There was a gust of wind and a warm breath.

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There was a gust of wind and a warm breath. what! time flies! In a blink of an eye, I have been in this school for six years. The past is like a book, open one page at a time.irst pageat was the first time I stepped into this school. I looked around and held my grandmother's hand tightly. Fear, curiosity, worry, and anxiously attacked. "������......", the ringing sound suddenly, scared me. At this time, many senior brothers and sisters ran into the teaching building, they held hands, arms around their arms, all the way to talk and laugh, swarming in. The new classroom is very clean and there are many people Newport Cigarettes Website. I found a position to sit down, surrounded by strangers, but most of them are almost the same age as my classmates. I dare not speak Marlboro Red, I can only sit quietly. "You, hello, can we, can we be friends?" The girl next door turned her head and said hello to me. The tender, unclear voice made me very happy.n, I became familiar with the entire campus. In the lesson, we will be together. Go play the soil, go play with the water, pick the leaves from the trees and feed the little snails caught, as if everything in the school can arouse our interest.e second pag 2007, I ended my childish year--preschool class and rose to the first grade Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. In this new class, I met a group of new friends. We worked together all the time to write homework and play games together. Chatting together. Although they are always awkward, they lose their temper. But when I was together, I was very han the national anthem is played again, I can lift my right hand with pride. Because, I have one more thing on my chest - red scarf. I looked at it quietly and gently stroked it. The teacher said that the red scarf is the corner of the national flag. It is dyed by the soldiers with blood. t day, I stood on a gorgeous stage, facing many audiences. excitement. Nervous and excited. For me, for my school, for my friends, for the hard work of those days, I put in the show. In the middle of it, with laughter, with revelation, there is tears Cigarettes Cheaper. I have achieved glory for the schew months, we will leave this elementary school and enter middle school. Like the dead leaves on the big trees in the autumn, waiting for a strong wind, then drifting around. Looking back at the campus, the old school building has become brand new, with colorful flowers blooming next to it.alma mater, I am a bird flying in your hand Cheap Cigarettes, you are a spray in my life.

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