware that a new investor could boost F1 -- which is in a transition period as it tries to win back flagging TV audiences, battles against falling crowds and plans to implement new rule changes for 2017 designed at increasing speed and overtaking.Veterans like Jenson Button, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso are edging close to retirement, and a wave of talented young drivers, led by 18-year-old Dutch star Max Verstappen and 19-year-old Frenchman Esteban Ocon, is breaking through.Along with fresh investment, Wolff thinks the sport would also benefit from U.S. expertise in promoting sports in a digital world. By contrast, Ecclestone has been reluctant to open F1 up more to social media.There are things we can learn from the American way, particularly in the digital areas, Wolff said. They will have a close look and then analyze what they think needs to be changed and what needs to remain.There is a reason why these guys can afford to buy this. Cheap Swingman 76ers Jerseys . Marincin has played in two NHL games so far this season with two penalty minutes. The 21-year-old has three goals, four assists and a plus-5 rating in 24 games with the American Hockey Leagues Oklahoma City Barons this season. Clarence Weatherspoon Jersey . Rob Manfred, baseballs chief operating officer, testified last week during the grievance filed by the players union to overturn Rodriguezs 211-game suspension. A person familiar with the hearing, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press on Saturday that Manfred testified the sport wasnt concerned whether Bosch distributed performance-enhancing drugs to minors because MLBs interest was his relationship with players under investigation. .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. Star Melbourne AFL midfielder Jack Viney is ahead of schedule in his recovery from post-season hip surgery.The 22-year-old is back running, doing one-on-one skills and some agility work and is confident the hip issues he carried this season are behind him.Im probably a week ahead of schedule - its all going really well at the moment, Viney told AAP.Were ramping up the loads, going from not doing too much to increasing quite quickly, so were on track to hopefully be back in the main group at the start of December.Viney was on crutches at the clubs best-and-fairest awards where he claimed his first Keith Bluey Truscott Trophy just a week after the home-and-away season ended.We finished on the Saturday against Geelong and I was in for the operation on the Monday morning, Viney said.We had it scanned a week before the last game and they decided Id benefit a lot from the surgery.Ive had a bit of a dodgy hip for a few years now and probably, halfway through the year, it just kept getting worse and worse.But IIm really happy with how its going. Allen Iverson Jersey. .The Demons are also taking a cautious approach with former Essendon players Jake Melksham and Michael Hibberd, easing the pair back into pre-season after their year on the sidelines for anti-doping violations.Its a bit of a different situation in that they havent been in a football program for 12 months, performance manager Dave Misson told the clubs website.We dont want to throw them to the wolves and into the football program straight away without getting a real handle on where theyre at.They need a little bit more base work, but I think theyre going to be fine and were looking for them to be full on into the program probably post-Christmas.(But) hopefully, theyll join in with the group before then.Talls Tom McDonald (shoulder) and Cameron Pedersen (shoulder) and utility Aaron vandenBerg (ankle) are also on modified programs. ' ' '

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(STATS) -- Liberty head coach Turner Gill and assistant Ron Brown each received one-game suspensions for a secondary NCAA recruiting violation, the university announced Friday. Myles Garrett Jersey .Brown will sit out Saturdays home game against Monmouth, while Gill will serve his penalty at a yet-to-determined date this season.The Level III violation occurred when Brown texted a scholarship offer to a prospective recruit prior to the Aug. 1 permissible date of his senior year in high school. NCAA rules regard a text as the same as a written offer.Gill reported the infraction to Libertys athletic department after Brown informed him of the incident.Our football staff makes every effort to live within the guidelines and policies established by the NCAA in all areas of our program, Gill said in a statement released by Liberty. I knew it was necessary to self-report this violation once it was brought to my attention. I take full responsibility for the consequences that go along with this violation and will make sure it does not happen again.NCAA rules state both the head coach and identified assistant must serve one-game suspensions for this type of violation.We take compliance with NCAA rules and regulations seriously, and have followed the directives mandated for this sort of violation, Liberty director of athletics Jeff Barber said. A culture of compliance has been clearly established by our programs which is proven by the self-reporting of NCAA violations such as this one.Liberty (3-3, 1-0 Big South) brings a two-game winning streak into Saturdays Big South matchup and is coming off a 36-21 victory at Kennesaw State in last weeks conference opener. Jamie Meder Jersey .05 million next season unless Graham and the Saints subsequently agree on a long-term deal. The designation was released Monday after the deadline passed for NFL teams to use franchise or transition tags on players becoming free agents. Carlos Hyde Jersey . The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the Lions have not announced the hiring, which was first reported by ESPN. Lombardi, the grandson of former Green Bay Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi, has been an offensive assistant on Sean Paytons New Orleans staff since 2007. http://www.cheapbrownsjerseysauthentic.c...-kindred-jersey . William Carrier opened the scoring for Cape Breton (6-4-2), but Andrew Ryan tied the game and Brent Andrews put the Mooseheads (8-6-0) in front for good with a short-handed goal at 13:49 of the second period. EASTON, Pa. -- Nick Linder, who totaled 25 points, made five free throws in overtime as Lafayette battled back to knock off NJIT 84-83 on Thursday night.NJITs Tim Coleman got a shot off as time expired but it hit the back of the rim and rolled off.The Highlanders led for most of the game and were up 70-61 with 4:04 remaining. Matt Klinewski hit a jumper to start a 10-0 run as Lafayette took its first lead on a Linder trey with 2:02 left and led 77-75 with 31 seconds remaining.. Joel Bitonio Jersey. Coleman made two free throws to send it to overtime.Linder hit two free throws to open the extra period scoring. The Leopards took the lead for good on two more Linder free throws with 2:08 remaining in OT.Klinewski had 20 points and 11 rebounds for Lafayette (2-1).Damon Lynn led NJIT (1-2) with 24 points, and Coleman finished with 15. ' ' '

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OBERHOFEN, Switzerland -- Mens World Cup ski races canceled in Canada have been rescheduled for Italy and Norway. Cheap Air Max Australia .The International Ski Federation says a super-G will be held in Santa Caterina, Italy, on Dec. 27 and a downhill will be contested on Feb. 24 in Kvitfjell, Norway.Both races have been added on to existing race programs.The races were originally scheduled for Lake Louise, Alberta, on Nov. 26-27 but were canceled because of a lack of snow. Cheap Air Max . Robredo, ranked No. 16, bounced back from an upset loss to Leonardo Mayer in the second round of the Royal Guard Open in Chile last week to down Carreno Busta in 1 hour, 25 minutes. On a day filled mostly with qualifying matches, fifth-seeded Marcel Granollers of Spain also entered the second with a 7-5, 3-6, 6-2 win over Aljaz Bedene of Slovenia, while Guido Pella of Argentina defeated Guillermo Garcia-Lopez of Spain 7-6 (6), 6-4 to advance. Air Max Australia Online .J. -- Marty Brodeur beat the Pittsburgh Penguins yet again. . The winner Saturday will remain in the elite 10-team field next year. "We talked about wanting to be disciplined and stick with our game plan and good things will come," Draisaitl said, who had two goals for the victors. MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Khalid Thomas ran for 171 yards and two touchdowns, Quinterris Toppings accounted for three scores and Alabama State scored 34 third-quarter points in a 53-20 win over Division II Miles on Thursday night.Toppings completed 17 of 24 passes for 166 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions and ran for another score.David Whipple threw two first-quarter TD pass to give Miles a 14-0 lead. Thomas and Toppings each had touchdown runs for Alabama State (4-7), but the Hornets failed to convert after either touchdown and went into the half trailing 14-12.Bradley Streett returned the second-half kickoff 100 yards to give the Hornets their first lead and the rout was on. Air Max Womens Australia. Ricky Haley scored on a 60-yard interception return with 9:55 left in the third and, after Miles went three-and-out, Thomas 42-yard touchdown run made it 33-14 less than two minutes later.Toppings sandwiched TD passes to Austin Beamus and Brandon Barnes around a 9-yard scoring run by Alex Anderson and Alabama State led 53-20 with 8:54 to play. ' ' '

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The current esport landscape has become saturated with high-profile titles, with names like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 becoming synonymous with the upper echelon of global competitive games. Cheap Jordans From China . This raises the question for lesser established developers: What makes you think youll succeed? Game developers and leagues alike face the daunting task of putting together a game that must stand out among the masses in order to thrive in the esports industry.Such is the state of affairs for Jack Felling and the rest of the Gears of War esports team over at The Coalition. The Canadian-based game studio previously known as Black Tusk created the Gears of War remake, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and has been working on their next blockbuster title: Gears of War 4.With that comes a project built from the ground up designed to revitalize the once vibrant Gears esports scene. This is going to sound a bit funny, but we actually took many of our cues from the UFC, shared Felling, esports Producer and Game Developer at The Coalition. The UFC does a great job of building anticipation and storylines. We want to focus on doing the same things.The Gears of War esports narrative has been one of peaks and valleys throughout the years. The first Gears of War installment was released in 2006 on the Xbox 360 and quickly found success. Without a proper league or circuit to play on, Gears esports was birthed on the Gamebattles ladders. Off the back of player interest (in 2007 there were nearly 5,000 teams registered on the GB ladders), Major League Gaming announced that there would be a LAN tournament at MLG Meadowlands, the first of its kind.This tournament provided an opportunity for people to put faces to a name, and for players to prove their worth. MLG Meadowlands in 07 was where it all began. In a hot and humid parking garage, players waited in line for check-ins to enter the venue and that was when we became a real community. We were able to match faces with gamertags and weve been a hardcore scene ever since, said Loviel Velly Cardwell, former player and longtime Gears of War enthusiast. Alongside Halo 2 and Rainbow Six: Vegas, Gears made such an impression at its debut season that it made a return for the second season in 2008.More importantly, for Gears esports, that first season of tournaments provided international exposure to ambitious players around the globe. The second season saw more players, more teams, better production value, and more hype.Unfortunately, it was at the end of the second season that Gears esports began its crippling decline. The successor to the popular franchise opener, Gears of War 2, was not nearly as popular of an esport title. Plagued by inconsistencies and frequent title updates, participation tanked and Gears of War 2 only saw one year on the circuit before being dropped.Two years of deafening silence in the competitive scene were broken by the launch of Gears of War 3, but that title fared even worse than its predecessor. What was once a thriving scene filled with promise became nothing but an empty silhouette of disappointment.The Gears of War esports scene was, for all intents and purposes, dead.Gears of War: Ultimate Edition served as an attempt to kindle the once glowing embers of Gears of War, and although strides were made with the Pro League that was run by ESL, the success or failure of Gears esports rests on Gears of War 4.The project is a international circuit that visits the likes of Paris, Mexico City, and Las Vegas and brings with it a $1 million prize pool and the promise of crowdfunding to grow the pot. Multiple open LAN events are not common in esports these days, but TC is reuniting with Major League Gaming and Gfinity to make it all happen. We believe its important for players to compete on LAN as much as possible - not only does it foster a sense of community, but it also allows the game to be played at the highest level of competitive integrity and allows us to capture the most amount of content as possible, said Felling. The roots of the Gears of War competitive community has been on LANs, and so we want to go back to that in an even bigger and better way than ever before with our Gears Pro Circuit.Even with the project they have in place, The Coalition faces a crowded market. When a new multiplayer game is launched, questions like, Does it have esports potential? are raised.With the new title comes a new approach to how the game is played at a competitive level. Known for a high-intensity 4v4 Execution game type, Gears 4 introduces something they are calling Escalation, a 5v5 round based Domination style game that is punctuated by longer respawn times as the rounds go on, and the ability for teams to place different weapons across the map in between rounds.We want to invest not only in prize money, but also in the program infrastructure and in the game modes and features developed for eSports, said Felling.The esports community as a whole has certainly taken notice. Major organizations such as OpTic Gaming, and NRG have already acquired teams ahead of the launch and kickoff of the circuit. Even in our remake title (Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, a remake of Gears of War 1), we saw the highest number of teams ever in our recent ladders and tournaments, said Felling.Gears of War 4 launches on Oct. 11. Discount Jordans From China . Tracey comes to the Blue Bombers after spending over a decade with Queens University. Most recently he was the schools assistant football coach. Cheap Wholesale Jordans . Vancouver Whitecaps and Toronto FC failed to make the postseason while Montreal Impact fell at the first hurdle losing heavily to Houston Dynamo in the Eastern Conference Knockout Round. . It just didnt show when he hit the ice. Berra made 42 saves and Kris Russell scored at 1:32 of overtime, lifting the Calgary Flames to a 3-2 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday night.The New Orleans Saints have offloaded their all-time leading receiver Marques Colston because of a failed physical designation. The 32-year-old won the Super Bowl with the Saints in 2009 and notched up 72 touchdowns and 9,759 receiving yards in a 10-year stint after being drafted in the seventh round in 2006.To everyone from the Benson family, the front office, coaches, and the training and equipment staff: It has been a pleasure to be part of a family with so many great people, Colston said in a statement on his website. To my fellow players: thanks to each of you for sharing this journey with me, challenging me to grow as a player, and an individual.Its been an honor to work beside you, and as a team we achieved something thaat can never be duplicated - the first Super Bowl victory for NOLA. Wholesale Jordans Cheap. It has truly been an honor to wear the Black & Gold, and I look forward to the next chapter of my career.Colston saw his production decline last year with career lows of 45 receptions, 520 yards and four touchdowns in 13 games played. He finished the season with a chest injury.The Saints save $3.2m (£2.29m) on the salary cap with the move. Also See: New Orleans Saints website Marques Colston official website NFL Video Rookies guide NFL on Sky Sports Pundits ' ' '

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The play already has a name: The Block at the Rock. Air Max 720 Discount .Miami kicker Michael Badgley lined up to attempt a tying extra point late against Florida State, having made 72 in a row. Florida State called for the block. Assistant Odell Haggins wanted his unit to get its biggest push from the left side.Defensive end DeMarcus Walker felt he could get more push from the right side, so he asked to change the call. Haggins agreed. Miami snapped the ball. It was low and off center, throwing off the timing. Walker pushed and got his hand up.You can block it, and it can still go in, Walker said. I was just hoping it didnt go in there.The block at Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida gave the Seminoles their seventh straight win in the series, but it also left avid college football observers wondering: Is this the year of the missed extra point?The misses certainly seemed much more prevalent, perhaps because they came in high-profile contests. In Week 1, Notre Dame blocked an extra point attempt against Texas and returned it for a 2-point conversion to send the game into overtime (though the Longhorns eventually won). That same week, Clemson missed an extra point attempt against Auburn that very nearly cost the Tigers in a 19-13 win.Plenty more followed. Oklahoma State blocked three extra point attempts in a win over Texas in Week 5. Later that day, North Carolina kicker Nick Weiler had an extra point attempt blocked against Florida State that looked as if it would be the difference in the game ... until he booted a winning 54-yarder field goal with 23 seconds left. Then came the Miami miss.The question had to be asked: Have there actually been more blocked kicks this season, or does it just feel that way because they have come at such crucial moments in crucial games? According to ESPN Stats & Information, FBS kickers are converting 97.1 percent of their extra point attempts so far this year. Thats on pace to be the highest percentage since the NCAA started recording the stat in 1958.Whats more, FBS teams have had 24 extra point attempts blocked this year, the fewest through six games since 2007. Only three of those blocks came in the fourth quarter with the score margin within a touchdown (Texas, North Carolina and Miami). Miami is the only team this year to miss an extra point attempt in a game that was determined by one point.Maybe people are seeing how an extra point can impact a game or maybe the defenses rush harder when it is late in a game, Weiler said. Its not a guaranteed make, thats the thing. People look at it that way, but every kick requires the proper operation, snap and hold.There is one stat that helps explain why these blocked extra point attempts stick out: five have been returned for 2-point conversions, the second-most through six games since 2004. The highest total for a full season is nine, set in 2012.The plays certainly are unusual to see, so when they are bunched together to start a season, they become more noticeable. Especially since they have involved two of the biggest-name programs in the nation.Perhaps the only bright spot for Notre Dame this season: The Irish have taken back two blocked extra point attempts for 2-point conversions, which leads the country; the Longhorns have had it done to them twice.We work on it, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said. We work on scooping, scoring. We dont fall on the ball. You know, were trying to pick that thing up, so we have one thats assigned to scooping and the other assigned to blocking, and thats how its worked out in both cases.Oklahoma State and Texas lead the nation in blocked kicks; the Cowboys returned one of their blocks for a 2-point conversion against the Longhorns. Oklahoma State uses its defensive line starters on field goal teams, and practices blocking field goal attempts live twice a week during practice.During those special teams drills, linemen are taught to scoop the ball up and try to score. But during regular position drills, they are told to just fall on the ball if they see it on the ground. Conflicting messages, yes, but it goes to the heart of trying to score whenever possible -- even for players who rarely touch the ball.We led the nation and were near the top of the nation a couple years ago [in blocked kicks] and we fell back last year, so I think it was more of a challenge for the guys, defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements said. Theres pride in this. We need to get back to blocking kicks. We cant look at it as an opportunity to prevent a score -- its also an opportunity to score. We challenge the guys to produce. Weve had quite a few blocks, but weve had a lot of close ones also. Were inches away from having eight or nine this season.Texas is also tied with Old Dominion for the national lead (four) in its own kicks being blocked. Special teams problems have been ongoing since last year at Texas, dating to a loss to California when Nick Rose missed an extra point attempt that would have tied the score with 1:11 left. In that case, there was no block. He just missed.Weiler said he was at a kicking camp this summer with the Texas specialists, and felt for them.I reach out to different kickers and punters when I see something like that happen because my career has had its ups and downs, Weiler said. You know what theyre going through. Besides the ones youre playing against, you root for every punter and kicker. You hate to see our position impacted in a bad way.Old Dominion, meanwhile, has struggled with freshmen kickers learning how to go through their routine just a little bit faster. Special teams coach Charles Bankins wants attempts off between 1.2 and 1.25 seconds. On one blocked extra point attempt that was returned for two, the kick was attempted 1.4 seconds after the snap. The Monarchs have had two blocks returned for two points, though both came in victories.I know based on the youth of my guys, theres going to be some growing pains, Bankins said. Its the first time in my career this has happened. When it happens to you, you feel like its happening a million times. Ive been on the other side where weve returned it and scored and it was the difference in the ball game. I know it cant keep happening because it can cost you the game.Part of the sell job these coaches have to make to their players is to buy in to blocking for extra point attempts; while on the flip side, attempting to block the extra point and then trying to score. It is an ongoing conversation because extra point conversion rates are so high.Bankins said on the first extra point attempt that was blocked and returned for two against UMass this season, his players just stopped playing after the ball was kicked because they thought the play was over. As coaches, we know how important this is, but some of the kids have never seen it before, Bankins said. They think, Thats just coach talk. They know its important, but at the same time, they think That could never happen to us. You have to drill into your kids every play you have to play to the whistle.That is precisely why Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher opts to try to go after every kick, whether it is an extra point attempt or a field goal attempt. You should never take that -- its a play that has a point involved with it. Theres no play in a football game you should never not play, he said.Weiler said he knew the Seminoles were going to come after his extra point attempt two weeks ago, after the Tar Heels went up 34-28 with 2:40 left. So he rushed the kick and missed his first extra point since Nov. 1, 2014. When he got back to the sideline, coach Larry Fedora told him not to worry. There would be another opportunity to win the game.He took the field again with the extra point miss out of his mind, and made the game-winner.The following week, Florida State had its game come down to yet another kick. Only this time, the block worked. Air Max 720 Release Date . The 27-year-old Scrivens will be joining his third NHL club since signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs as a free agent in 2010. The move also reunites with him with head coach Dallas Eakins from their time together with the American Hockey Leagues Toronto Marlies. Buy Air Max 720 Cheap . The parade and rally were held to celebrate the Saskatchewan Roughriders 45-23 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday in the CFLs championship game. . The team also announced Tuesday that the Braves will wear a commemorative patch on the right sleeve during the season. The patch, shaped like home plate, carries the number 715, Aarons autograph and a "40th Anniversary" banner. Zimbabwe, circa 1998: Red violence My go-to for Loud Shirt Day here in New Zealand (an awareness campaign for the hearing-impaired, often fronted by Lance Cairns) is a violent visual assault of diagonal black, green, yellow and red stripes. Together with the large yellow soapstone bird symbol, its a fearsome sight that guarantees me a spot in the front row of any bad-shirt photo.The shirts exact provenance is unknown but it is emblazoned with the name of former cattle farmer Adam Huckle. He wheeled in during Zimbabwes Flowery golden era and toured New Zealand in 1998, although I suspect this shirt may not have been donned in anger, as he only played a single ODI against New Zealand, at Headingley in the 1999 World Cup. (Huckle got a golden duck and did not bowl in the rain-affected match.)These days he is a plumber in England, his loopy leg-spin having wreaked havoc against New Zealand, who constitute 19 of his 25 Test wickets.New Zealanders, April 1989: White optics This infamous kit was only ever used once in a weird, late season, airline-sponsored, one-off match between a New Zealand XI and Western Australia at the WACA in Perth.It is ridiculously obscure and boasts white as its primary colour, complemented by awkward black lines that may or may not represent wickets. There is a signed John Wright outfit from the game in the Beige Brigade wardrobe, but weve never seen another anywhere in the world, ever.The kit was controversial and caused a lot of head-scratching as the white ball used in the game blended into the bowlers clothes like an optical illusion. The white shirt and trousers were consequently retired, not to be seen ever again.Inexplicably, the New Zealanders got their butts kicked in the game by the unlikely duo of the moustachioed Mike Veletta (bat) and Guinness-lover Alan Mullally (ball).West Indies, 1988-89: Maroon grey West Indies was the first team I supported, aside from New Zealand. Of course I hated Australia, for which Channel 9 was to blame, beaming its Australian propaganda and jingoistic enthusiasm into Kiwi lounges all summer. Tony Coziers dulcet tones were often the only respite.Burnt into my retina is the Windies grey kit with the maroon torso stripes - one fat, two thin. It was the kit that changed colour when the players sweated, like a budget pre-90s Hypercolour t-shirt, the kit West Indies wore when winning the 1984-85 World Series. It was the kit that seemed to unbutton down to the sternum too, a miillion times cooler than their glow-in-the-dark orange/pink kits of the early World Series. Air Max 720 Sale. t goes without saying nobody wore it cooler than Viv. Short sleeves, maroon cap, eyes of steel, forearms of iron, Rasta sweatband, fearsome beard: that whole summer I wanted to be Viv, probably even more than that other Vivophile, Ian Botham, wanted to be Viv. Northern Knights, 2009: In the pink Five years ago, the Northern Districts Cricket Association announced plans to put its T20 team into pink shirts as a breast cancer awareness attention-grabber.They have worn it with pride since - Knights pink is a garish, flamboyant option in the mad T20 world of garish, flamboyant options.I love how Pig - or Scotty Styris - has been spotted wallowing in that pink for half a decade, and is still going strong as he huffs and puffs his way around the worlds T20 paddocks.Even the sensible Northern Districts fans of Hamilton, Tauranga, Whangarei and Gisborne were excited, dressing up in pink togas and shelling out for pink merchandise. The only thing missing was the artist formerly known as Alecia Beth Moore.I never wanted the shirt, but I like the idea. Its admirable for being more than a one-off gimmick, having become part of the fabric (sorry, I will get my coat) of the Northern Districts cricket scene.New Zealand, early 80s: The Bruce Edgar Apparently the two-tone beige and brown is Kerry Packers fault. He needed a dark-and-light uniform contrast for Middle Australias plethora of black and white televisions. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt, but surely he didnt sign off on the pooh-brown colour without a smirk across his famous jowls?But then underarm happened: McKechnie throws his bat and Edgar gives the fingers to Trevor Chappell. Sneddens already been robbed of a catch, Howarth rampages out in his socks, and Benaud is outraged. Later, Excalibur monsters a sextet of sixes and Sir Richard glides in, silky smooth. This smorgasbord of extraordinary Kiwi cricket memories is wrapped around by a common thread: tight Kiwi beige.Aside from the underarm ball, the Bruce Edgar uniform that arrived via Daniel Vettoris £100 auction bid is the Beige Brigades most prized possession. The beige has become an icon of Kiwi cricketing success, a hat-tip to the past and a throwback to free-to-air cricket galvanising a nation. ' ' '

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Only three members of West Indies 13-man squad for the first Test against India have played more than 20 Test matches. Air Jordan Retro 6 China . Six of them have either played four Tests or fewer, and two are yet to make their debuts. West Indies captain Jason Holder, who has himself played only 13 Tests, said on the eve of the match though that he was confident in the abilities of the young group he was leading.Most of these guys have performed really well in the domestic competition, Holder said. Youve got young Roston Chase, whos in the squad for the first time. He averages around 40 in first-class cricket. Youve got Shane Dowrich, whos been doing well over the last few seasons. Leon Johnson had a really good season. Those are just a few names who did well back in the first-class competitions. So I think all of them are really eager for an opportunity and Im very very eager to go into the competition with them.The players, Holder said, were hungry to make a name for themselves.I think what motivates this young group is that everyone is trying to make a mark on international scene. Its a very young team. Many of us are looking at finding our way in international cricket. I think its important for the youngsters to just come in, to make their mark and solidify their place in the team, and to make a name for themselves. You know there is a rich legacy in West Indies cricket. Many of the young players are looking to make a legacy for themselves.A lot of the inexperience in the West Indies team is concentrated in their bowling, following the loss of their long-time new-ball pair of Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach to retirement and non-selection respectively. Holder said he, as one of the four seamers in the squad, did not feel any specific pressure to step up and lead the bowling attack, but reiterated the need for all the quick bowlers to know their roles and perform them well.You know, if you look at our side, weve got Miguel Cummins whos come into the side, hes done really well for the last two seasons in domestic cricket. Youve got [Shannon] Gabriel, whos been bowling really well, but has been struggling from injuries. Hes fit and ready to go. Carlos Brathwaite and myself, you know, are the two seamers and we are just looking to do what were asked to do.I think its important that each one knows their role. You know Shannons obviously a fast and aggressive bowler. Miguel similarly. Myself and Carlos, were mainly the workhorses in the unit. You just have to know your role. I dont think theres pressure really. Once you know understand your role, you perform your role.West Indies won the World T20 earlier this year, and were impressive in their recent ODI triangular series that also featured Australia and South Africa, beating both teams in the league stage and reaching the final. They have struggled to match that level of performance in Test cricket, with a number of their star players not featuring in the longest format. Holder said it was important for the team to keep improving steadily, while not expecting too much of them too soon.You know thats the ultimate aim [to be equally competitive in all three formats]. Weve got a young side, and its good to see we have some young faces. Were looking to build something. In the last series we played in Australia, we didnt start really well. Moving on into the Test series, we got significantly better. All I stress and address with the guys is to keep improving. You cant expect leaps and bounds, too much from a very young side. Once we get the steady progression in terms of improvement, I think well move forward.The last time West Indies played in Antigua, in April 2015, they saved a Test match against England courtesy an unbeaten fourth-innings hundred from Holder. Batting remains the second string in Holders bow, but in the days leading up to the Test against India, he has batted far more than he has bowled in the nets. Asked about this, he said he preferred to conserve himself for the long spells he often bowls in Test matches.Ive played a lot of cricket this year already. As I said, its about managing your body to get through a four-match Test series. I am a workhorse, so I dont particularly like to bowl that much leading into a Test match. I like to save my energy for the Test match because I know Ill be required to bowl quite a few overs. Thats how my preparation goes in terms of my bowling.I try to bat a lot because I feel as though I need to pay a lot more attention there. Thats more of my secondary part of my training. I try to work really hard to get my footwork going and my balance going which I feel is the key to my success.Asked about his teams preparations to bowl against a batting line-up of Indias quality on pitches that are expected to play on the slower side, Holder reiterated what players and coaches from both sides have already stressed: the need for patience.The name of Test cricket is discipline, when it comes to bowling, he said. Where we fell down in the past is not being as disciplined as we would like. Weve stressed discipline and being patient for longer periods. We come in and string together a good session but we tend to falter or fall off going deeper into the day. So far, what Ive seen in the nets Im really, really pleased. The bowlers look good and we need to transfer that into the game. Air Jordan 6 Retro Cheap . The defending champion beat Gael Monfils of France 7-6 (6), 6-3, while second-seeded Andy Murray of Britain dispatched Edouard Roger-Vasselin, also of France, 6-3, 6-3. Making his first appearance since injuring his wrist a month ago, Del Potro had difficulty with his service games in the first set. Cheap Jordan Retro 6 For Sale . Each of Houstons starters scored in double figures as the Rockets improved to 2-0 against the Spurs this season, with both victories coming on the road. They also moved within 3 1/2 games of San Antonio (22-7) for the lead the Southwest Division. . Newcastle dominated in the early stages but City weathered the storm and then raised its game in extra time. Negredo broke the deadlock from close range after a simple move in the 99th minute before Dzeko took the ball round goalkeeper Tim Krul to seal the victory in the 105th. David Warner and Australia picked a good time to return to their strongest format since Darren Lehmann became coach. Under Lehmann, Australia have won 25 ODIs at home and lost only four, picking up the 2015 World Cup and being unbeaten in the other five series they have hosted.It is in Warner that Australia have found their most prolific century-maker this year, six hundreds in a format that he once regarded as his weakest. Intriguingly given Lehmanns high-tempo approach to the game, Warner said in the aftermath of his Man-of-the-Match winning hundred to defeat New Zealand at Manuka Oval that composure and even slowing down a little had been key to his success.First and foremost its been the format I struggled at early in my career, Warner said. The last 18-24 months Ive really worked hard to try to construct my innings and build an innings, and not play too many big shots early in my innings. If the balls there Im still going to go after it, but thats just what I put it down to, trying to construct an innings and relay that Test match attitude into the one-dayers.You do get a few more balls in your area in the one-day stuff where you can actually play through the line, and theres probably not as much movement off the wicket as well especially when you play on grounds like Manuka. It was an absolute belter to play on.The belter was handed to Warner and the rest of the home side by the New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who wagered on some early assistance for his swing bowlers. However, Australia were always going to bat first, not only because of how the Canberra pitch would behave in the afternoon but also how it was expected to later on - making it easier for the bowlers to place their opponents under pressure. Air Jordan 6 Discount. Their best attribute is probably swinging the ball with the new rock and I think they tried to make the most of that, Warner said. We knew batting here first is always a plus and we knew we had to try to keep wickets in hand for the last 10 overs.Weve seen that with the away teams that have come here, theyve got into great positions but really not been able to finish off the games, it just gets too far ahead. You can still finish off well, but I think when opposition teams come here they see that big gap in the run rate go up and try to up the ante too early later.The victory gave Australia a trio of wins, including the dead rubber Test match against South Africa in Adelaide. Warner reckoned the change in momentum had been driven in the first instance by personnel changes, which in turn provided senior members of the team with greater impetus to push forward.Its one of those things where if you get some fresh faces in and around, your energy gets up and going, and I cant really put my finger on it, Warner said. I just think the boys took it hard, it really hurt us down in Hobart. Losing that series, we saw it really does hurt. I think it was the kick up the backside that we needed to get us back up and going.We dont want to lose too many series at home especially, but the guys have worked out a way out to come back. If it was a bit of [lost] form from people. The senior players have to keep stepping up, if we do that then the other guys will follow us. ' ' '

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Gold Coast midfielder Jaeger OMearas return from a career-threatening injury will wait another week after the 22-year-old was not named in the Suns reserves this week. Cheap Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys .OMeara was considered a chance to make his playing return in the NEAFL clash with Southport on Saturday, but has not been included in the Suns team.The 2013 AFL rising star hasnt played since rupturing a patella tendon in a NEAFL pre-season match back in April 4 last year.OMearas last AFL appearance was in round 23, 2014 against West Coast.The West Australian product resumed training with the main squad this week, with his comeback now likely to occur in next weekends curtain-raiser between the Suns and Lions reserves at Metricon Stadium.Jarrad Grant and Mitch Hallahan will play in the reserves clash after being omitted from the senior team while Jesse Lonergan and Luke Russell are the other listed players in the team. Wholesale Thunder Jerseys . The Croatian served 21 aces and hit 42 winners against Sijsling, who double-faulted to give Cilic a 4-3 lead in the deciding set. "All the players, they know me and they were really happy to see me and they were really happy that this is over for me," Cilic said. Kyle Singler Jersey . Carey Price didnt, but he still came out on top against one of his rivals for the No. 1 job at the Sochi Games. The Anahim Lake, B.C., native was stellar in making 39 saves in his home province and Lars Eller got credit for a bizarre short-handed winner as the Canadiens defeated the Canucks 4-1. . Still, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke thought taking him out before the fifth inning was an unusual move. "Im looking up at the board and hes got two hits given up and one run, and Im taking him out after the fourth inning," Roenicke said. JACKSON, Miss. -- Mississippi States Drew Davis -- a walk-on who had played three minutes all season until Monday night -- gave a little fake and a shake before letting a 22-footer fly in the waning minutes of a blowout win over Southern Mississippi.Of course, it splashed through the net. The starters danced and celebrated on the bench for another 3-pointer that found its way home.For the Bulldogs, it was just that kind of night.Mississippi State made a school-record 17 3-pointers on the way to an 86-44 victory in a neutral-site game at the Mississippi Coliseum. The Bulldogs made 17 of 29 (58.6 percent) attempts from behind the arc, burying Southern Miss under an avalanche of offense.Quinndary Weatherspoon led Mississippi State with 16 points. Lamar Peters added 15.Mississippi State coach Ben Howland said the Bulldogs were very good on both ends of the court.I was really pleased with how we played tonight, especially defensively, Howland said. Everything starts and ends with our defense. The unselfishness from our team the way we passed the ball and obviously 17 of 29 from three is really special.Mississippi State (7-3) never trailed and had a comfortable lead for most of the night. The Bulldogs turned a reasonable game into a full-scale blowout early in the second half thanks to a 35-0 run that pushed their advantage to 76-29.That was a first for me, Weatherspoon said.Southern Miss (3-6) shot just 23.1 percent (15 of 65) from the field. The Golden Eagles missed 19 consecutive shots during Mississippi States 35-0 run.Their speed -- they just took us out of everything, Southern Miss coach Doc Sadler said. Gary Payton Jersey. Raheem Watts led the Golden Eagles with nine points. The Golden Eagles have lost five straight games and have only one win this season over a Division I opponent.The only thing I know to do is put your head down, grind, work and try to get better on the practice court, Sadler said. Thats what weve got to do.Mississippi State jumped out to a 16-4 lead in the opening minutes and cruised to a 39-25 halftime advantage.BIG PICTURESouthern Miss: The Golden Eagles struggled to score consistently against the bigger Bulldogs. Southern Miss hasnt won a game in nearly a month and this loss was particularly ugly.Mississippi State: The Bulldogs young roster continues to show promise. Xavian Stapletons return from knee surgery -- he scored eight points in 11 minutes on Monday -- gives Mississippi State a deeper rotation.Stapleton hadnt played in a game in 18 months because of two consecutive knee surgeries. The 6-foot-6 guard should be a valuable backup for the Bulldogs as they approach SEC play.TOTAL DOMINATIONMississippi State had a 46-37 advantage in rebounding, an 11-1 advantage in blocked shots and a 9-6 advantage in steals. Freshman Schnider Herard had a career-high 12 rebounds.UP NEXTSouthern Miss plays San Diego State in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic on Thursday.Mississippi State hosts Morehead State on Thursday. ' ' '

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