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Over the past couple of decades, weve heard repeatedly that the days of the hockey goon were numbered. Gary Cahill Jersey . First it was the dreaded instigator penalty that was going to make them extinct. Then it was the new rules coming out of the lockout, the end of clutching and grabbing and the premium on skill and players who could skate. And yet for all the talk that there was no room left in the game for one dimensional players whose only asset was their ability to fight, there were still lots of one dimensional players in the game whose only asset was their ability to fight. Please step forward John Scott and George Parros, to name just two obvious examples. Now it seems that weve reached another turning point in the debate about the role of enforcers. And this one is framed differently. Its not an ethical question about whether fighting belongs in the game. Its not related to concussions and the obvious safety issues that come with players beating each other in the head with their fists. Its not a debate about whether - in todays NHL - you need enforcers the way you once did. Its now a question of whether teams can afford to carry players who have limited ability to possess the puck, cant keep up with the game and have no offensive or defensive upside that would give them any sort of advantage. In other words, do whatever benefits exist from having fighters on the roster overcome the liability of dressing players who would not be playing in the NHL if they couldnt fight? And heres where the analytics side of the game makes things interesting. Advocates of the role of fighting in hockey have always relied on an argument built on strategic intangibles, the notion that skilled players feel protected when enforcers are in the lineup, that somehow everyone plays an inch taller just knowing that kind of guy is sitting on the end of the bench, even if he only plays a few minutes a night. Whether or not any of that was actually true became a matter of hockey ideology, depending on which camp you fell into. But there was no reliable way to actually measure or test that theory. Presumably, through the introduction of analytics into the game, now there is. And the fact that teams such as the Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers (huh?) will be begin the season without enforcers, suggests that what teams are learning is that enforcers dont help teams win games and are in fact liabilities. That when the other team can roll four lines of players with hockey skills and your team cant, thats probably not a good thing. And that in todays NHL where teams tend to be clustered so closely in the standings in the battle for playoff spots, teams simply cant afford to give away games just to a€“ quote a€“ send a message. Of course, like many things where analytics are concerned, we shouldnt have needed data to tell us this. The fact that NHL teams put enforcers in the press box at playoff time and that the teams which wind up competing for the Stanley Cup each year are those that can roll four lines were dead giveaways. But if it took hockey embracing analytics to arrive at what should have been obvious all along, then so be it. It turns out hockey enforcers - who are always game for a fight against the oppositions enforcer - may be no match for the nerds. Danny Welbeck England Jersey . Off-Season Game Plan looks at what the Blue Jackets may do to build upon last seasons success to return to the playoffs again next year. Gary Cahill England Jersey . Both moves were announced Tuesday. The Titans had waived Matthews on Saturday when they promoted wide receiver Michael Preston from the practice squad. http://www.englandsoccerpro.com/Ashley-Young-England-Jersey/ . "Im excited just for a new start, just to see where things are going, to bring some kind of tradition back to the team and guys being excited about something new," the defensive back said during a conference call Monday after agreeing to stay with the Bombers rather than go to free agency next month.Manchester Thunder head coach Dan Ryan admitted the better team won, but slammed his sides atrocious first-half performance and called for the need for a fourth umpire as they went down to a narrow 55-53 defeat against Surrey Storm. The Black and Yellows trailed by 13 at the break and despite a sensational Thunder fightback it was Surrey who held on and claim back-to-back titles.We were atrocious in that first quarter and Storm did a great job in shutting us down but we were so hesitant, we didnt let the ball go, everything that we spoke about doing the girls just didnt execute and thats a Grand Final. We addressed a few things at half-time and we took a big deep breath and got on with business. They were sensational in that second half, they really did show their class to fight their way back and we were so close. Perhaps another extra couple of minutes and it could have been a different story. Highlights from the Vitality Netball Superleague as Surrey Storm played Manchester Thunder in the Grand Final Full credit to Storm, they earned that win tonight and deserved to be reigning champions.The players are devastated, were all devastated, we came here with a job to do and that was to win the title and we felt as though we had the players to do it, but it just wasnt our day. Storm retain Superleague crown Surrey Storm beat Manchester Thunder to win Netball Superleague Ryan also spoke about a controversial umpiring decision in the dying seconds, where Storm appeared to incomplete their centre pass through Sophia Candappa.With Thunder just one goal behind, possesssion for them would have offered Thunder the opportunity to level-up the scores and force extra time. Kieran Trippier Jersey. Reaction from both camps after Surrey Storm survived a late onslaught by Manchester Thunder to successfully defend their title And Ryan feels there is now a need for a fourth umpire in Netball due to the changing nature of the game.In the context of the big pictures, its absolutely devastating for us. We had enormous momentum at that stage and a little over 20 seconds to level the match. Its just a little devastating that the game ends on that sour note but it was a big error and big oversight and one we just have to suck up and move on from. Wallace claims netball award Sammy Wallace named netballs Vitality Superleague Player of the Season I just think in such a close game, the things which are getting missed are the things that can really turn a game and thats kind of what happened with us in this instance.The game is getting faster and there is so much happening off ball and away from the umpires vision that its just the way the cookie crumbles at the top level so maybe its time for extra umpires, but who knows, it is what it is. Also See: Storm retain Superleague crown Wallace claims netball award WATCH: Storm win Superleague As it happened Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Womens Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Discount Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Outlet Cheap NFL Black Jerseys ' ' '

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