Generations of patriots, they have the great

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Generations of patriots, they have the great achievements of the Yellow River Newport 100S. Qu Yuan's chastity is as holy as plum blossoms; Du Fu's worrying about the country and the people, as the sky is as great as the shore; Yue Fei's loyalty to the country Cigarettes For Sale, as if flowing water is free and easy. These are everywhere showing the tall soul of the Chinese. What the ancients said was "a kind of spirit of donating the body to the country and seeing death and death." I remember that the "family soul" Lu Xun said that "China's only national soul is valuable. Only when he carries forward, Chinese talents have really improved." Yes! The Chinese used their thick backbone to pr��ll asleep. The vicissitudes of history were unbearable. During the eight years of the war of resistance, it was officially opened because of the corruption of the Sui Dynasty. At that time, thousands of soldiers were bloody and defended the motherland. The pure and solemn Lugou Bridge has now become a bloody "worry" bridge. At that time Newport Cigarettes, other countries slashed and killed China, and occupied most of China. At that time, China was very backward and there were no advanced weapons, but those soldiers were not afraid of difficulties and fought bravely. Be brave and good at the battlefield. Lin Zexu did not hesitate to destroy the opium and he gave the people a safe life. In the midst of eight years of intense heat, the people have suffered hard. At the same time, the dragon was also awakened, angered in the storm, at that time, the Chinese dream really took off. Leaders and intellectuals led the people out of the dark years, and they wrote a miracle on earth. The Chinese have the pride of riding the wind and breaking the waves, and there is no discouragement from the Great Wall Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The Chinese have even rebuilt their mountains and rivers and recreated the ambitions of the sun and the moon. Every Chinese person will ��its head from the old-fashioned aircraft to the current domestic large-scale strategic transport aircraft��20, which is Kun Peng. Li Bai has a poem "Dapeng is on the same day with the wind, and it has skyrocketed for 90,000 miles." Mao Zedong's word cloud "Zhen Peng spreads its wings for 90,000 miles and turns to raise the horns." Since ancient times, the Chinese people have been looking forward to flapping their wings like Kuangpeng Carton Of Cigarettes. The world. Now, finally realize the desire to become the top ten in the world. Now, we can also go to space to fly, and a female astronaut Liu Yang of China is born. She let the ancient myth "Yu Ben Yue" no longer become a legend, let us have the opportunity to t�� dream linger in the sky without any worries. what! The dragon is skyrocketing, and the Chinese dream is also releasing beauty. It is because I read the book "Red Rock" that I discovered the development of my country. I will never forget the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs. Long live the Chinese clan.

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In the ancient East, there is a dragon hovering.

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