If I am a world-famous magician

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If I am a world-famous magician, I will turn the wilderness into a forest, let the trees purify the air, turn the desert into a green land, and let the grass write new songs. I want the little animals to play here to the fullest. The birds let go of their voices and sing cheerfully, and the old man and the little dolls are happy to come here to enjoy the cold. I also want the painter to paint a wonderful picture with the pens in their hands. The poets are here to make magnificent poems, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of this fairyland. If I am a world-famous magician, I will make the dirty water in the Yellow River and the Yangtze River very clear, let the water grow wildly in the river, let the fish chase and play in the river Cigarettes Cheaper. People sit on the boat and can see all kinds of fish in the river, so they don't have to go to the aquarium to watch it. It can also let more fishing enthusiasts throw fish poles here and enjoy the real fun of fishing under the blue sky and blue sea Parliament Cigarettes. If I am a world-famous magician, I will make the mountains and rivers of my country magnificent. I will make a stream in the flowers, a crystal clear stream, let Xiaoxiao swim happily. The ducks are eating and playing in the water; I will let the mountains and the fields be filled with bright red cuckoos, let the red color illuminate the whole earth. If I am a world-famous magician, I want all the bad guys in the world to become good and caring people. All the children who don't love learning become passionate about learning Marlboro Cigarettes Price, and they are polite and helpful. I also want to change the children who have no money to study to become a big school Newport Cigarettes, so that they can all come to this school to study, like us, happily read and play games on campus. If I am a world-famous magician Carton Of Cigarettes, I want to make a lot of good things, make people's lives more convenient, make the poor people richer, make our society better, and make our world more beautiful. Peace, let all people love each other more, live happily together. I really want to be a world-famous magician! Let all these ideals become reality, how good it is!

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