Speaking of the person who cares the mos

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Speaking of the person who cares the most about me, of course, is my mother. In my daily life, I can feel my mother's concern everywheber that before going to school, my mother said that it would rain today. I looked out the window and the weather was very sunny. How could it rain? I didn't bring an umbrella, I went to school with my schoolbag. I was just about to go home after school. Suddenly there was heavy downpour outside the window. When I was standing in the classroom and waiting for the rain to stop, I saw the familiar back through the window. It��s mom! He held an umbrella in his right hand and looked around in the crowd Cigarette Online. I quickly walked out of the classroom and waved to my mother Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. After my mother saw me, my face showed a sweet smile. Excited, I rushed to my mother's arms: "Mom!" I cried happily Newport Cigarettes Coupons. "Call you no umbrella in the morning! Is it drenched?" Although her mother's words were a little bit blaming, her eyes were full of lovrder to thank my mother, when my mother is unprepared, saying loudly that I love you has become my special job today. This is a big problem for t the empty room at home: "Mom, I love you!" No, my eyes are not affectionate, come back! I said to the mirror: "Mom, I love you!" After repeated and repeated several times, I finally reached my own requirements. Now everything is ready, and I only owe the wind. After a while, my mother came back. I hurriedly said to my mother, "I...I..." I sweared for a long time, still said no. After a while, I rushed to the kitchen to see, my mother was cooking, just say it at this time! I sneaked to my mother like a thief. When my mother saw me coming over, I asked, "What is it?" I lowered my head and said with blushing face: "Mom Cigarettes Cheaper, I love you." Suddenly, I felt the heart "plop, plop "The jump seems to be popping up the chest." I saw my mother��s first glance, and the happy expression immediately covered her face, and the tears of excitement filled her eyes.One day, I was walking on the road, and suddenly I was angry and my face was gray. Probably what was wronged, I burst into tears, but fortunately, I was prepared and brought a big umbrella. I walked alone on the street and strolled. I was thinking, "This rain is good, there is water here there was a cry. I continued to move forward and thought as I walked: It should be that a child is not obedient and has been criticized by the parents. I took a closer look. I guess it was wrong. It was a third-grade child. I went up and asked, and I generally knew the situation: his family lived in "Yongda Phase I", but it was too far away from his home. I don't remember how to go home. And usually the family never let them out, all of them are accompanied by grandparents, never remember the route. So I decided to send him hot should I do? Hit the taxi! I touched all the pockets and got together for six yuan Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I walked to the side of the road and reached for a taxi and took the child to the car. When they arrived at "Yongda", the children immediately became excited, and even jumped to the seventh floor and went up the stairs to the west. When I got home, he bowed out from the window and waved at me. I also waved to him, then turned and left.s smile appeared in my mind, my heart was warm, and I realized that helping others is the best way to make myself happy. Since then, I have helped countless people, and I am very happy, but I never remember it.

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