The text is a curved river

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The text is a curved river with blue waves and longings. The river is clear and the water plants are swaying in the river. This river is the most dynamic river in my life. It is the water of my life, I take nutrition in it. It was so clear and transparent that I accidentally fell into its flowing body. It makes me feel that the text is so clean and so energetic. The text is one meter of sunshine, warming my heart. The sun is shining, I enjoy the warmth of it in the sun. The words, the light, the heat, let my soul no longer wander around. The text, so warm, let my frozen heart slowly melt. Sunshine, let the heart that has long been like a gray heart feel the warmth that has never been seen before. Just catching the one-meter sunshine is equivalent to catching a life-saving straw. The text is a star that allows me to see hope and see the future. The stars exude a radiant glow that guides me in the direction I want to go Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. The stars are shining and shining. I was in Xinghui, I was intoxicated and didn't know where to return. That direction makes me crazy. I think, that is the charm of the text. It is the most embarrassing one in the night, illuminating the entire night sky. The text is a curved moon, which makes people miss and makes people sigh. Looking up at the moon, looking down at hometown. I sighed at the moon and passed my thoughts through my moonlight to my hometown, and I wrote my thick feelings through words. In the moon, holding the jade rabbit, although I miss Wu Gang, but if she has a piece of paper and a pen, she can use her pen and paper to write about her thoughts. The text is a mountain and the father is like a mountain. Green mountains and rivers, one connected to the other, are endless. The majestic mountains and rivers, like the arms of the father, are solid and generous. The words make me feel that the majesty of fatherly love is deeply hidden by deep fatherly love. Father, always said that he always used the skeleton of his arm to lift the weight of the whole family. His back, generous and kind, because of the text, I gradually read the father's love words, is a lamp. In the past, my mother always left a light for me not returning home. I never noticed. It wasn't long after I fell in love with the text that I found out that my mother had two white flowers, her eyes could not see anything, and her forehead was full of wrinkles. At that time, I used the words to record the mother's deep affection for me, and then clearly recalled the lamp that the mother left for me, the blue sky. And I am a white cloud in the sky. The sun is so bright, I am wandering in the sky, free. The sky is so vast, I am free to come and go in the blue sky. Since falling in love with the text, the world where the nibs bleed is bright, clear skies, and white clouds. The endless blue sky is enough for me to play for a lifetime. It is a gust of wind. The world of words is so vast and so free. The text can be a cool spring breeze, bringing a touch of green to the world; it can be a warm summer breeze, bringing vitality to the world; it can be a cool autumn wind, bringing mature fruits to the world. The words in the pen are running freely like the wind. Wherever they go, they are all full of vitality, and the words are red and purple. It is a rain. The text can be drizzle with the wind sneaking into the night; it can be a summer rain that is raging; it can be the autumn rain of the big beads and the jade plate; it can be the winter rain with the white snow. The text moisturizes the earth and the earth, nourishes the thirsty land, nourishes the desert of northern Xinjiang, and nourishes the sinister Jiangnan. I was born because of words. I lived because of words. I redeemed my soul in the rain. The text is a flower. It can be a spring kapok, burning itself and offering everyone; it can be a summer jasmine, with a faint scent; it can be an autumn sea otter, smashing the corner of the courtyard; Winter plums, meaning strong and fearless. The text is the most beautiful flower in the world and the most common flower. Your soul is noble, and your pen will reveal beautiful flowers; your mind will be mediocre, and ordinary flowers will be drawn under the pen. I love the words, so I love them so stupidly. The text is my friend. When I am most sad, I lend a helping hand to me; the text is my confidant, only it can read my heart best; the text is my loved one, cares about me all the time; It is my lover Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, accompanying me through the ends of the earth. In this way, regardless of day and night, follow the words regardless of time and place. Love the text, it is a mirror, and all my thoughts are reflected through it. It is my emotional harbor, so find the way home. It is a business card for me, covering the seal of my soul. When I was most sad and helpless, my body and mind were exhausted. It gave me a helping hand, gave me comfort, gave me warmth, gave me love and loved words, and my loneliness disappeared. In the world of words, I found happiness, found hope, understood the truth, recovered friendship, affection, love, found a confidant Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, and found a teacher Newports 100S Price. The world of words, like a cluster of colorful flowers, filled with bright colors, floating or light or thick fragrant text, including all the beautiful things in the world. It is the text, enriching my world, teaching me endless knowledge, burying my sorrow, fragrant my soul, glaring at my heart, fascinating my mood, enriching my emotions, enriching me s life. Once you fall in love, you will blend together; once you fall in love Newport Box 100'S, you will never give up; once you fall in love, you will live forever.

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