After reading this, I was touched by the spirit

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After reading this, I was touched by the spirit of Lei Feng, who is willing to be an unsung hero. Greatness comes from ordinary, noble is ordinary. When we learn from Lei Feng, we must start from the little things around us like Comrade Lei Feng. "Heaving the wood is born in the end, and the high-rise building starts from the ground." Lei Feng often helps the people who have difficulties, and treats Tian Auntie as her own biological mother to honor and wear. Comrade Lei Feng himself once said: "The life of a person is limited, but the service to the people is unlimited. I must devote my limited life to the infinite service of the people." This touching language can not make people cry. Make people's minds shake? Comrade Lei Feng is good at starting from ordinary things, going all the way, doing good things all the way. It is no wonder that the masses praised that "Lei Feng was on a business trip for a thousand miles, and a good thing made a train." Chairman Mao once said: "It is not difficult to do a good thing. The hard part is to do good things all the time." And Lei Feng used his actual actions to do good things for the people for a lifetime. On the day of his sacrifice, he also looked forward to seeing Tian Auntie and doing good things for the villagers. Dong Biwu's poems praised Lei Feng and said: "The ordinary things that are done are all Ju Lizhen." Our generation should be like Lei Feng, full of enthusiasm, perseverance to do ordinary things that benefit the public, inlaid with magnificent pearls of communist ideology. A building of socialist spiritual civilization. In one period, some people thought that "the spirit of Lei Feng is out of date." However, in the face of the facts, they have to admit that their claims are wrong. On March 4th, on the eve of the anniversary of Chairman Mao��s inscription ��Learning to Comrade Lei Feng��, the young members of the Youth League are serving the masses on the street. On both sides of Chenghe Road are young people who are obliged to repair bicycles, household appliances, haircuts and ironing clothes for the masses Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. A red scarf around the street waved the broom in his hand Carton Of Newports, sweeping the road in the heat, and the clean streets stretched under their feet Marlboro Red. I can't help but join their team Carton Of Cigarettes. In New China, how many Leifeng-style descendants of the Yellow Emperor, they carried forward the glorious tradition of Lei Feng Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and made a star with a hot spot! The spirit of Lei Feng will never be outdated.

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