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von huangjian123 03.01.2019 08:03

Raider Nation confidence holds steady after loss in Denver Frostee Rucker Jersey , suggesting possible ‘moral victory’ in Derek Carr performance With an 0-2 start to the season, right now Raiders Nation is grasping at whatever hope they have that things will turn around soon. Two second half collapses in which the Raiders have been outscored 43-7 would figure to be pretty damaging. After the first week, our confidence poll showed a drop from 82% to 50%. A second loss in Denver would figure to drop that confidence some more. But it didn’t This week our FanPulse confidence poll remained steady at 50%The only place that hope could be coming from right now is from the show Derek Carr put on in Denver.Even with the Raiders losing the game 20-19, Carr finished 29 of 32 for 288 yards and a touchdown. His 90.6 completion percentage 4th in NFL history for QB’s with at least 27 attempts. Just three completions, with one of them a flat drop by the fullback on what would have been a crucial 4th down conversion late in the game.No one likes the term ‘Moral victory’ but the results here suggest it’s real. Carr has an abysmal performance in the opener against the Rams. He turned it around in the second game which is a tremendous relief for fans. Therefore, even with another loss, they don’t feel any different now than they did last week. Half are confident, the other half, not so much. My guess is a win in Miami would quickly shoot that confidence back up. Should they lose, it will be interesting to see what it does to the confidence poll then.Results are from our SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Raiders fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Follow @LeviDamien We are required to inform you that these Foretellings are works of satire and are not for the faint of heart. Due to their content they should not be read by anyone. Please enjoy at your own risk. -The EditorGreetings, Raider Nation! It is I, the Quintessential Studmuffin, the man so hot he has to get into the sauna to keep cool, the man who rolls harder than the tree that killed Sonny Bono, Raiderdamus the Great and Powerful. I come to you early today, because the NFL in their infinite wisdom elected to put the two worst teams in the NFL on TV on All Saints’ Day, instead of the actual Saints.As a result, I’ve had to consult the Great Beyond well in advance of our normal agreed-upon schedule Authentic Leon Hall Jersey , and I think the Great Old One might be a little cranky. Here is what the Eternal One had to say:“You again! I see the Raiders lost to the Colts, just as I predicted they would, as if that were a surprise. The best way to turn a team around in the NFL is to get a really good coach and draft exceptionally well. Jon Gruden may or may not be a good coach at the moment, but he’ll get his chance to show how well he can draft come next spring. The 49ers had a good coach once. Twice, actually. The first time was Bill Walsh, and the Niners got him because the Bengals and Paul Brown were too inept to make him their head coach, preferring instead to sign Marvin Lewis to a 50-year contract. Walsh revolutionized football with San Francisco, employing the West Coast offense with quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young, whom the Buccaneers had given up on after the 1986 season. Also in 1986, the Bucs screwed Bo Jackson out of playing college baseball, and he refused to play for them. Can you imagine Steve Young and Bo Jackson on the same team? Tampa Bay made more mistakes in 1986 than the LAPD did in 1994. Walsh won four Super Bowls in San Francisco, and is the reason the 49ers are considered a glamour franchise.It went downhill fast for the 49ers after Young’s retirement due to taking more hits than Bob Marley at Burning Man. Montana and Young were the stuff of legends. Jeff Garcia was the stuff of two cats yowling at each other outside your apartment at 3 a.m. Alex Smith was the stuff of listening to a 13 year old kid tell you over Xbox Live how he fucked your mom. Colin Kaepernick was the stuff of Roseanne singing the national anthem.But at least during the Kaepernick era, they had a good coach. He was so good in fact, that he absolutely could not get along with 49ers owner Jed York, whose name tells you exactly how smart he is. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesJust look at that little mustard stain on the Led Zeppelin shirt of humanity. He looks like he is made of soybeans and tax evasion. He looks like a guy who would get shanked by an accountant in the bathroom of a minimum security prison. He shouldn’t be trusted to operate a Ford Taurus, let alone a professional football team. Harbaugh was jettisoned to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, which is famous for being the winningest college football program ever and also the alma mater of Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. Holla if ya hear me. Harbaugh can now do things like this in peace, because everyone at Michigan is just as batshit insane as him.York is the genius behind the construction of Levi’s Stadium. I’m roasting the Niners right now, but that’s nothing compared to what the stadium itself does to the fans. Here’s some footage from the last Niners day game:Levi’s Stadium is the second most poorly-planned stadium when it comes to anticipating weather conditions in the country. Its predecessor Youth Johnny Townsend Jersey , Candlestick Park, was the worst. The wind and cold got so bad there, they actually gave out awards for staying til the end of a baseball doubleheader, like you’d just won a war or something.Eventually, Candlestick ran its course and was replaced, like the first wives of every Silicon Valley tech executive. And in true San Francisco fashion, the city gentrified its own team out of the area and into the suburbs. Like a worker who lives in Lodi and commutes four hours every day to the City, the Niners had to tighten their belts and move to a cheaper area. And yet, nobody really wants to go to Santa Clara to watch a Niners game. There’s a solution, of course, that the brainiacs who run SF would never consider. Take all the homeless of SF, who have nowhere to live because they don’t make $800K a year, and put them in Levi’s Stadium so they have somewhere to shit that isn’t a public sidewalk. The stadium is used to it by now, because the Niners shit in their Levi’s every Sunday as it is. And Levi’s is a perfect name for the place where the Niners play, but surely they mean women’s jeans, because the Niners don’t have a pocket and they are built around holes.The 49ers, in the latest of a long series of totally reasonable and prescient personnel decisions, gave Jimmy Garoppolo a $137.5M contract before the beginning of this season. When one considers the cost of living in San Francisco, Jimmy G is making minimum wage. Naturally, Jimmy tore his ACL early this season running out of bounds. If there’s one thing a rich guy should be comfortable with in San Francisco, it’s white lines , but Jimmy had surgery on his little friend and is out for a long time. Maybe he can use this downtime to date a better class of porn star. Kiara Mia seems like a lovely, flexible young lady and I’m sure her father is very proud, but Stormy Daniels has less wear on the ol’ treads than her.Since firing Harbaugh, the Niners have gone through coaches Jim Tomsula, Chip Kelly and Kyle Shanahan, who was last seen blowing a massive lead to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Blowing is celebrated in San Francisco, so he’ll fit right in. The Niners record since firing Harbaugh is a solid 14-42. $14.42 is how much it will cost you to buy a cup of the autumnal full-bodied artisan microbrew Imperial Goatshit Stout IPA at Levi’s, but they will not give you a straw because despite the fact that the team flies everywhere on a private fucking jet they pretend to care about the Earth. Levi’s is the smuggest place on Earth, it’s Disneyland for insufferable douchebags. It costs $12 to get a brandy snifter to fart into. The snifters are free range, organic, and made by co-op free trade conflict-free glass blowers in Tibet.The 49ers are in a bad way right now, and they’ve never truly recovered from the departure of former owner Eddie DeBartolo, who ‘departed’ football in the same sense that Michael Jordan conveniently ‘departed’ the NBA to go play baseball after he racked up massive gambling debts. DeBartolo was a mobster who abused the salary cap more times than Bill Romanowski has gone to court-ordered anger management classes. The 49ers deserve everything they get for being irresponsible, reckless, incompetent buffoons who have their head so far up their own asses that they can smell their own tonsils. If there are any Niners fans in here right now who have something to say, I suggest you turn off your computer, cut the power to your house, and wait 30 minutes. Then turn the power back on and maybe you’ll have a comeback.Raiders win, 30-20.”

von huangjian123 03.01.2019 06:31

Thursday open thread: Does the NFL need to fix their roughing the passer rules? While we were all freaking out about the NFL’s new rule regarding helmet contact Cheap Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , a smaller rule change was lying dormant, waiting to ruin the game as we know it. During this year’s owner’s meeting this year, the NFL adopted several new rules, including the aforementioned helmet rule, a kickoff change and finally a change to the catch rule. However, on the NFL’s official “2018 RULES CHANGES AND POINTS OF EMPHASIS” page, if you scroll way down the page, you’ll see a section labeled “Protection of Quarterbacks.” There you’ll find an enforcement change that has rocked the NFL season through three weeks:If you’ve missed it , this is Clay Matthews’ least-favorite new rule. He’s been called for roughing the passer in all three games, and while they all haven’t involved this landing on the quarterback/body weight stipulation, the most controversial one did. Take a look:This has the players and fans up in arms, as it looks like a pretty standard NFL tackle, and it’s hard to imagine Matthews making the play in any other “legal” way. So today’s Question of the Day is:Does the league need to change its roughing the passer rules or enforcement?My answer: There’s no doubt something needs to be done. I understand the reasoning for the “body weight” rule, but it seems like the league added it with little understanding just how tough/impossible it is for players to adapt to it. Asking a player to somehow control exactly where their body is while they’re in the middle of making a tackle is just too much. This isn’t a case of “the players just need to adjust,” adjusting is nearly impossible. You’re asking defenders to have reflexes that humans are incapable of, and you can see it in the frustration of the players. I don’t have a nice and neat solution to this one Youth Graham Glasgow Jersey , but the NFL is already reportedly looking into changes in how the rule is enforced, so that’s a good sign.Your turn. The Detroit Lions will head down to Miami this week to face a Dolphins team with some familiar faces. Akeem Spence, whom the Lions traded away earlier this offseason, will be down there waiting, as will be reserve interior offensive lineman Wesley Johnson. But perhaps the biggest former Lions player on the Dolphins now is center Travis Swanson. A four-year starter with the Lions, Swanson was not retained by the Lions this offseason, and after a stint with the Jets, the Dolphins swooped him up in September as a backup. However , Miami’s starting center Daniel Kilgore left Week 4’s game against the Patriots with an injury and the starting job has been Swanson’s ever since. In the two-and-a-half games Swanson has played at center, he’s done pretty darn well:Swanson had an up-and-down career in Detroit, but he was never considered a horrible player, so it doesn’t come as much surprise that he’s doing well in Miami. Detroit will have an up-and-close look at him on Sunday, as Kilgore was placed on IR earlier this month.Dave Birkett revisited the question about franchise tagging Ezekiel Ansah. Obviously the move looks bad in retrospect, but Birkett looks at the other seven players franchised this year to see if the Lions are alone in their lack of production so far. Check out the top 10 plays from the Lions defense over the first five games of the season: Another day, another article suggesting the Lions should trade one of their players away. This time, Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton thinks Detroit should consider trading away Ameer Abdullah. Bad news for the Minnesota Vikings. Their first-round pick Cheap Jarrad Davis Jersey , cornerback Mike Hughes, tore his ACL in Sunday’s game and will be placed on IR: Hughes had two starts, one fumble recovery and one interception—a pick-six—in six games played. Too early for the draft? The Athletic’s Chris Burke put together at top 40 prospects big board for the Lions as it pertains to the 2019 NFL Draft (subscription required). Turns out adding LeGarrette Blount, using a first-round pick on an offensive lineman, and changing your offensive line coach may actually do some good:

von huangjian123 03.01.2019 05:45

Electric Light Orchestra is one of my favorite bands of all time. I learned of them in my college years Glover Quin Jersey , but as I expanded deeper into their catalogue, I realized I wasn’t just meeting them now, I had known them all along. “Mr. Blue Sky” was a song I had likely memorized by the time I was six. “Telephone Line” was “that song” playing in the background of the fantastically odd scene when Steve Buscemi crossed out Billy Madison from his People to Kill list. “Showdown” was that badass song playing the background when Roy Munson was in an epic bowl-off against the greatest character Bill Murray has ever played: Ernie McCracken. For decades, ELO had been creating hit after hit and went underappreciated and overlooked. It’s not the most flashy of music and it’s probably not challenging enough for music snobs to enjoy, but their history is some of the most consistently good stuff out there. And yet, they never reached the pinnacle of pop music. They currently hold the record for most US Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits (20) without ever reaching No. 1. ELO is the Detroit Lions.Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Song of the Game: “Hold on Tight” by Electric Light OrchestraAt halftime of Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, I immediately sent out a warning shot across Lions twitter. Detroit, currently up 24-0, was in no way safe against this Packers team. A few weeks ago the Bears learned this lesson the hard way, and Lions fans don’t need a long memory to recall the last time Aaron Rodgers mounted a 20-point comeback in that very same building.Hold on tight to your dream Hold on tight to your dream Sunday wasn’t just about holding on to a three possession lead, but for the Lions it was a chance of hold out any hope of a successful 2018 season. The team was on life support after a 1-3 start, and heading into the bye week at 1-4 would’ve sent the players to their homes filled with doubt and frustration. And it started to look like the Lions would not only lose on Sunday, but drop the game in gut-wrenching fashion as Rodgers was working his Devil Magic yet again. At one point, the Packers were a yard and two-point conversion away from making it a three-point game with over four minutes left. We had seen this before.When you see the shadows falling When you hear that cold wind calling Hold on tight to your dreamBut because this season makes no sense, things went the Lions way on Sunday. The passing play setting up the Packers in the red zone was actually incomplete upon review. Mason Crosby would miss his fourth field goal a few plays later, and the Lions offense actually closed out a game they had the lead in. I don’t know why ELO breaks into French halfway through this song , but can you honestly say it’s more confounding than anything we’ve seen out of the Detroit Lions this season? Check out our full playlist to the 2018 season below (or here if you don’t see it). You can catch our explanations of each choice here.Lions vs. Buccaneers 2018: 5 Lions players that need to impress Friday night For many Detroit Lions starters, Friday night will be their last chance to shake off the rust and convince their coaches that they need to be an integral piece of the puzzle this year. For non-starters, it may not be their final chance, but it’s a huge opportunity to showcase their talent. A handful of players have stuck out through the Lions’ first couple of exhibitions games, but if the Lions are going to excel in 2018, they’re going to need better efforts from a lot more players. So here are five players that really need to impress against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Friday night.A’Shawn RobinsonSince the beginning of training camp, Robinson has seen his status as clear starter stolen from veteran Ricky Jean Francois, and things reached an all-time low when Robinson was playing into the fourth quarter of last week’s preseason game. Head coach Matt Patricia downplayed this fact in a press conference this week.“Just mixing him through. Kind of rolling all those guys through there and trying to see what are the different combinations,” Patricia said. “I think he’s definitely a guy that’s a young guy still in this league, so trying to get as many snaps as possible.”Twist it anyway that you want, but for a guy that played a similar scheme in Alabama and is entering his third year in the league, he’s behind where he should be. The former second-round pick needs a good performance to convince the coaches he’s on the right track.Jarrad DavisFor the second week in a row Davis lands on his list. His last preseason game started out just as good as you could expect, tallying tackles on the first three defensive plays, including two run stuffs. But his night was overshadowed by a play he called “boneheaded.” He was juked out of his jock by a Giants running back, leading to an easy pitch and catch for New York. Davis’ coverage skills have always been criticized and the complaints have never been louder. A pass defended or two would go a long ways to improving his reputation.Taylor DeckerThere is little concern about the Lions’ franchise tackle and his long-term fit in Detroit, but last week was one of the worst performances we’ve seen out of the third-year offensive lineman. Decker needs to prove that he has shaken off his injury-hampered season last year and has the confidence to return to the level he played in his impressive rookie year. Neutralizing the likes of Jason Pierre-Paul would be a nice bounceback and confidence booster for the (just-turned) 25-year-old. Freddie BishopThe 28-year-old Lions linebacker was just starting to turn heads in the Lions media when Detroit went out and traded for 49ers linebacker Eli Harold. Now Cheap Ziggy Ansah Jersey , Bishop’s roster spot is in even more jeopardy with the addition, but he has a couple of advantages in his corner.It seems highly unlikely the Lions will play Harold on Friday night, so before he enters the mix, Bishop will get an opportunity to put more tape out there, and show his comfort in Patricia’s defense—where Harold has no direct experience. The Lions didn’t put a lot of resources into getting Harold, so he is by no means guaranteed to make the roster. Bishop can make the Lions’ decision a lot more difficult with a good performance vs. the Buccaneers.Matt PatriciaOkay, he’s not a player, but this will really be the first opportunity for Patricia to show why the Lions selected him as their new coach. Patricia has been billed as a master schemer and game-planner. Considering the Lions’ have a somewhat weak defensive roster, Patricia is expected to beat opposing offenses with superior game-planning and utilizing his players to the best of their abilities.This will be the first week the Lions show any sort of game-planning, as is tradition in the dress rehearsal third preseason game.“We really have to go off film. We really have to study what they do, see if there’s anything that we can pick up that will give us an advantage in the game,” Patricia said this week. “So, it’s more of a regular season mindset at that point.”If Patricia and company really give the Lions that advantage, we should see at least a glimpse of it Friday night.

von huangjian123 03.01.2019 04:52

We finally got a bit of stability in the NFL. In Week 7 Authentic Ziggy Ansah Jersey , the good teams actually won. There is a log jam at three-win mark, though, as the playoff picture finally starts taking shape this season. Here is where everyone stands heading into Week 8 of the NFL season:1. Los Angeles Rams (7-0; won 39-10 vs SF) (- No change from last week)This team is really good and they beat up everyone they play against. What more can I add at this point?2. New England Patriots (5-2; won 38-31 vs CHI) (-)New England won a sloppy, wild, game against the Bears this week. The defense is still a problem, but the offense (and special teams) are still doing enough to make up for them.3. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1; won 45-10 vs CIN) (-)RIP Bengals, the latest victims of the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City didn’t miss a beat after dropping their first game of the season against the Patriots last week. They laid a beating on the Bengals and showed they’re still one of the teams to beat in the NFL.4. New Orleans Saints (5-1; won 24-23 vs BAL) (-)New Orleans won an instant classic in Baltimore this week. The offense took a long time, but they finally cracked the tough Ravens defense in the fourth quarter when they scored 17 points to sneak away with a gritty road win. 5. Los Angeles Chargers (5-2; won 20-19 vs TEN) (-)Los Angeles barely had the ball in this game but still managed to outscore the Titans. Philip Rivers is still having a MVP caliber season and the defense is getting better every week. 6. Minnesota Vikings (4-2-1; won 37-17 vs NYJ) (+1)The Vikings dominated the Jets in the Meadowlands. Minnesota’s offense is starting to get hot, and the defense didn’t allow Sam Darnold to ever really get comfortable. It’s not the most impressive of victories but it puts the Vikings on top in the NFC North. 7. Baltimore Ravens (4-3; lost 24-23 vs NO) (-1)The Baltimore Ravens lost a heartbreaker at home to the New Orleans Saints. The defense was great and the offense did just enough. Justin Tucker missed his first career extra point to cost them the game, but hanging with one of the best teams in the NFL is a statement to how great they truly are. 8. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2-1; BYE) (-)Steelers had a week off and the AFC North went 0-3. Pittsburgh is right back atop the division. They truly did win the bye week.9. Green Bay Packers (3-2-1; BYE) (-)Green Bay got a week off and they might need it as a showdown with the red-hot Los Angeles Rams looms. 10. Washington (4-2; won 20-17 vs DAL) (+4)This team won two consecutive games, so are they good now? They take over first place in the NFC East after winning and old-fashioned bruiser against their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys. Adrian Peterson is having a renaissance in the nation’s capital, and Washington looks set to be a huge part of the playoff race.11. Cincinnati Bengals (4-3; lost 45-10 vs KC) (-1)The Bengals were just the latest victim of the Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs. This team does have a few things to figure out, though. The defense still hasn’t found its footing. Andy Dalton and the flying Bengals offense failed to take advantage of a poor Chiefs defense. They still have playoff aspirations, but they need to quell these concerns. 12. Carolina Panthers (4-2; won 21-17 vs PHI) (+7)Carolina still isn’t a very good team but with Cam Newton under center they can beat anyone. The Panthers came back from a 17-0 fourth quarter deficit to win and all the credit goes to their superstar quarterback. On defense, Luke Kuechly is playing at an All-Pro level and was huge in this comeback victory. The team has issues, but they have enough stars to carry them. 13. Chicago Bears (3-3; lost 38-31 vs NE) (-)Mitchell Trubisky is a problem. The quarterback was absolutely awful passing (he’s actually an incredible runner) and cost his team the game. Chicago’s defense was okay, but special teams errors gave up 14 points. This team is flailing right now, but they do have the talent and coaching to get it together. 14. Seattle Seahawks (3-3; BYE) (+3)A hot Seattle team got a rest this week. The extra week might be huge for them as they have a potential wild card tiebreaker against the Lions up next. 15. Detroit Lions (3-3; won 32-21 vs MIA) (+6)The bizzaro-Lions that run the ball well and don’t sleep through the first three quarters of every game have won three of the last four. Matthew Stafford has been playing at an All-Pro level the past few games. Kerryon Johnson is a rookie of the year contender. This team is ... good?16. Miami Dolphins (4-3; lost 32-21 vs DET) (-5)Brock Osweiler came back down to earth and Miami was a dud against the Lions on Sunday. Frank Gore was contained and none of the receivers could put together any dazzling runs after the catch. The rush defense is a problem, but you’d have to imagine that the entire team will get a boost when Ryan Tannehill returns. 17. Dallas Cowboys (3-4; lost 20-17 vs WAS) (-1)Dallas got outplayed by their mirror image within the NFC East. The team came back down to earth after a huge victory against the Jaguars last season. Dak Prescott has regressed again. The play calling is still ridiculously conservative. Ezekiel Elliott was shut down, running for just over 30 yards. The Cowboys roller coaster continues. 18. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4; lost 21-17 vs CAR) (-6)The Eagles dominated 75 percent of this game, then it all fell apart at the end. Quarterback Carson Wentz was incredible in the first three quarters then fell apart in the end. The defense had no answer for the Panthers’ hurry-up offense and the Eagles blew a 17-0 fourth quarter lead to drop below .500. 19. Houston Texans (4-3; won 20-7 vs JAX) (+5)The Texans have won four straight games and I have no idea how. Deshaun Watson doesn’t have two functioning lungs at the moment. The offensive line is terrible. Their secondary is awful. Somehow, some way Youth Quandre Diggs Jersey , they are on a four-game win streak and holding the top spot in the AFC South. 20. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4; lost 20-7 vs HOU) (-5)Blake Bortles finally got benched. Cody Kessler entered this game as the Jags trailed 20-0 and he couldn’t do enough to drag them back into it. The defense was a little better this week but are still a shell of the force they were last season. The AFC South is still in play for them, but this could be a lost season for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. 21. Tennessee Titans (3-4; lost 20-19 vs LAC) (-3)The Titans knew that they couldn’t out-gun the Los Angeles Chargers, so they shortened the game by running the ball a lot—similar to what the Lions did against the Patriots. Their secondary gave up a two deep touchdowns, though, and they lost on a failed two-point conversion at the end of regulation. The decision to go for two was great, playing to win always beats playing to tie, but a terrible back end zone slant play failed and cost them the game. 22. Atlanta Falcons (3-4; won 23-20 vs NYG) (-)The Falcons took care of business against a bad team for the second time in a row. They got off to another slow start but their defense was able to keep the Giants skill position players in check for a majority of the night. It’s a long shot, but three wins puts them in the thick of the NFC wildcard race23. Denver Broncos (3-4; won 45-10 vs ARI) (+3)Denver laid a beating on the Arizona Cardinals. They went ahead early and never looked back. Von Miller and Bradley Chubb looked like the pass-rushing duo we’d dream they’d become. The defense snuffed out everything and embarrassed rookie Josh Rosen.24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3; won 26-23 vs CLE) (-1)Tampa Bay dominated the majority of this game. The defense let the Browns back into the game, though, and almost wasted a great performance from Jameis Winston (for 60 minutes; He was a mess in overtime). Bad coaching and key mistakes almost cost them down the stretch but nobody can out-Browns the Browns. Kicker Chandler Catanzaro may have saved his job with the game-winning field goal from 59 yards. He missed a potential 40-yard winner at the end of regulation. 25. New York Jets (3-4; lost 37-17 vs MIN) (-)Sam Darnold had no help in this game. While he wasn’t perfect himself, the rest of the team failed him. A banged up group of receivers couldn’t get open. The offensive line got steam-rolled by the Vikings pass rush. A loss here was expected, but the Jets looked really bad coming off of a big win over the Colts last week. 26. Cleveland Browns (2-4-1; lost 26-23 vs TB) (-6)Cleveland just can’t let a game end in regulation. The Browns put together a late rally to tie this game but couldn’t outlast the Bucs in overtime. These late losses keep piling up and one has to think that Hue Jackson may be on the hot seat. 27. Indianapolis Colts (2-5; won 37-5 vs BUF) (+2)Marlon Mack, who is quietly one of the league’s better running backs, went off on Sunday. He had 126 yards and a touchdown on 19 rushing attempts. He also scored through the air. The Colts running back gave the offense the kickstart it needed. The defense closed down the Bills offense and the Colts are back in the AFC South race. 28. New York Giants (1-6; lost 23-20 vs ATL) (+3)The offense was missing in action again in the first half but they actually arrived in the second. Eli Manning was not very good overall but it was probably his best game of the season. Sterling Shepard had a big day with nearly 150 yards. They lost, but they’re at the point of the season where that doesn’t matter for them anymore. 29. Buffalo Bills (2-5; lost 37-5 vs IND) (-1)How did this team beat the Vikings?30. San Francisco 49ers (1-6; lost 39-10 vs LAR) (-)C.J. Beathard and the 49ers didn’t really stand a chance against the Rams. 31. Oakland Raiders (1-5; BYE) (+1)We can’t make fun of them this week because they didn’t play. Getting a first-round pick for Amari Cooper might be the first good move they have made in the Gruden era, though. 32. Arizona Cardinals (1-6; lost 45-10 vs DEN) (-3)The Cardinals are a bad football team. They stood no chance in this game. From top to bottom this entire organization is in a bad place.NFC North recap: Chaos reigns in Week 3, division wide open Minnesota Vikings pummeled by Bills in stunner, 27-6Wow.No one saw this one coming at all, probably not even the Bills. Even after Buffalo scored for a third time to go up 17-0, the ESPN win probability chart only had Buffalo with a 52 percent chance to win the game. That’s nuts.Minnesota was playing catch-up the entire game, which meant only six touches on the ground and 55 pass attempts for Kirk Cousins, who ended the game with a 10.0 QBR and just couldn’t get any rhythm going all game long. The only bright spot on offense was the connection between Cousins and Adam Thielen. Thielen , who burst onto the scene last year as one of the top receivers in the NFL, was targeted 19 times against the Bills, hauling in 14 of them for 105 yards. He’s now second in the NFL in both receptions (32) and receiving yards (338) behind Saints receiver, Michael Thomas.Defensively, the Vikings were torn apart by... -checks notes-Josh Allen.Allen ended the day with a passer rating of 111.2 (89.4 QBR), one touchdown and 8.9 yards per attempt. And don’t forget this angelic play.I honestly don’t know what to make of this game. Did the Vikings simply underestimate their opponent? Or are they maybe not as good as everyone expected them to be? Next week should be a good test for them as they head to St. Louis Los Angeles. Next game: at Rams (3-0) Green Bay falls short, loses to Washington, 31-17Man, poor Clay Matthews. That’s two weeks in a row now where he’s at the butt-end of this new “body weight” rule. Gotta feel bad for that man. Wait, what am I saying? Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha Packers.But seriously, this rule is incredibly dumb, and I get that this play might be “by the book,” but if that’s the case then the book is wrong. Fix your product, NFL.In other news, the Packers’ offense looked vulnerable, even with Rodgers, and their defense looked even worse. Washington was able to lean on their quarterback early, as Alex Smith got them out to an early 21-3 lead with two touchdown passes. Later on, the Green Bay defense would settle down and keep them in the game, but in the end, Washington was put the game away thanks to their veteran RB, Adrian Peterson Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , who had himself a game with 120 rushing yards on 19 carries (6.3 yards per carry) and two touchdowns. The Packers also took a huge blow to their defensive line after hearing news that Muhammad Wilkerson will miss the rest of the 2018 season due to an ankle injury. Next game: vs. Bills (1-2)Bears escape defeat, beat Cardinals, 16-14Arizona got out to an early 14-0 lead, but that’s all the points they would score, as Chicago came back with 16 unanswered points and the win. A win is a win, but you won’t find many Bears fans happy with the performance from their offense. Mitchell Trubisky continues to be allergic to touchdown passes, and even the rushing offense was getting piled up on. I suppose that’s going to happen when there is no reason to fear Trubisky.Chicago’s defense is a force to be reckoned with, though, and they came up huge with four turnovers on four straight defensive possessions. Arizona would have a chance at a hail mary on the final possession, but Vic Fangio knew he could get Josh Rosen to fold with some pressure and dialed up a blitz that would lead to a sack on the final play.Next game: vs. Bucs (2-1)NFC North Week 3 standings1. Chicago Bears (2-1)t-2. Green Bay Packers (1-1-1)t-2. Minnesota (1-1-1)4. Detroit Lions (1-2)Funny how things can change in a matter of one week. I’m sure most fans would have thought that the Packers and Vikings would still be at the top of the North, with the Lions losing to the Patriots, sitting 2.5 games back from them. Instead, if you ask each fanbase, you might hear Lions fans being the most confident in their team after dismantling a dynasty on “Sunday Night Football.”The Bears might be in first, but their win over the Cardinals was anything but inspiring, as they continue to work through their struggles with Mitchell Trubisky and the rest of the offense. However, that defense is still legit, and the Bears aren’t going to be a gimme like they have been in the past. Next week offers some very tough opponents for Detroit’s division rivals, so if the Lions are able to beat the Cowboys on Sunday, it’s very likely that they move up a spot or two in the standings.

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Falcons vs. Saints: 3 in-game matchups to watch Another pivotal matchup between two bitter NFC South rivals. Here are three important matchups to watch between the Falcons and the Saints. The legendary Vince Lombardi once stated Authentic Julio Jones Jersey , “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”That statement fits well with the current state of affairs for the Atlanta Falcons as they enter the third week of the season as injuries abound. Even with the Falcons embarking on this important early-season contest as the walking wounded, there is still enough talent present to get their second win on the season. It will also be their second divisional win, which is huge before the end of the first quarter of the season. Let’s present three critical matchups within the Falcons/Saints battle to closely observe. Falcons linebackers/safeties vs. Saints RB Alvin Kamara It’s arguably the biggest matchup in the entire game. While the Saints have in their arsenal an underrated receiver in Michael Thomas, who has played very well so far this season, it is no secret who is the biggest weapon on offense. Kamara walked away as the Offensive Rookie of the Year last season with 1,554 scrimmage yards and 13 touchdowns. Kamara is a huge threat in the passing and run element for the Saints and is a better version of what the Falcons saw last week in Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey. Without the presence of linebacker Deion Jones, the Falcons are without a superior linebacker in pass defense. So the responsibility falls on linebackers De’Vondre Campbell and Duke Riley, and to an extent the safety combination of Ricardo Allen and Damontae Kazee. Since the Saints do not have the ability to gash defenses with a running quarterback nor a true threat at tight end Matt Ryan Jersey , the linebackers for Atlanta will have more focus on this great assignment ahead. Brett Davis-USA TODAY SportsFalcons 3rd down defense vs. Saints 3rd down defense l decided to try a little twist here and focus on a certain aspect of the game that has been an issue for both teams through two weeks. On one side, the Falcons are 30th in the NFL in third down defense, allowing a 48.1% conversion rate. In comparison, Atlanta was 17th last season as a top-10 ranked defense, while in 2016, they were 26th. Chalk some of that up to the absence of Jones and strong safety Keanu Neal. For the Saints, they are also in the bottom half of the league in this category, ranking 28th and allowing 48% of the conversions they encounter. The Saints were slightly better against the Browns last week on third down , and some of that is partly because of the type of offense the Saints faced with Cleveland compared to the aerial assault that we have seen from Tampa Bay so far this season. With two high-powered offenses on the field in this duel, third down is going to be incredibly important. Winning this particular component may be a catalyst to a division win here. Falcons QB Matt Ryan vs. Saints pass defense A flat Week 1 performance for quarterback Matt Ryan against the Eagles was erased after his solid outing against Carolina last week. That was a productive and physical defense that Ryan 23-of-28 passes against and now he gets a Saints defense that is 29th overall, 29th against the pass, 32nd in yards per pass attempt, and 23rd in passing touchdowns allowed. In the two games against New Orleans last season, Ryan passed for 509 yards and two touchdowns with four interceptions.In both games, Ryan never really looked like himself in those games, but he did against Carolina last week. The veteran quarterback found rhythm with rookie wideout Calvin Ridley last week and will probably look to continue that task once again as the Saints have allowed the sixth most passes with 21 or more yards of air travel according to Sharp Football Stats. So far , teams are seeing plays unfold against the passing defense of New Orleans and are at least attacking the coverage. Honing in on the dynamic Julio Jones is not necessary with the amount of talent at Ryan’s disposal. Ryan has a vulnerable opponent in front of him, and the opportunity to produce big will likely be present. The NFL changed the wording of the roughing the passer rule this year to emphasize penalties for defenders landing with their full body weight on top of quarterbacks.We saw several of those calls in the preseason and many more in the first week of the regular season. The first of them came on the first Thursday night of the year when Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett was penalized for landing on Eagles quarterback Nick Foles after hitting him in the midsection.Like many defensive players, Jarrett found himself feeling like he’s being penalized for playing the game the right way.

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Falcons snap counts: The case of the disappearing weapons against the Eagles Snap counts sometimes illuminate and sometimes just frustrate Youth Takkarist McKinley Jersey , but they’re always worth looking at. Here’s a closer look at the snap counts from that first, frustrating game of the season. OffenseMatt Ryan: 70Jake Matthews: 70Andy Levitre: 70Alex Mack: 70Brandon Fusco: 70Ryan Schraeder: 70Austin Hooper: 59Julio Jones: 57Mohamed Sanu: 56Devonta Freeman: 39Tevin Coleman: 36Logan Paulsen: 19Eric Saubert: 13Ricky Ortiz: 10Marvin Hall: 8Justin Hardy: 6Russell Gage: 1I have all the faith in the world in Calvin Ridley, who I think will become a dangerous receiver in short order. He could not have had a much worse debut, however, as he was targeted just twice and didn’t manage a reception on 46 snaps. That’s a disaster on a night where the Falcons couldn’t reliably find anyone except Julio Jones, and it’s a worrying sign for Ridley’s value to the offense this season. He was not alone, however. Julio had 19 targets in this game, and no one else even got close to double digits. Mohamed Sanu (6 targets, 4 receptions, 18 yards), Austin Hooper (4 targets, 3 receptions, 24 yards) and Devonta Freeman (5 targets, 3 receptions, 14 yards) were the only other Falcons to get more than a couple, with Hall Youth Calvin Ridley Jersey , Hardy and Gage playing a combined 15 snaps and getting zero targets. Eric Saubert had one and no catch. The ground game wasn’t much better. On a combined 75 snaps, Coleman and Freeman got just 15 carries in a game that was always within at least six points. I know the Eagles are tough to run on, but if the Falcons had no intent of running, they ought to have just split those dudes out wide or taken them off the field entirely to get more receivers and tight ends going. Honestly, anything but what they did sounds good right now. I can’t stress how much of a disaster this all was. The Falcons are supposed to be bristling with weapons, but the only player who made any kind of real impact on this game (outside of Tevin Coleman, who had that one brilliant touchdown run) was Julio. Some of that is on the plays being called, but more of it is on the shoulders of Matt Ryan (who missed way too many throws) and his receivers (who didn’t do a stellar job getting open). DefenseRobert Alford: 72Ricardo Allen: 72De’Vondre Campbell: 71Deion Jones: 69Desmond Trufant: 67Brian Poole: 63Grady Jarrett: 54Takk McKinley: 47Vic Beasley: 44Terrell McClain: 39Keanu Neal: 37Damontae Kazee: 35Jack Crawford: 30Brooks Reed: 28Derrick Shelby: 25Deadrin Senat: 20Duke Riley: 9Deantre Burton: 5Foye Oluokun: 4The Falcons barely used a third linebacker, with Duke Riley and Foye Oluokun combining on just nine snaps in this one. The Falcons didn’t suffer overmuch from that aside from a handful of bowling ball Jay Ajayi runs, especially in the second half, but they’re not going to be able to repeat that against say, Carolina and New Orleans. The other big takeaway is how few surprises there were here. The Falcons leaned more heavily on Takk and Vic and used Shelby and Reed on obvious run downs, with similar results at defensive tackle. The only real, mild surprise is that McClain played the most snaps next to Jarrett, with Crawford and then Senat still finding their way onto the field plenty.This is just a good defense, even minus Keanu Neal Womens Robert Alford Jersey , and there are no questions about Marquand Manuel’s ability to rotate his guys effectively. Robert Alford, the only Falcons defender to play every snap, remains an extremely underrated player.Special TeamsJustin Bethel: 24Foye Oluokun: 23Eric Saubert: 22Kemal Ishmael: 22Russell Gage: 19Deantre Burton: 18Justin Hardy: 16Matt Bosher: 13Damontae Kazee: 13Brian Poole: 13Marvin Hall: 13Duke Riley: 12No great surprises here, as these are all core special teamers. Saubert and Oluokun should be two of the team’s most useful players on teams, but both had errors (forced and unforced) that were frustrating in this game. Special teams by and large looked solid in this one, though, and the Falcons have stocked their team with fast, capable players, which is a plus. After Sunday’s win over the Raiders, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said that he might not name a starting quarterback for next Sunday’s trip to Atlanta ahead of kickoff.That bit of gamesmanship won’t work all that well if Joe Flacco spends another week on the sideline instead of on the practice field. Flacco has missed the last two games and last two weeks of practice due to a hip injury and Harbaugh said that Flacco is seeing a doctor in hopes of getting cleared.“He’s seeing the doctor today so we’ll have some guidance on that,” Harbaugh said on Monday.When Flacco was first injured, Harbaugh said that the veteran did not have to practice in order to play. He backed off that a bit last week, however.The Ravens have won the last two games with Lamar Jackson starting at quarterback and Jackson has had good moments in each game, but he’s very much a work in progress as a passer and Harbaugh would have to decide whether to let that process play out while the 6-5 Ravens are trying for a postseason berth.

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The Cincinnati Bengals knew that with a banged-up defense facing the NFL's highest-scoring offense Womens Brandon Fusco Jersey , there was a good chance they'd have to simply outscore the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.They barely outscored the Chiefs' defense.Andy Dalton was held to 148 yards passing with a touchdown and a pick-6, Joe Mixon managed 50 yards on the ground and the Cincinnati offense struggled to keep up with the high-flying Chiefs in what turned into a 45-10 rout finished off by the backups at Arrowhead Stadium."Yeah, that's a good team. Everybody knows that they've been able to score points," Dalton said. "When you don't do that on your side of the ball it can turn into a game like it did."So much for the Chiefs bringing in the NFL's worst defense.Dalton was only sacked twice but was under constant duress, and the Bengals' running game — which still has not produced a 100-yard rusher this season — went absolutely nowhere.Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense piled up 551 yards in a dominant performance."It's on everybody," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said. "The coaching staff has to do a great job of preparing. The (players) have to understand and make the adjustments, the execution — we knew that was going to be a big part of it. Communication, being alert, making the adjustments and so forth throughout the football game. We did a poor job of that. We've got to understand that we have opportunities."We had a lot of plays," Lewis said, "where we've got to do better."Indeed, it's been a miserable couple weeks for the Bengals (4-3), who were flying high after a shootout win over Atlanta and a solid win over Miami. Dalton and Co. was rolling on offense and a defense that had been suspect coming into the season was starting to round into shape.Then came last week's 28-21 loss in Pittsburgh, when the Bengals picked up a slew of injuries while watching Ben Roethlisberger find Antonio Brown to give the Steelers the winning touchdown.That loss was competitive, but deflating.Their defeat Sunday night? Downright embarrassing.Making it sting even more was the fact that the Bengals, already without three key players due to injuries, watched three more playmakers go down. Emotional linebacker Vontaze Burfict limped off in the third quarter with a hip injury, speedy wide receiver John Ross went down with a groin injury and tight end Mason Schreck left with a knee injury.Throw in injuries to running back Giovani Bernard, center Billy Price and tight end Tyler Kroft and perhaps it's not so surprising the Bengals only managed 239 yards total offense against Kansas City.Ron Parker capped the forgettable performance by reading Dalton's eyes early in the second half, stepping in front of a pass and taking the interception back for a touchdown. The Chiefs had just scored to take a 31-7 lead Womens Desmond Trufant Jersey , and the defensive score gave them two TDs in a span of 9 seconds."My guy kind of just stood up and blocked," Parker said, "and I just had my eyes on the quarterback. I saw him just looking to the right, had my eyes on him and took me right to the ball."If only Dalton's own targets were so productive.A.J. Green had seven catches for 117 yards but failed to reach the end zone, and Tyler Boyd was shut out until the second half after two TD grabs against the Steelers. Mixon tried to give the offense a bit of balance, but the Bengals were in such a hole early that they had to air it out.That didn't work. Nothing really did."It's just one game. We've got another one next week," Dalton said. "As much as this one sucks, like I said, everything's still right there. We're in a great position. We've got to go take advantage of it." Bedlam had its highest-scoring affair last season with a 62-52 final in Oklahoma’s favor. 2018’s iteration of the series didn’t quite get there, but it tried, while also having a good ending in a 48-47 Oklahoma win.Oklahoma was up 48-41 when Oklahoma State got the ball back with 3:29 remaining. In nine plays and 71 yards later, the Pokes were able to find the end zone to make it a 48-47 game on a fourth-and-12 doozie from Oklahoma’s 24-yard line:Mike Gundy opted to go for two, and failed on this play:The Sooners got the ball back with 1:02 left, and were able to milk the clock to secure the 48-47 win.While Saturday’s game didn’t match the 2018 scoring extravaganza, the game was still an impressive one that was filled with so much offense, that your defense-loving uncle would have shaken his first at such a performance.Because these two teams were just slangin’ the pigskin around like it was nothing, there’s a bunch of numbers we need to run through on this one.First, some ridiculous first half numbers, because it could have made for a full game just about anywhere else.11Kyler Murray started this game off hot:Hope you made a wish when it was 11-11.527The amount of yards that Taylor Cornelius and Kyler Murray combined for through the air in the first half. Corneilus went 16-of-26 for 304 yards and two touchdowns, while Murray went 15-of-19 for 227 yards and a touchdown. Oddly enough, you could say that Murray had “cooled down” after his perfect start.In those Authentic Austin Hooper Jersey , Tylan Wallace had the most impressive performance among receivers with 148 yards and a touchdown for Oklahoma State.Basically, there was enough passing between the two teams for an entire game in 30 minutes of play.6-6That’s the red zone numbers combined for both teams. Oklahoma State converted on both of their first half red zone attempts, whereas Oklahoma went 4-of-4.0That’s the number of turnovers we had in the first half. Ball security + tons of offense = The Most Big 12 Football.62The amount of first half points. Oklahoma led Oklahoma State 34-28. Of course, that was just the start of this one.In the end, the game’s numbers are just ridiculous.The second half got off to somewhat of a murky start, but the two teams picked things back up rather quickly as you might imagine. While it didn’t meet the pace that they were at in the first half, this was still a game that lived up to its name.1,342The amount of total yards for the game. Last season, the two teams combined for 1,446 total yards. So this year’s game is still somehow a little bit more chill in comparison.850Combined passing yards! Murray and Cornelius kept things going, and both finished with big games, though cooled off from their hot first half starts.Murray finished the game 21-of-29 with 349 yards and a touchdown. Cornelius finished the game 34-of-53 with 501 yards and three touchdowns. Had he gotten that 35th completion on their two-point conversion attempt, we would be talking about the Sooners being out of the Playoff.11-11This is some red zone success, y’all. The Pokes finished 5-of-5, and the Sooners finished 6-of-6. Scoring scoring scoring.353Oklahoma’s rushing yards. This one is particularly impressive because Oklahoma State *only* had 139 in comparison. Either way, both of these teams racked up the yards.6:09The time of the first turnover of the game, which came in the fourth quarter. That was rather nice ball security by both teams leading up to this point.4That’s the win streak that the Sooners are now on against the Pokes. Until next time, y’all.

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The Arizona Cardinals were winning. The crowd was chanting "LAR-RY , LAR-RY!"For a few noisy minutes, it was just like the good old days in Glendale.Forget that this was a game between teams with two of the worst records in the NFL, Arizona's come-from-behind 18-15 victory over San Francisco was reason for celebration, the first win at home for first-year coach Steve Wilks."It was great," Larry Fitzgerald said. "Anytime you can beat the 49ers, for me, that's the biggest win in our division."Fitzgerald caught eight passes for 102 yards. He was especially effective in the fourth quarter, catching four for 81 yards, including a 13-yard touchdown catch . He also caught a two-point conversion pass after Josh Rosen's game-winning 9-yard TD pass to fellow rookie Christian Kirk with 34 seconds to play.The Cardinals (2-6) beat the 49ers (1-7) for the eighth time in a row and second time in three weeks."Defensively, guys are putting their best foot forward and playing as hard as they can," 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said. "We're playing against other NFL guys. We're playing against a Hall of Fame receiver in Larry and he made some plays down the stretch. We've got to find a way to make more plays."Here are some things to consider from Arizona's comeback win over San Francisco.SPIKING ITFitzgerald caught four passes for 81 yards in the final quarter, including a 13-yard TD catch. He also caught a two-point conversion pass after the game-winning TD, spiking the ball afterward, something he said he's never done before in his 15 NFL seasons."Larry normally hands off the ball to the ref," Arizona safety Antoine Bethea said, "but getting our second win, first at home, everybody's excited."Fitzgerald joked that he was extra upset because his oldest son had decided to go to the state fair instead of the game.State Farm Stadium was far from full Youth Chandler Jones Jersey , but it shook from the "LAR-RY, LAR-RY" chants.Fitzgerald's 112th career TD catch moved him ahead of Tony Gonzalez into seventh on the NFL career list.LEFTWICH'S IMPACTArizona's offense didn't exactly light it up under new offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, but there were signs about the direction he wants to take the team.Leftwich took over play calling duties following the firing of Mike McCoy last week, in the wake of Arizona's 45-10 home loss to Denver."I thought we did a great job," Wilks said. "Byron had us into a rhythm. As you can see, the operations were great from a standpoint of just getting a play in, being able to get to the line of scrimmage, and ID-ing the defense and linebacker was outstanding."Rosen said there wasn't time to make a lot of changes to the offense but cited Leftwich's demeanor."I think he has really good timing with a lot of his play calls," Rosen said. "He's got really good poise."49ERS OFFENSESan Francisco entered the game with the No. 2 rushing offense in the NFL but the 49ers had trouble moving it on the ground most of the day.San Francisco had 107 yards rushing, averaging just 3.5 yards per attempt.Arizona surprised the 49ers by sticking with a 4-3 base defense most of the time after usually going with a "nickel" scheme all season."We hadn't seen any base all year from them," 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard said, "it was all nickel going into it, even last game we played them."ROSEN'S POISERosen was coming off a difficult game against Denver, when he threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball away twice.And he had a difficult first half against San Francisco. He caused a safety when he was called for intentional grounding from the end zone and threw an interception that set up a 49er field goal.But he was poised when his team needed it most in those two late TD drives."Josh is not fazed by things like getting hit and bad plays," Fitzgerald said. "His emotions never waver. He doesn't get high, he doesn't get low. He always stays even-keeled. That's a great disposition to have as a quarterback because there are going to be bad plays."QUICK TURNAROUNDWhile Arizona is off this coming week, the 49ers are headed for a quick turnaround. They will host Oakland on Thursday night."Season's not ending," San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan said. "We're not going to sit here and run away. I want guys who are going to come out and fight Youth Chase Edmonds Jersey , and I thought our guys did fight today. We just didn't do it well enough."Mike on a Mission For those of us who thought that in the absence of Cardinals’ GM Steve Keim, it was now “Terry Time”---it appears the leadership of the GM’s duties are being assumed by Michael Bidwill, in close coordination with Terry McDonough, Mike Disner and Steve Wilks. Bidwill confidently avows that “there is no drop-off” because they have a keen sense of what moves Steve Keim would make. That’s quite a significant and bold statement from Bidwill.* Bidwill’s treatment of Steve Keim’s extreme DUI has been just as he said it would be: swift and consequential. As Bidwill keeps confirming, “there is no reason in today’s world for anyone to drink and drive.” On the one hand, Bidwill’s stern treatment of this situation sends the strongest message possible to all employees of the Cardinals. On the other, in my opinion, it is an indication of the ongoing frustration Bidwill feels about a growing history of failed “reward contracts” (tearing up existing contracts with 1 or 2 years remaining for lucrative extensions) that the organization has given the last few decades---(see Jake Plummer, Ken Whisenhunt, Anquan Boldin, Daryl Washington, Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer, Tyrann Mathieu---and now Steve Keim---twice).* One could reasonably assume that Bidwill is now second guessing his decision to reward Keim for a third time. Going into this season, Bidwill had two more years on Steve Keim’s second contract as GM---this year and a team option year for 2019. Instead, as a vow of confidence that the Cardinals’ recent woes were not of Keim’s doing, Bidwill ripped up Keim’s second contract and gave him a third. With Keim getting arrested for DUI so quickly into his new contract, it has a similar feel to when Carson Palmer blew out his ACL a mere two days after signing a lucrative multi-year extension in November of 2014. This is crazy bad luck...but Youth Josh Rosen Jersey , of course, in Keim’s case, as Bidwill has emphatically stressed, it was inexcusable and thoroughly avoidable. * There remains no doubt in my mind that Michael Bidwill was the driving force behind Bruce Arians’ retirement. Bidwill had seen and heard enough. Further proof of this was Bidwill’s exculpatory support of Keim. But the greatest proof was in Bidwill’s hiring of Steve Wilks, who is the polar opposite of Arians. From day one Wilks has been so meticulously versed in the immediate areas the Cardinals need to address about the culture, about the philosophy of the coaching, about practice and game preparations and about the style of play---that it was impossible not to perceive Michael Bidwill’s blueprint and mission in all of this. * I believe that in the new search for a head coach process, one which Bidwill vowed to be very deliberate in executing, he presented the candidates with his exact expectations of what he wants in a head coach and coaching staff. This may not have sit well with some of the early front runners like Pat Shurmur and Mike Munchak and is likely the reason why Munchak wouldn’t even come to Arizona for a second interview. It also may be the reason why Steve Wilks decided not to interview with the Colts, as he found himself in lock-step with Bidwill and Bidwill’s coaching criteria. The criteria appears to be tailor made for Steve Wilks and the staff he hired. We saw a highly relieved and almost giddy Bidwill following Arians’ retirement press conference (as opposed to a glum looking Keim)---and then we saw an ebullient Bidwill when he introduced Steve Wilks as the new head coach.* What’s fascinating at this point is how excited Michael Bidwill is in directing the action from the top. Clearly, he is the man in charge. His vision of where he wants the organization to go is crystalizing before our eyes. Thus, Michael Bidwill is 100% correct when he says that even though Keim is not in the building, “there is no drop-off.” While Bidwill may not go as far as running the show the way Jerry Jones does in Dallas, there is no question that Michael Bidwill has the thirst and passion to run the organization in the most hands-on way he possibly can. Bidwill is at a point in his career where he believes he has the prescience, commitment and vision it takes to bring a championship to Arizona. Therefore, it must have been manna to Bidwill’s ears yesterday when he heard Patrick Peterson say that “there’s a much different feel already to this training camp.”

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Fitzgerald and Peterson Walk Into History Following the Cardinals’ mandatory minicamp , globetrotters Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson flew to Scotland to play at The Old Course in St. Andrew’s, the hallowed links-style course nestled beside the wind-swept waters of the Firth of Fife where centuries ago the game of golfbegan.As they crossed the iconic Swilken Bridge on the 18th hole, one can imagine the two Cardinals were thinking of the famous champions who traversed that bridge on their wayto hosting the Claret Jug—-which some consider to be the Holy Grail of all sports trophies. The American winners at the Old Course is a Hall of Fame in itself with champions such as Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, John Daly and Tiger Woods. It must have been a surreal feeling for Fitz and Pat P. to walk up that 18th in utter and complete silence—-no crowds, no roaring grandstands, no standing ovations. Yet, the whispers of the fabled ghosts of the past must have raised goosebumps—-that and the bone chillingScotland winds that blow the seaside gorse sideways and make the fairways fast as tabletops.In the back of their minds may have been a stunning juxtaposition of the thought of playing the upcoming season in the national spotlight before millions of rabid fans and jam packed stadiums. Come Sunday September 9th at the University of Phoenix Stadium Arizona Cardinals Womens T-Shirt , Larry Fitzgerald resumes his 15 year gallop up the NFL WR record books and Patrick Peterson continues his quest to make his 8th straight Pro Bowl which at 29 years old (on July 11th) would tie him with Cardinals’ Hall of Famers Larry Wilson and Aeneas Williams.While some may scoff at this notion, the game game of golf is actually an excellent preparation for one’s vocations and for life itself. Golf is the ultimate humbler—-and it is a game which challenges every fiber of one’s integrity. Ultimately, golf forces a player to be completely honest with himself, even to the point of assessing oneself a one shot penalty if the Scottish gales cause the ball to move while the player is addressing it. Golf, like life, isn’t always fair. It requires constant resiliency. It is also one of the world’s most formidable three to four hours tests of focus and stamina—-much like the game of football. This weekend at Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland an international field of the world’s top 156 golfers are playing in the 147th Open Championship. As I am writing this during the rain swept second round, the surprise co-leaders are Americans Zach Johnson and Kevin Kisner, with England’s young star TommyFleetwood one stroke behind and Irish superstar Arizona Cardinals Hats , Rory McIroy two behind. The number one ranked golfer in the world, USA’s Dustin Johnson, just finished the 2nd round at +6 and is not going to make the cut. The second ranked golfer, USA’s Justin Thomas, carded a 6 over 77 today and at +4 is teetering on the cut line.Here’s my point—-there are going to be several surprises this season in the NFL. Last year, who ever thought the Eagles would win it all, especially with Nick Foles at QB, and that the Jaguars under QB Blake Bortles would have the lead late in the 4th quarter at Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship game? This is the great thing about new seasons and new opportunities. The Arizona Cardinals have been given the lowest odds of any team in the NFL to make the playoffs. However, the Cardinals have two players in Fitzgerald and Peterson who are making history and if they have their way—-so will the team. Fitzgerald was recently asked by the Minnesota media whether he will want to be a Viking in 2019 Black Andre Smith Jersey , to which Fitzgerald said, ‘If I’m not playing in Arizona, I’m not playing anywhere.” When the elated Arizona Cardinals sent Fitz’s quote out in a tweet, Patrick Peterson retweeted it with the hashtag #Larry Legend. After all, Fitz and Pat P. want to keep walking together into history and carry the Cardinals on their backs, if necessary.Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys 2018 preseason game thread The Arizona Cardinals are in Big D for their regular season tuneup game... But, the Dallas Cowboys are not helping them in anyway.No, the Cowboys will be without a number of starters on offense and defense while the Cardinals try to figure out who they are and what they are as a team.In case you missed it, here is all the info you need on tonights game.WHO?Arizona Cardinals at Dallas CowboysWHEN?Sunday August 26 Black Tre Boston Jersey , 20185:00 pm Arizona TimeWHERE?AT&T Stadium Arlington, TXLINE (Odds Shark):Arizona Cardinals +3Over/Under: 39.5HOW?TV KPNX-TV (12 News, NBC)Announcers: Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michelle Tafoya (Field reporter)RADIO: Arizona Sports 98.7FM Dave Pasch (play-by-play) Ron Wolfley (Analyst) Paul Calvisi (Sideline Reporter)Latino Mix KQMR 100.3 FM—Spanish Gabriel Trujillo (play-by-play) Rolando Cantu (Analyst)Streaming: GamePass,, NBC Sports appLet’s hope for health and productive days for the Arizona Cardinals in their final workout for a number of starters before the regular season.

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The hype is continuing to build around rookie quarterback Josh Rosen after his inspiring performance in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. This weekend Arizona Cardinals Hoodie , against the 49ers, Rosen will face his first road test, but also perhaps one of his best chances to snag a win with their starting QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, out for the season. But if the Cardinals are to get their first victory of the season, Rosen is definitely going to need to some help. Here are three players that need to step up and help carry the Cards to a win. D.J. HumphriesHumphries has been underwhelming through the first quarter of the season and will have a tough task against the 49ers defensive front, led by Arik Armstead Customized Arizona Cardinals Jerseys , DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas. Rosen looked great moving in the pocket last week to buy himself time when being rushed, but in order to maximize his potential, he is going to need help from Humphries — and the rest of the offensive line, for that matter — in staying upright. Larry FitzgeraldHow dare I put the G.O.A.T. on this list, right? Well... not so fast. In case you missed last week’s game, Fitz dropped two very catchable passes in which Rosen placed the ball in spots where you would expect one of the best receivers in NFL history to catch it. Not only were the drops a bit of an issue, but Fitz also seemed to have some trouble in getting separation (and has the majority of the season). Yes Authentic Pat Tillman Jersey , he is 35 years old and on the tailend of his career, but he is still the best receiving option the Cardinals have and Rosen will be counting on him if the Cardinals want to attempt to turn their season around. J.J. NelsonNelson and I truly have a love-hate relationship. The plays he is capable of making with his elite speed are plays that not a single other player on the roster can make. Will Chad Williams or Christian Kirk get open deep from time to time? Sure. But Nelson is a guy that, when on the field, defenses are always going to worry about on the “go” route The problem is that Nelson simply isn’t a reliable target. He drops the ball far too often and seems to do so at the worst imaginable times. This happened last week against the Seahawks when Nelson dropped what would have been a no doubt touchdown. The Cardinals kept him over guys like Brice Butler and Greg Little for one reason — speed. But speed for a wide receiver is almost useless when that player can’t haul in the passes thrown his way. What do you think, Cards fans? Who needs to step up the most for Rosen to keep on shining?Todd Gurley sets running back market with contract extension The first shoe has dropped in the new running back contract kerfuffle and it begins with one that wasn’t even needing to be done.Todd Gurley is close to signing a four-year $60 million extension with the Los Angeles Rams including $45 million in guaranteed money.This sets the market for the running backs, as it was the Le’Veon Bell contract that he turned down a 5 year $70 million deal, that would have set the market.Now Pat Tillman Jersey Limited , it will be more than $14 million a season, as Gurley sets the running back market at $15 million a season.More than the $15 million though is the fact that Gurley has established a massive guaranteed baseline at $45 million.Based on what we know of the Bell negotiations as well as David Johnson’s situation, the guaranteed money seemed to be the sticking point.Now, the Cardinals and Johnson’s agent will know where the market is for the top producing dual threat running backs.That was always the danger in not being first to the table, now the Cardinals will have to decide if they want to be near that number or not moving forward with DJ.What do you think?

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Midlands powerhouses Northampton and Leicester must set aside their respective turbulent weeks as they face make-or-break games in the fourth round of European Rugby Champions Cup fixtures. Cheap Nike React Running Shoes .Northampton will be without England captain Dylan Hartley, who has been banned for six weeks after last Fridays swinging arm on Sean OBrien that resulted in the hookers third red card of his career.Hartleys latest misdemeanour came in a 37-10 home humbling by Leinster, with the teams immediately meeting again as this weekends matches see the reverse of the third round contests.That defeat left Saints bottom of Pool Four with one win, meaning they need victory on Saturday at the Aviva Stadium to stay alive in the competition.Northampton director of rugby Jim Mallender told BBC Radio Northampton: Weve got to go out there and play some rugby; were not going to beat them playing 10-man rugby.Theyve clearly got a good pack who put our forwards under pressure in the set piece, particularly the scrum, although we did well on our lineouts and they did well on their lineouts.A Castres home win over Montpellier on Sunday in the other pool contest would help Saints cause.Meanwhile Leicester are aiming to recover from their heaviest Champions Cup loss, a 38-0 hammering at Munster that reportedly left director of rugby Richard Cockerill in danger of being sacked.Cockerill will require victory at Welford Road on Saturday to appease chairman Peter Tom and get Tigers European campaign back on track. Like rivals Northampton they have one win, albeit they are third in Pool One, which is led by Munster.Glasgow are hot on Munsters heels after their 23-14 triumph at Racing 92, a result head coach Gregor Townsend hailed as the clubs best in Europe.Racings all-stars will be out for revenge on Friday evening at a sold-out Scotstoun Stadium where back-row forward Josh Strauss is set to make his 100th appearance for the Warriors.Defending champions Saracens will be looking to make it four Pool Three victories from four on Sunday against winless Sale, who they thrashed 50-3 last weekend.Rugby league convert Denny Solomona is poised to make his Sharks debut after his controversial move from Castleford.The 23-year-old Auckland-born player failed to report for pre-season training with Castleford despite having two years left on his contract and on Tuesday signed a three-year deal with the Premiership club.Solomona told Sales website: I have played full back, centre and wing and I dont really have a preference and will do my best whatever position I am asked to play by Steve Diamond.In the other pool match Toulon will look to keep pressure on Sarries by completing a double over Scarlets on Sunday at Parc y Scarlets.Wasps are also top of their pool and will be seeking successive wins over Connacht, although Saturdays meeting at the Sportsground looks tougher than last time out.Toulouse, third in Pool Two, are expected to keep pressure on Wasps with home success over Zebre.Winless Exeter need victory at Bordeaux on Saturday to revive their Pool Five campaign, but have not been helped by head coach Rob Baxter having to deny that England back Henry Slade is set to leave the club for Bath.Baxter told the Cheifs website: Ive had a couple of chats with Henry and had a joke with him about all the rumours that are flying around because there is no truth in him having any interest in going to Bath.In the other pool clash leaders Clermont host Ulster, who have two wins from three. Wholesale Nike React Shoes . -- Three close looks at the bucket, three misses. Cheap Nike React Shoes Online .Y. -- Jayna Hefford scored the winning goal Friday as Canada survived a scare with a 4-3 win over Sweden at the Four Nations womens hockey tournament. . "We have always prided ourselves on the way we play defence. Having two big pieces back is going to be a key for us moving forward for years to come," said Knighthawks head coach Mike Hasen. MIAMI -- Barry Bonds has been ejected from the Miami Marlins game against San Francisco for arguing about balls and strikes.The home run king and Marlins hitting coach was in the dugout when he was thrown out Wednesday by plate umpire Cory Blaser after Chris Johnson was called out on strikes to end the sixth inning.BBonds then came onto the field to briefly argue further with Blaser. Wholesale Nike React China. It was the first ejection for Bonds since he returned to the majors this year as the Marlins hitting coach. 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TORONTO -- Home runs have hurt knuckleballer R. Nike Zoom Shoes Buy Online .A Dickey all season.Dickey gave up a grand slam to Seattle slugger Nelson Cruz in his shortest outing in more than five years, and the Mariners routed the Toronto Blue Jays 14-5 on Saturday.Hisashi Iwakuma pitched six innings to win his fifth straight start, Cruz connected twice and Seattle matched a season high with 19 hits.Dickey (7-11) has yielded 24 homers this season. Only Kansas Citys Ian Kennedy and Chris Young (26) have allowed more.It was a tough one to try to control today, Dickey said about his signature pitch. I hit two guys with it. It took off inside to a couple lefties. But I really didnt get much of a chance today.Dickey left after the first four batters reached safely in the fourth. He gave up six earned runs, matching a season worst, and seven hits.Cruz hit his ninth career grand slam in the third, connecting after Dickey hit consecutive batters.I felt like I executed a pretty good pitch to Cruz and he did a good job of staying with it, Dickey said.Dickey gave up three home runs at Oakland in his previous start. He has allowed 110 homers since joining Toronto before the 2013 season, the most in the majors in that span.I thought (Dickey) had a pretty good knuckleball early on, manager John Gibbons said. What killed him was he hit those two guys and Cruz came up and hit the grand slam.Cruz added a three-run drive off Drew Storen in the eighth for his 20th career multi-homer game. He has 25 home runs this season, the fourth-highest total in the AL.Kyle Seager hit a two-run homer and Nori Aoki had two RBI and scored twice as the Mariners won their third straight, a streak that began with Wednesdays walkoff win over the White Sox.Hopefully that was the wake-up call that we need, Cruz said.Iwakuma (11-6) allowed two runs and four hits.Unbeaten since June 22 at Detroit, he is 5-0 with a 2.50 ERA in his past five outings and 10-2 in 12 starts since May 20.Hes been our most consistent guy all year, theres no doubt, manager Scott Servais said.Wade LeBlanc pitched the final three innings for his first save.Former Mariners players Michael Saunders and Justin Smoak combined for three home runs against their old team, but it was nowhere near enough for the Blue Jays, who gave up a season-worst 14 runs.Saunders hit two solo homers, one off Iwakuma in the sixth and another off LeBlanc in the eighth. It was his eighth career multihomer game and third this season.Saunders, who also connected in Fridays 2-1 loss, matched his career high with 19.Smoak hit a two-run drive off LeBlanc in the eighth, his 11th.WALK THIS WAYBlue Jays slugger Josh Donaldson walked twice. He leads the AL with 67 walks.COLABELLOS SUSPENSION OVERBlue Jays 1B Chris Colabello has been reinstated from the restricted list after serving an 80-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs. Colabello was suspended April 22 after the commissioners office said he tested positive for a drug sold under the name Turinabol. He lost $227,891 of his $521,126 major league salary while suspended. Colabello was designated off the 25-man Toronto roster Saturday, but was kept on the 40-man roster. Hes expected to be assigned to Triple-A Buffalo.THE DECIDERIwakuma has received a decision in 17 of his 20 starts.TRAINERS ROOMMariners: Seattle placed SS Ketel Marte (mononucleosis) on the 15-day DL, retroactive to July 20, and recalled LHP David Rollins from Triple-A Tacoma.Blue Jays: OF Ezequiel Carrera started for the first time since July 16, He had not started the previous four games because of a sore Achilles tendon.UP NEXTMariners: LHP Wade Miley (6-7, 5.36) is 0-5 with a 5.60 ERA in his past five starts.Blue Jays: LHP J.A. Happ (12-4, 3.43) is 6-0 in seven starts since his most recent loss, June 6 at Detroit. Happs next victory will be his career-high 13th. Cheap Nike Zoom Shoes . -- Eastern Kentucky thrives off creating havoc for others. Cheap Nike Zoom Wholesale .ca look back at each of the Top 10 stories of 2013. Today, we look back at Boston Strong - a citys recovery from tragedy. .J. -- New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz will miss the rest of the season after having surgery on his left knee. Already a Group Three winner who performed bravely during the Melbourne spring carnival, punters agree Egyptian Symbol is well weighted to win the Wyong Magic Millions 3YO & 4YO Stakes.The Bjorn Baker-trained Egyptian Symbol took out the Nivison Stakes at Randwick in October before heading to Flemington on Melbourne Cup Day for the Hong Kong Jockey Club Stakes and running a close fifth.The mare is set to carry 56kg under set weights conditions in Thursdays 1200m race at Wyong where she will be aiming to go one better than last years runner-up finish.After opening at $3.50, the TAB have wound her in to $2.30 top pick.Egyptian Symbol would have carried 63.5kg if Baker opted to run her in a benchmark handicap at Rosehill on Saturday, a race in which she wouuld have given up seven kilograms to the Matthew Dunn-trained mare Madotti. Nike Zoom Shoes On Sale. Dunn admits the weight and the widest barrier could hurt Madottis hopes.You take Egyptian Symbol out of the race and Maddottis probably the winner, Dunn said.If she gets a firm surface and a little bit of luck from that tricky gate and we can beat the favourite.Madotti has drifted to $9.50 while the Peter and Paul Snowden-trained Mediterranean is on the second line of betting at $2.80.A relation to Golden Slipper winner Capitalist, three-year-old Mediterranean has been gelded and scored a strong barrier trial win at Randwick on December 13. 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PITTSBURGH -- Terry Bradshaws opinion of NFL quarterbacks will be felt in New England and Green Bay. Discount Nike NFL Jerseys .Bradshaw calls Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the leagues best passer in an interview with this week. Bradshaw is a Fox NFL Sunday analyst and four-time Super Bowl winner as the Steelers quarterback from 1970 to 83.I would rate Ben right on top of the list, ahead of?[Tom] Brady for sure and anybody else, [Philip] Rivers, Eli [Manning], Bradshaw told the website. He is big, strong and poised.Roethlisberger was listed as a Tier 1 quarterback in ESPN.coms recent quarterback ratings, but Brady and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers are popular candidates for the top spot after winning multiple MVP awards. Brady has four Super Bowl rings, followed by Roethlisbergers two and Rodgers one.Bradshaw cited Roethlisbergers pocket presence and clutch play as reasons for the edge over other quarterbacks, and he makes clear his history with Pittsburgh is not a factor in the debate.Ben has amazing talent, strong arm, strong guy, big in big games, clutch throws, makes something happen, Bradshaw said. I have always admired him. I have the greatest respect for the job he has done and how he handles himself as a professional. The offense they are running is just amazing. The job he does and how he stands in there is impressive.Its been years of solid, exceptional play. He could have been the MVP in the league last year if he would have stayed healthy. I am not saying this because I am a Steeler and trying to suck up to anybody. I am just telling you he is special, different. Ill take Roethlisberger over any of those guys.Roethlisberger missed four games last year due to injury but averaged a league-high 328 passing yards per game and finished with 21 touchdowns. NFL Jerseys Free Shipping . Kyle Denbrook, a soccer player from Saint Marys University, took the CIS male athlete of the week honour. Stanley, a fourth-year business administration student from Charlottetown, scored both goals in a 2-0 win over Dalhousie on Friday and tallied again in a 1-0 win over Saint Marys on Sunday. Cheapest NFL Jerseys . The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the Lions have not announced the hiring, which was first reported by ESPN. Lombardi, the grandson of former Green Bay Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi, has been an offensive assistant on Sean Paytons New Orleans staff since 2007. . The 29-year-old from Port Colborne, Ont., has nothing but good things to say about former U.S. marine Liz (Girlrilla) Carmouche ahead of their co-main event Wednesday on the UFCs "Fight for the Troops" televised card in Fort Campbell, Ky. LONDON -- A low-ranked South African tennis player has been banned from the sport for life for attempting to fix matches.The Tennis Integrity Unit says 21-year-old Joshua Chetty offered a player $2,000 to underperform in a singles match and $600 in a doubles match during a Futures event in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in November 2015. The approached plaayer, who wasnt identified, rejected the offers and reported the matter to the TIU. Wholesale NFL Jerseys. he TIU said Wednesday an independent anti-corruption officer imposed a lifetime ban on Chetty, who is ranked No. 1,857 in singles. Cheap Throwback Baseball Detroit Tigers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Colorado Rockies Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Houston Astros Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Kansas City Royals Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Los Angeles Angels Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Miami Marlins Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Milwaukee Brewers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Minnesota Twins Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball New York Mets Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball New York Yankees Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Oakland Athletics Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball San Diego Padres Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball San Francisco Giants Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Seattle Mariners Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Tampa Bay Rays Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Texas Rangers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Toronto Blue Jays Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Washington Nationals Jerseys ' ' '

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Two things stand out in the UFCs middleweight rankings: the divisions depth and age. Cheap Nike Flyknit Shoes .Behind 37-year-old champion Michael Bisping sit Yoel Romero (39), former champ Luke Rockhold (32), Ronaldo Jacare Souza (36) and former belt holder Chris Weidman (32, with a robust injury history).The glaring exception is Robert Whittaker. The New Zealand-born, Australia-raised striker is 25, six years younger than anyone else in the top 10.Im doing my own journey, Whittaker said. Im increasing my skill sets. Im surrounding myself with good people, and Im enjoying the journey. Im just scratching the surface of what I can be and what I can accomplish.The immediate obstacle standing in Whittakers path is 32-year-old Derek Brunson (16-3) in the main event of UFC Melbourne on Saturday (which airs live on Sunday afternoon in Australia).Fresh off a first-round TKO of Uriah Hall in September, Brunson has won five consecutive fights, the last four of which were first-round knockouts.Hes a killer athlete with a serious set of skills, said Whittaker (16-4), who himself beat Hall at UFC 193 in Melbourne. But if were standing up, were fighting my fight.If he wants to try to test out his killer power against my hands, then Im willing to take that bet.Following that advice at a window would net a plus-125 return for Whittaker, a slight underdog. But its a familiar position since his move to middleweight. In four career fights at 185 pounds -- a weight at which hes 4-0 -- Whittakers opponent has been favored three times.The primary deterrent for moving up in weight is sacrificing reach and strength to a larger class of opponent.The Reaper overcame a reach disadvantage in all four fights since leaving welterweight and will yield four inches to Brunson. Whittaker says his game is based on leverage and technique, and that he hasnt felt a discernable power difference at middleweight, rather the added energy in preparation has born fruit in the Octagon.I was killing myself trying to get to the 170 division, he said, laughing. A lot people say I look small, but Im a thick-set dude. I blame the Polynesian blood in me.The whole fight prep, Im eating and Im fueling my body instead of skipping out on the food and coming in half-starved to training every day.While added pounds havent hurt Whittakers performance, Saturday will reveal how he handles a brighter spotlight.The originally scheduled headliner between middleweight contenders Rockhold and Jacare was scrapped when Rockhold suffered a left knee injury. That promoted the previous co-main, Whittaker vs. Brunson, to a five-round main event, a first for either fighter in the UFC.Whittaker says a longer fight would favor him. And though he expressed disappointment in the Rockhold-Souza cancellation as a fan, he cant deny the benefit for his name to lead the marquee at Rod Laver Arena.To be the main event on any UFC card is an honor and a privilege, he said. To main event in my home country on a UFC card is a milestone. I truly take it as a milestone. At the beginning of my journey, I said one day I wanted to do this. Now Im doing it.Whittaker represents the modern breed of mixed martial artist. Instead of a decorated wrestler needing to learn how to strike or a traditional boxer struggling to master the ground game, hes blended multiple practices from early in his youth.He began training in karate at age 7, then transitioned to hapkido under Henrry Perez, still his coach at PMA Mixed Martial Arts in suburban Sydney. After earning a black belt in both, Whittaker took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has since graduated to a purple belt. He made his pro debut at 18.Whittaker entered the UFC conscience by winning the welterweight tournament of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes. His quarterfinal victory earned knockout of the season, and his unanimous decision win in the finale over Brad Scott locked up a contract with the promotion five days before his 22nd birthday.I started for fun, I got the fever, and here I am today, Whittaker said. Im going to enjoy every step of it. Where it leads me is up to fate. I think there are going to be big things.There is no ceiling for me at the moment. I really believe that. And Im in no rush. Nike Flyknit Cheap China . Galatasaray said in a statement on its website Monday that Mancini signed a three-year contract and will be paid 3.5 million euros for the upcoming season, with his salary upped to 4. Nike Flyknit Shoes Outlet . The quest begins with what is supposed to be an easy one, although Germany has traditionally been a stubborn opponent to Canadian teams at international tournaments. . Goals from Jerome Boateng, Franck Ribery and Thomas Mueller extended Bayerns unbeaten run to a record 37 matches. "This record is incredible," Bayern coach Pep Guardiola said.Munich, Germany (Sports Network) - Miroslav Klose has said that he is likely to retire from the international game for Germany following the 2014 World Cup. The 35-year-old striker has scored 67 goals in 128 games for Germany, leaving him one goal shy of the German record of 68 goals set by Gerd Muller. Klose is also within striking distance of another record as his 14 World Cup goals leave him just one short of Brazilian forward Ronaldos total of 15. When asked if the 2014 World Cup would be his final competition for Germany, Kllose said: "It will be like that in the national team, Id like to think. Nike Flyknit Shoes Clearance. " Klose, who is in the final year of his contract with Lazio, also hinted that he could return to the Bundesliga next summer to finish out his club career. "I want to play a good season, play the World Cup and take it from there," Klose said. "I am still fit and in any case still feel like playing football. Certainly the Bundesliga is an option. I can absolutely imagine ending my career in Bundesliga." 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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jeff Teague scored eight of his 30 points in overtime and the Indiana beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 115-111 on Sunday night for their first road victory of the season. Cheap Air Max 1 Outlet .Oklahoma Citys Russell Westbrook had his fifth triple-double of the season -- as many as the rest of the NBA combined -- with 31 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds, but went 13 of 34 from the field.Teague matched his season scoring high and added nine assists and six steals. He hit two free throws with 4.6 seconds left in regulation to put the Pacers up three.Westbrook hit a 3-pointer with 2.4 seconds left to tie it for the Thunder and Glenn Robinson III missed a well-guarded 10-footer at the buzzer, forcing overtime. Teagues 3-pointer in the first minute of overtime put Indiana ahead for good. With 1:09 left, he converted a three-point play to make it 113-107, and he hit two free throws with 19.1 seconds left for a 115-111 edgeSix Pacers scored in double figures and two of them had double-doubles -- Robinson with 16 points and 11 rebounds, and Thaddeus Young with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Myles Turner just missed another with 15 points and nine rebounds. Enes Kanter added 16 points for the Thunder.KNICKS 104, HAWKS 94NEW YORK -- Carmelo Anthony matched his season high with 31 points and New York beat Atlanta for its fourth straight home victory.Kristaps Porzingis added 19 points and 11 rebounds.Dwight Howard had 18 points and 18 rebounds, but point guard Dennis Schroder missed all eight shots as the Hawks dropped their second straight following a six-game winning streak.Howard bounced back nicely after he was ejected for a flagrant foul Friday in the Hawks 100-96 loss in Charlotte, while Paul Millsap led Atlanta with 19 points and Kyle Korver scored 17.New York played without starting center Joakim Noah because of illness. Guards Derrick Rose and Courtney Lee each had 14 points, and Kyle OQuinn, who replaced Noah, had eight points and eight rebounds.TRAIL BLAZERS 129, NETS 109NEW YORK -- C.J. McCollum scored 33 points, Evan Turner had 19 and Portland beat Brooklyn.Portland snapped a three-game losing streak and extended Brooklyns skid to four.Damian Lillard added 18 points for the Trail Blazers, and Allen Crabbe had 14. Brook Lopez had 21 points for the Nets. Air Max 1 Clearance . The 17-year-old native of Marystown, N.L., pulled out of Skate Canada International last month in Saint John, N.B., with the same problem. Clearance Air Max 1 Outlet . The players spoke Jan. 13 during a Major League Baseball Players Association conference call after Rodriguez sued the union and Major League Baseball to overturn an arbitrators decision suspending him for the 2014 season and post-season. . PETERSBURG, Fla. RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Secean Johnson scored a dozen points and UC Riverside cruised past Bristol University to pick up its first win in two tries, 81-45 on Sunday.The Highlanders (1-1) kept Bristol scoreless for the first 3:10 of the game, racing to a 7-0 lead. But the Bears battled back, taking a brief 10-9 lead when Michael Crosby converted a pair of free throws, but did not score again for almost five minutes.UC Riverside held an edge on the boards, out-rebounding the Bears 50-35, and shot 33 of 74 frrom the field (44. Air Max 1 Wholesale. 6 percent), including 7 of 31 from deep.Gentrey Thomas grabbed a dozen rebounds for the Highlanders.Based in Anaheim and affiliated with the USCAA, Bristol struggled from the field, hitting just 14 of 57 shots (24.6 percent), including just 3 of 21 from distance. Crosby led the Bears in scoring with 13 points and grabbed a team-high eight boards. Cheap Throwback Baseball Detroit Tigers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Colorado Rockies Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Houston Astros Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Kansas City Royals Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Los Angeles Angels Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Miami Marlins Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Milwaukee Brewers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Minnesota Twins Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball New York Mets Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball New York Yankees Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Oakland Athletics Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball San Diego Padres Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball San Francisco Giants Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Seattle Mariners Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Tampa Bay Rays Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Texas Rangers Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Toronto Blue Jays Jerseys Cheap Throwback Baseball Washington Nationals Jerseys ' ' '

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