Hey? Sports meeting?" I looked puzzled

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Hey? Sports meeting?" I looked puzzled at the swaying big characters on the blackboard, and my heart couldn��t help but have a hint of joy. Since I was in the upper grades, there were very few sports games. How can I today... forget it, let me join. . Who makes me a sportsman? next day, with the bright sunshine Marlboro Gold Pack, I came to the school early and started to exercise. The breeze passed, and it was very cool. After a while, the Games kicked off Carton Of Cigarettes. majestic athletes' march made us passionate, all of them screaming and eagerly trying to start the game. You said: The ordinary basketball seems to be alive at the feet of the athletes, and it will jump in the air for a while. It��s dazzling, you listen: the scene is full of excitement, the cheers here, the shouts over there, this scene is by no means inferior to the concert fans. You smell: the two teams of athletes all made a trick, a powerful gunpowder spread spread, making the shouting louder and louder, deafening. We played: I took my teammates to the "battlefield", and there was a strong war in my eyes. With the whistle, I leaped a volley, and the ball was perfectly rotated 360 degrees in the air and hit the teammates. When the teammates were allowed to catch the ball, suddenly, one of the opponents suddenly strode a big stride Marlboro Menthol 100S, robbed the ball, and then ��When we didn't pay attention, we came up with an upside down golden hook. The ball usually hit our net and left a "glorious memory" on the Internet. 'Damn, it is dangerous to grab the ball.' I punched On the wall, there are 10,000 unsatisfied hearts, but failure is the mother of success, and always wins Marlboro Cigarettes Online, so we continue to fight ourselves..h the whistle of the referee, the game is over, we won, and my teammates are tightly held together, which can be considered as sweaty and breathless Parliament Cigarettes, but not as good as the joy and excitement in our hearts. When the Games ended, there were 10,000 in our hearts that were not willing, and the ears echoed the cheers from everywhere, shouting.times are always short-lived, but shouts and cheers are long-lasting, stay in my heart forever, burn! Games.

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