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Cam Neely is making a comeback. Dan Marino Jersey . Well, it’s actually Sea Bass, who is on the comeback trail, which means the 49-year-old retired Boston Bruins great, who is now the team’s president, will have to (again) get used to walking down the street and having random passersby yell at him: “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!” “It used to happen a lot, and it still does from time to time, but I guess it could be happening more again,” Neely said, with a laugh. Twenty years after the fact, the sequel to Dumb and Dumber is set to be released on November 14. And when Dumb and Dumber To (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) hits the theatres, Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) and Jeff Daniels (Harry Dunne) will be reprising their roles, as will Neely with his epic cameo as the depraved redneck trucker Sea Bass, in the sequel once again co-written and directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly. “The last I heard (Sea Bass) was still in it,” Neely said of the scene he shot in late spring in Boston. “Originally, Sea Bass wasn’t going to be in the sequel. I think they were kind of unsure how to get the 2014 version of Sea Bass into it. I think maybe they felt it was too contrived.” But in doing their market research, Neely said, the filmmakers discovered Sea Bass had a loyal following. “They were doing question and answer stuff at pre-screenings,” Neely said, “and the question a lot of people were asking was, ‘Where’s Sea Bass?’ After that, they figured a way to get Sea Bass in there.” So it would appear Harry and Lloyd get to renew acquaintances with Sea Bass somewhere towards the end of the sequel. In the original, Sea Bass and his trucker buddies are eating in a diner. Harry spills some salt and Lloyd informs him it’s bad luck unless you throw salt over your shoulder. Harry tosses the entire salt shaker over his shoulder, hitting Sea Bass (Neely). “What the hell?” Sea Bass says. “Who’s the dead man that hit me with the salt shaker?” With his friends urging him on, “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!” Sea Bass opts instead to hock a loogie on Harry’s hamburger. The two meet up again later in a truck stop bathroom stall with an exchange that can best be described as, uh, a little offside. As pro athlete movie cameos go, Neely as Sea Bass is the gold standard. Neely wasn’t sure if he would have time to become an “actor” again, but when the Farrelly brothers were able to allow Neely to shoot his scene on a green screen in Boston last spring, after the Bruins season was over, it was a no-brainer for the Hall of Fame-winger. “Sea Bass is in a scene with Lloyd and Harry,” Neely said, “but Jim (Carrey) and Jeff (Daniels) weren’t actually there when I was shooting. It took a couple of hours. You have to do the same lines over and over, but with a lot of different camera angles.” Like the original Dumb and Dumber film in 1994, Neely’s Sea Bass character took on a life of its own. “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!” became a catchphrase of sorts for an entire generation. Neely realized that when fans would shout at him as he walking down the street. In the Farrelly brothers’ 2000 film, Me, Myself and Irene, Neely had another cameo, this time as State Trooper Sea Bass. “It’s been a fun thing,” Neely said. “People seem to like Sea Bass. Acting isn’t my forte, that’s for sure. I haven’t seen (Dumb and Dumber To) yet. It should be fun.” Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey . Kuznetsov, who was selected by the Capitals in the first round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, has been playing for his hometown team Chelyabinsk Traktor of the KHL. Mike Gesicki Jersey . The seventh-ranked Berdych wants to focus on the ATP Tour after helping the Czechs beat the Netherlands in the first round. Seeking their third straight Davis Cup title, the Czechs will rely again on veteran Radek Stepanek. . Malone will become an unrestricted free-agent and as per the collective bargaining agreement, the Lightning will be responsible for two-thirds of the remainder of his contract over twice the length of the rest of the deal.I went for a pretty beautiful walk since the weather was so nice and warm...this sunset heading westbound on the Danforth was pretty spectacular. Many already know this but I am a sucker for a sunset… I have a file with sunsets from around the world from wherever I visit. It is truly the most magical and inspirational thing in the world.I had to head to S. R. O. management to sign off on a couple contractual things… Said hello to everyone, and grab a few extra cases of merch items as we are running out of CDs already on the road. Finally, back at the hotel I realized that my wife wanted me to go to this particular suit store where she had recently purchased me a couple new suits… She wanted to make sure that she purchased the right size so that when I get home I could have the pants hemmed properly and be ready to go for the holidays. That was truly the most boring part of my day… Sorry honey.Back at the hotel for the night and not doing anything at all… Im exhausted from lack of sleep and my bodys a little strained from the shows...this is going to be an early night. Getting up early for a 9 AM bus departure to head for Hamilton. This show should be pretty insane tonight, Im looking forward to seeing what our old lighting designer is able to do with the excessive amount of lights that are being brought in for these larger shows.Ill check back tomorrow mid-day after Stuart and I complete our press obligations. Have yourself an amazing day and remember, you are always better than you think you are!Follow me on Twitter here: @burrowsdrumsL.A.M.F.JBThursday, November 27Once again, we hit the ground running once we got to Hamilton. Todays a show day but we have a few press obligations which we are more than willing to participate in! Our first stop is Y108FM. We performed The Black Sea acoustically...and Im loving the new spin Jeff puts on this…Next we headed over to the art gallery of Hamilton. JunoTV wanted us to do a segment on a current Canadian art piece. We chose this! Beyond doing a segment on this particular piece which is pretty nuts by the way, we got to stroll around and check out many paintings… Most particularly eye catching was the Paul Cézannes that were available… So beautiful - I love postimpressionism.Once we were done these bits… We headed back to the Hamilton place theatre to check out the guys setting everything up. For the next three shows we have brought in our old lighting designer Steve, who is fresh off the road with Dream Theatre. Once I was set up as per usual, we did our sound check, the VIP meet and greets, and some final preparations before the stage goes dark.We were all pretty amped for the show, its the hammer after all, and they are always a lively and rowdy bunch! What a beautiful theatre it is especially seeing everyone singing back to you at certain moments in the set. After sound check I headed back to the bus to grab a brief 20 minute nap to recharge my batteries. Lots of friends coming by tonight so Im pretty excited - I also get to send a bunch of stuff home since my brother-in-law Steve showed up for the gig… This will make my luggage a lot less cumbersome to take out west. What a show! A couple friends brought us very nice gifts… A mounted photo of each of us with the CD underneath commemorating the tour&… Thank you Dave and Karen!That was a pretty amazing show! The band is now in mid tour shape and are churning out the songs like a well oiled speed car. Mike Gesicki Dolphins Jersey. I love it when you can get into those moments where you are no longer thinking about what you are doing and just pouring nothing but passion into the new songs… Its a heightened sense of euphoria!After a quick shower, we headed to the green room for a meet and greet with old friends, old label representatives, and family… Always nice to catch up, always nice to get photos with old friends. We had to hop back onto the bus and head to Toronto, where we would get only about 3 1/2 hours sleep before morning television the next day.Wednesday is a massive press day. Stuart and I started our day at CP24 for an interview on live television… I gotta tell ya, Im normally a morning person but I only ended up with two hours sleep and the bags under my eyes show it well! LOL .@CP24Breakfast Talking @theteapartyband show at #Koolhaus tomorrow night! Get tickets here — Jeff Burrows (@Burrowsdrums) November 26, 2014Next we headed back to the hotel for some phone interviews, I was a bit nervous as often I am the one to handle the French segments, and this one was with the CBC in Alberta, and I heard this gentleman it was quite a stickler for good communication. I was so tired I wasnt sure if Id be able to pull it off… But he turned out to be very kind and very respectful of my "Franglais"...Merci Michael!Next, the band met in the lobby to be picked up by a driver with management and our publicist. First stop as a band would be the National Post. Here we performed for there video portion, then had a lengthy interview that would hit the papers after the Toronto show… Very nice.Next we were off to lunch where we could eat and to do more phone interviews while we waited for some live interviews to make their way to the restaurant. We each did around 3 for an hour and a half, until our dear friend Karen Bliss showed up for a one on one with the band. This woman, is easily the best entertainment journalist in Canada… She was also a true Tea Party champion as early as 1991! What can I say… Shes got great taste! ;)Once we were done at the restaurant, we headed to SIRIUS XM for another performance and interview with Eric Alper...another giant in the industry who has his hands in all parts of the business. This portion wrapped up our press part of the day so we headed back to the hotel.For dinner, we met with our longtime friend, agent and president of the Feldman Agency, Jeff Craib. We chatted about upcoming opportunities for the band and enjoyed some fine wine and outstanding steaks… But I have to tell you I was completely exhausted by the time it was over. What a long day! Im doing this journal entry from my bed on the day of the Toronto show… Contemplating whether or not I should go for my morning run.Well, thats it… I have to get off my ass and get my heart rate up... Ill check back in with you guys tomorrow once Im in Montreal and Ill let you know how the Toronto show went. Stay positive and be good to yourselves my friends!Follow me on Twitter: @burrowsdrumsL.A.M.F.JBAnd here are some pictures from the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Womens Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Discount Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Outlet Cheap NFL Black Jerseys ' ' '

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